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  1. He probably has more of JR's ear than a normal marketing guy. He is on the BOD and was a co-founder of JR's Silver Chalise VC company. I think it's done pretty well. But, I don't know how you blame him for RH and KW performance the last couple of seasons.
  2. I think they play better, are a little more healthier, but lack of depth with the starters will hurt. Better than 2022, but 82 or 83 wins not getting 19 each with . KC and Detroit.
  3. The guy has mostly sucked the last 4 or 5 years. He got minor leaguers out in spring training . Who cares?
  4. I hope it's just a personality clash and Brooks doesn't have a big head . It's been many years, but I've had 2 interactions with him. He didn't owe me the time of day, but he was terrific. Very friendly and funny and spoke to me like I was someone very important.
  5. It was shocking to me how down Hawk seems on the White Sox organization.
  6. The Sox used 6 starters in 2005. It was a major league record.
  7. Hawk didn’t go into specifics but does seem to not be a fan of Brooks Boyer. Said JR used to be a man of his word but that all changed when Brooks came in. Also said he thinks JR should sell the team. At the end, on a sadder note, said Carlton Fisk is not in good shape health wise.
  8. This game means nothing. The intensity level has to be as low as it can go. The team has been named, the game doesn't count. I hate Clevinger, so I'm glad he's getting lit up, but again, it means zip.
  9. It wasn't all LaRussa, but it was a huge part of it. Hopefully, the lingering damage he did will be reversed. One of the all time worst hires.
  10. I just don't know the upside. He was the worst hitter in baseball last year, and generally a below average player in a best case scenerio. He isn't going to be flipped for anything. He isn't going to show your young players how to play. Unless you are tanking and want to lose, it's the only appeal to have him on the roster.
  11. He was so awful last year, I bet he's going to have to play minor league baseball if he wants to continue his career. With $11 million coming to him the next 2 seasons, and probably no paydays after that, he may be done.
  12. Now is he not on the roster because he's being released, or is he not on the roster because they are going to IL him?
  13. So far, I like Pedro. I hope the emphasis on fundamentals pays off this season. Haven't quite seen it during the games, but most of the time there were not the major leaguers playing when I watched.
  14. Apri 4th is White Sox night for the Bulls. Sweet giveaway
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