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  1. If they had to pick between the Sox and Bears, good chance the Bears win. A dome could bring Super Bowls, Final Fours etc. That’s new money, not just local money being spent elsewhere.
  2. As a professional, i would expect him to be somewhat truthful. Obviously there are things he would have to dance around, but total BS like this? Just shows how bad he is at his job.
  3. Because he's the manager of the team. When he's blantantly lying about this stuff, can you ever expect him to be truthful? There are ways around taking about these players without sounding nuts. . Why don't they sign Buehrle to eat some innings? He was pretty good 8 or 9 years ago?
  4. Cant make money and compete there. Maybe if the White Sox effort fails, Related will recruit them. I heard the U of I thing that is supposed to break ground at the 78 wants out really bad. I wonder if Related is at the point where they rue the day they bought it.
  5. Some things are so obvious, you either insult the intelligence of the people who pay to watch your team, or if you really believe it, you shouldn't be doing what you are doing. Of course this is the team that signed an aging catcher to be an example, and he got dinged for jaking it to first base the very first spring training game.
  6. He almost makes Terry Bevington, the man who went to the mound and signaled for a reliever with no one warming up, seem competent. I would hope someone from the White sox tells him the fanbase reading this crap is not THAT dumb.
  7. The jist of it is money spent there isn't new money, it's money that would have been spent elsewhere. Economic impact is minimal at best. It really doesn't matter the project. This will have a hotel. People staying at that hotel won't be staying at one on Michigan Ave. It will have apartments. People renting there won't be renting higher end apartments elsewhere. People eating at the restaurants and drinking at the bars in the 78 won't be eating at the restaurants and drinking at the bars in other neighborhoods. It' doesn't increase spending. It just shifts it.
  8. Peter King said the Bears would win the Super Bowl when they traded for Jay Cutler. Not quite.
  9. The one thing every team does now, even the Rays and A's is let the public know how much THEY will be contributing above and beyond their handout. What's JR's number? Never provided one, so probably zero. A new owner would pay something.
  10. It doesn’t matter what he spends, he spends it wrong. He now needs billions to compete. His words. He has the highest payroll in the division, and is predicted to finish last. I don’t know why so many think his ownership will soon be over. He’s 88 seems to be fine physically and mentally, and really could have another decade of life. And it won’t be sold not when he really isn’t capable of running the team, but when he dies.and maybe. I know we could wake up tomorrow AM and hear he died overnight, but he is also a candidate to make it to 100. And any hope that Michael may be any different than his dad is lost. He may even be worse.
  11. They are in Bridgeport, people don’t want to go. They probably would draw at least 2.5 million at the 78. And if you believe that, ask yourself something, what would JRs motivation be for spending the money to win if people showed up any way ? He had the worst stretch in NBA history up until that point with the Bulls after Jordan left, and his reward for fans continuing to show up was never go over the luxury tax.
  12. 5200 attendance. JR may soon be asking Phoenix and AZ officials for new home so he can compete.
  13. Not expecting much. Just hope they are watchable for most of the summer. Pedro has got to go.
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