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  1. One designed run, the receiving corps seemed improved, but they hardly ever get separation.
  2. I could have improved the offensive line from last year, and as I stated, I am an idiot. He seems to think this is all on Fields. Some of it is, but they don’t want to play to his strengths. If the drafted him to be a pocket passer, and I know the current regime didn’t draft him, they are bigger idiots than me. What excited people about Fields was when they started using his strengths. That stopped. So did any Bears hope.
  3. You can pack Poles in the car with them. Note to George McCaskey, stay away from anyone named Matt or Ryan.
  4. I thought the Sox and Bears would both be pretty decent this year. I am an idiot.
  5. Why do you bunt a guy to 2nd for Korey Lee?
  6. I read whee Yoelqui reallyn struggled when they used the pre-tacked balls in AA. He was a bit better when they dumped them. Still, not a prospect.
  7. If it was health related, they probably would have had some thoughts and prayers as well. Crickets.
  8. It also could be a family member or someone living at his house was doing something henious. The entire thing is weird.
  9. And the Bears scrubbed him off their website very quickly.
  10. Why? His OBP will be a solid .275 next year in all likelihood.
  11. Rick and Kenny really put together a championship roster, with top notch managing and coaching. Hard to believe they aren't at the top of the list for any current and future openings.
  12. Fields was just as awful last year, until they decided to let him play to his strengths, then we all got excited. He isn't Tom Brady. Quit coaching him like he is. If he takes shots running the ball, so what. He takes shots in the pocket all game long too.
  13. I was thinking the other day, Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall would have ate TA alive this season. Was Kopech injured, or just "the opener" today?
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