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  1. Press conference is at 4 pm tomorrow and will be televised. Hope there are more retirements announced.
  2. Liam is hurting. Shut him down.
  3. How that can be a double is beyond me.
  4. Moncada now 0 for 11 with 9 strikeouts vs. Snell. Why he is batting second is anyone's guess, but Cairo can't be the guy making out the line up next year.
  5. Moncada is 0 for 10 with 8 strikeouts vs. Snell. So he bats 2nd. Sorry Miguel, you are no longer a candidate.
  6. While I will not doubt Tony has a pacemaker, and it may have had some issues, I do think there is more to this story than that. There are hundreds of thousands of people with pacemakers. They aren’t told to immediately quit their job, but it’s still OK to sort of do your job, like Tony was watching games and consulting with Cairo. But I will take it. 2 years probably wasted. At least one for sure. Get someone who actually doesn’t think results are too easy.
  7. After this last experience, I do think managers matter. I don’t like Tony. Couldn’t stand him his first tour with the team. The DUI to me was just another opportunity for an out the Sox had realizing this idea was bad. Just listen to Tony when he was hired and watch an old clip when he was with the Cardinals, A’s and White Sox in the 80s. It’s night and day. These players had basically the equivalent of a substitute teacher, like when we all were kids, as a full time manager.
  8. Nightengale said Tony is retiring tomorrow. Finally.
  9. He fired Himes because A. he didn't like him personally, and B. Himes tried to keep him out of the decision making. Himes got fired after winning 94 games with the lowest payroll in baseball.
  10. POS works for that number as well.
  11. That's why i would wait to see how Yas' legs are in spring training. He was a pretty effective hitter not too long ago, and has been better as of late. I think his OBP the last month or so is around .365.
  12. As Rick likes to say, there is a guy that checks all the boxes. Sandy Alomar Jr. Knows the Cleveland way. Is part of the White Sox "family". And was 27-19 as an interim manager last season. The guy has come in 2nd for a ton of jobs. I wouldn't mind him on the South Side.
  13. I'd trade Gio, but I wouldn't sell low. The guy I would really like to trade because he seems like he's more about style than substance, but is still a guy who could get you something nice in return is TA. If Montgomery was a year more developed and looked like a regular MLB SS, it would be done. But if you want to win in 2023, you better have a SS, and maybe TA will get back to trying to be the best instead of trying to look like the best.
  14. This is KWs 22nd year. His teams have won a playoff series in only 1 of those years. He's part of the problem.
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