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  1. Think how many runs he would gave given up if the great Maldy was riding pine
  2. He's not throwing as well. Missing spots and looks like velo down a bit.
  3. Wouldn’t that be easier to do if the team quit fucking around with him? Call him up for 1 day. Then call him up and sit him. Then say you have to get looks at him in various roles only to send him down the very next day. Succeeding in Major League Baseball is hard enough when the team is doing everything in its power to help you succeed. It’s damn near impossible when your handled like the Sox have handled Colas.
  4. DeJong was jaking it if he thought there were 2 outs. A strange play.
  5. The weird part of DeJongs stupid play is if he thought there were 2 outs he certainly wasn’t hustling.
  6. I'd just like to see the Sox start using guys differently. Instead of Tanner Banks, who clearly won't be on the next good White Sox team, why not give the ball to Schuster who probably won't, but might?
  7. This was Pressley on the hill. I would have taken anyone. Julks, Dejong, Lee, Colas....Every single one of them was a better option. Now you don't want Colas vs. Hader in the 9th, so maybe you burn him there and manipulate the substitutions so DeJong still hits when he hit. But Danny Mendick? They had a chance to tie. Maybe their only hope. I don't think sending Mendick to the plate with a man on down 2 in the 8th is preparing to kick Houston's ass.
  8. The Bulls goal is competing for a play in game while never going over the luxury tax. It's amazing what this town is stuck with, and they still nearly sellout all their games. What has been called NBA Hell, is heaven to the Bulls.
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