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  1. There is no way they can trade him unless they have a replacement to play SS. They will get skewered by the fans and media if they have to develop a SS or sign someone washed up and waste another year of the window.
  2. I don’t think shift rules will help this guy. There are no rules for outfielders shifting. They just play one of them in the short RF most teams played a 2B when there were no restrictions. If the guy hits a flyball, chances are it’s gone or a can of corn so the other 2 OF can easily cover the rest of the OF for a hitter of his ilk.
  3. He’s just another guy we would be hoping can return to the performance level of his glory days.When you are in your window to compete for multiple championships, don’t you usually try to add more of a sure thing?
  4. I agree. Probably the best shot to stick on the roster all year.
  5. Can you site the advanced stats Hahn failed to look at? The guy had a FIP of 1.10. In 36 innings he gave up 13 hits, walked 13 and struck out 64.
  6. That's true, but if somehow Giolito returned to form, Cease remains what he is, and Kopech and Lynn are healthy, a playoff opponent might have a better team, but might have a hard time winning The problem is IMO, that is what the White Sox have always banked on instead of trying to build the beat roster possible. Something that I thought they said they were going to change.
  7. Who would play SS for the White Sox? If Montgomery was in a position where you could say he is ready, then I could buy it, but I would bet anything TA isn't available unless totally blown away .
  8. According to Merkin. the Sox are expected to pass.
  9. BR says $10.333 million. I think you could get Gallo for that or less. Benetendi slightly more but not enough where anyone in their right mind trying to win would say can’t do. Eloy is the only position player in the core they could trade, get something worthwhile back, and reasonably replace. I personally would hate to see him go.
  10. The one guy I see possibly going from that list is Eloy. And it could blow up in their faces. If he plays 145 games, he’s a 40 homer guy. Something they desperately need. But , if it takes him 2 or 3 seasons to play 145 games, not good. I could see them trading Eloy and using the savings, signing a guy like Gallo or Benetendi who has no power, but does something else the Sox need, work a count.
  11. The White Sox have to stop acting like they are the Pirates or Marlins.
  12. Hahn doing nothing at the trade deadline, and perhaps the teams most popular player leaving you think would give this organization big incentive to make some news. And they will wonder about fan apathy.
  13. Exactly. It’s pathetic. At least have a plan, and several back ups. I don’t understand how a team supposedly in the contention window thinks another GM is going to propose something to help the White Sox win.
  14. The Padres gave It a shot for Judge. Machado has his opt out after next season which , unless he gets hurt, he will opt out. He will easily be able to beat the 5 and $150 million that will be left on the deal. Sox were worried about year 8. Clowns.
  15. That makes a lot of sense. A few guys available that throw hard, k a lot of guys. See what Katz can do with their command in spring training. If he can’t do anything it was still worth the gamble. Makes no sense to pass.
  16. You need a foodie Twitter account. This is dead on. Nice source.
  17. Josh Bells career high fWAR is 2.1. As Krueger would say on Seinfeld, I'm not worried about it.
  18. A deadline and incentive to sign the big boys. Maybe waive the QO loss if they are signed either before the meetings to spur the trade market. Or at least by its end. Such a lost opportunity.
  19. The current host on MLBN is a White Sox fan. They just discussed the team. Hes more depressed than any of us and is flabbergasted at their lack of aggression. Said this is the most significant offseaon of his lifetime
  20. They are discussing Rodon on MLBN and they are showing how he has changed his mechanics. Uses his legs a lot more these days.
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