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  1. Braves lose their second in a row to the A's. They have been held to 3 runs over 18 innings by the formidable Oakland pitching staff. Raisel Igelesias was walked off by a team who's total payroll is just barely higher than his contract (both around $60m). That's baseball.
  2. Sprinkle spotted in Bham 😅
  3. Shohei was like 4-27 in his last 7 coming in to today. It happens to literally the best.
  4. Liam returns to the active roster and Reylo returns to form. Coincidence? People are asking.
  5. Burke gets his first W of the season, Knights win 4-2. Colas 2-4 with an RBI. Sosa 1-3. Haseley in his first game back, 2-5 with a 2B. The other RBI were from a Mondou solo shot and two hits from Eric Gonzalez (including a 2B). Old friend Thyago Vieira took the mound vs. the Knights in the 8th.
  6. Yeah, I was kinda hoping he'd singlehandedly force the pitching swap early. No stats to show for it, but seeing 21/86 pitches from the starter is still wild.
  7. I appreciate Seby trying to get his pitcher some rest here.
  8. I don't think I would have minded Romy hitting for himself there, honestly. He's been hot lately, including some key RBIs.
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