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  1. M's gave up 4 young prospects for Castillo. Cinci has their fingers crossed.
  2. So that's the new anti-tanking rule. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. That's when Gene Mauch started using his two best starters in relief.
  4. Rockies have a top prospect, Ezequiel Tovar, shortstop, who has made his way through the minors and done very well at age 21. Their Top Prospect. They recently moved him to AAA, same as White Sox did with Colas. Difference is, Tovar was just called up to Rockies to finish the season, very much unlike Oscar Colas. They don't care about control 6 years from now. Sox should do the same.
  5. Kelly is faster than any of our outfielders.
  6. Sox have a kid at W-S, Tommy Sommer, who has pitched his ass off this year, but he is a non-prospect. Future Sox has 45 top prospects listed, including 22 or so pitchers, but Tommy is not in there. Still, since he has pitched so well this year, why not promote him to Charlotte to close out the season and see what he can do. Instead, they start Blewett with his 18 ERA. Bama Doc, please explain this to me when you have the time. Thanks in advance.
  7. As the AAA season is winding down, is there any chance that the Charlotte Knights is mailing it in?
  8. Scott Blewett used to be a top prospect, before Hahn stole him from Royals.
  9. Where's Gus Zernial when you need him? Probably a few more. Dave Nicholson? I remember back in the 50's the Cubs had Ralph Kiner in Left and Hank Sauer in Right. Just one game though.
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