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  1. A 4-pitch inning.
  2. Kopech would prob be huge for a contender like Phils. They should jump all over him. Even last night, the run he gave up in the 9th was tainted. The run scored because of a WP that was about 3 inches out of the strike zone and not in the dirt. Should have been a PB. Unearned run IOW. Kopech is so close to being lights out. He is worth a decent prospect like Crawford.
  3. Trade DeJong, move Sosa over, bring up Ramos, get Colson ready for next year, even if he only hits .220 his first year.
  4. Never, ever understood that. Was that Tony or Ricky then?
  5. Zeby, Grandl, and Maldy. As Vince Lombardi once asked, "What the Hell is going on around here?"
  6. Batista has had some good games with Kanny.
  7. Hahn was duped when he included Tatis in the Schields trade.
  8. Too bad he missed those two years in the service. 1952-53, I believe. As a young fan back then, I thought it was silly to force these guys into the service in non-wartime years. Ted Williams, too, but his situation was a bit different.
  9. Striking out about 40 % of the time. Anyone who thinks Getz is gonna get a great package of prospects for him is disillusioned. You know he wants to be traded.
  10. Do they have to keep Robert in the #3 slot while he is still moping around?
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