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  1. I do think he just needs to play nice for 4 months. But...if he re-signs there that's where trouble will happen like...Oct/November for sure. I'm sure he'll just mope and not play or whatever b.s. he always does.
  2. “We left you another voicemail about a season ticket opportunity”
  3. They'll never be able to build anything else on soldier field because a certain group believes their condo gives them ownership of the public land across from them as well, including the views, air, essence.
  4. I was worried the alt fuels/hybrid continuation of F1 would lead to less investment by car companies who have moved to all EV but looks like the brand play is strong enough (probs thanks to Red Bull) that it’s worth the money anyway
  5. I feel like this is closer to real but not sure Clancy is still a 2nd rounder.
  6. I think if you want a realistic trade you have to keep it to 80% or above. No way you get that future first or third rounder without sending back more. Esp to just move back to five
  7. Nah doing nothing is better than Kyrie.
  8. It may not be missed time but it's 100% going to be an excuse for slow starts or wearing down.
  9. PFF updated their top 50 FAs with salary projections. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2023-free-agent-rankings-free-agency Some notables: DTs: Javon Hargave 3 yrs / $55 $36 guaranteed Daron Payne 4 yrs/ $80 $55 guaranteed OTs Mike McGlinchey 4 yrs / $62 $38 guaranteed Orlando Brown 5 yrs / $102 $70 guaranteed Kaleb McGary 4 yrs / $52 $22 guaranteed
  10. Yeah exactly. Not sure if this year will be the biggest of that or if it will trickle thru 2025.
  11. I think I mentioned before but hopefully the velus experience conditioned people to seeing older rookies because this class has a lot of them. Popular center in mock drafts is John Michael Schmitz will be 24 at the draft, and there's a bunch like him.
  12. I don't know, that would be Leury who was one of the worst players in baseball. One Armed luis robert had a 52 wRC+ in the second half. Leury had a 44.
  13. I think the only reversion that will truly be impactful is if we can become an above average power team. That requires sooo many profiles to change to happen and seems impossible. But physically, there is no reason why we shouldn't have more 25 hr hitters on this team. Fortunately romy will supply 25 and Carlos perez 25.
  14. Especially when it coincides with a game. Joakim noah day, etc.
  15. really don't want to hear about how an organization is ever undesirable again after miami went from the brian flores debacle to still getting mike mcdaniels (true he was passed over for others) and now getting vic fangio to join as DC. Houston goes through treating two coaches like garbage and then win a bidding war for Demeco Ryans. Good for McDaniels though. I definitely had the same gut feeling as others that he just didn't seem like he could run the locker room. But he is himself and honest and didn't try to be a different person. I can see why Fangio would be drawn to that.
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