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  1. No I think Hahn is a rubbish GM. I think the unfortunate thing for us compared to other fandoms is when we say “Sox never trade guys at their peak” we are covering ourselves against a 23 year history of the same regime instead of “x GM never trades guys at their peak”. But yeah my main thing is the only actual helpful item Sox could do this year is fire Hahn.
  2. Extremely nervous about this guy, but have been unimpressed with padres and their pitchers. Wouldn’t be surprised if Katz is confident about him.
  3. I’ve always found Kepler extremely handsome. Maybe that gives us some Scotty Pods like luck.
  4. LMAO https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-hot-stove-trade-proposals-2022 A South Side shakeup White Sox get: 2B Gleyber Torres, 3B Josh Donaldson, $10.8 million Yankees get: 3B Yoán Moncada, RHP Jimmy Lambert You want to get nuts? Let’s get nuts. With Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza in the Yankees’ near or immediate middle-infield picture, Torres is a good candidate to get moved this winter. And a White Sox team for which second base has been a problematic position for more than a decade is an obvious fit. Perhaps there’s a more direct swap to be had here in which the Sox send prospects and/or bullpen help to the Yanks. But what fun is that? We’re here to think big, and this crazy proposal might help both sides. The Sox get an obvious improvement and perhaps additional upside at second base in Torres. They move Moncada, who has had an up-and-down career to date. And while replacing him with Donaldson erases a lot of upside, it also frees the Sox of the $24.8 million owed to Moncada in 2024 (plus a $5 million buyout in 2025) in exchange for an $8 million buyout of Donaldson’s '24 deal. That’s some added long-term financial flexibility for a Chicago team in need of it. At minimum, Donaldson is still capable of giving them good defense at the hot corner. Of course, pairing Donaldson with Tim Anderson would be, um, more than a little awkward (hey, we promised you this was nuts). But it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen players with a past forced to smooth things over after an acquisition. Torres, meanwhile, comes with two years of contractual control and took well to the shift to second base while swatting 24 homers and 28 doubles with a .761 OPS. If that’s his floor, it’s a big upgrade for the South Siders. And if he can reach the upside that made him the centerpiece of the Cubs-Yankees Aroldis Chapman trade in 2016, that’s an even bigger plus. Factoring in Torres’ arbitration cost, the Sox take on roughly $3 million in '23 payroll in this swap. What do the Yankees get? For one, a bullpen piece in Lambert, who is under control through 2027 and had strong results in high-leverage spots after a shift to the 'pen last year (2.90 ERA in 40 relief appearances). Even in sending half of Donaldson’s salary obligation to the Sox, New York shaves about $3 million off its '23 payroll. The Yanks get improved upside at third base in Moncada, who struggled (and was injured) in '22 but at 27 years old is a safer bet to return to above-average offensive production at this stage than Donaldson. Moncada also balances the Yankees’ lineup as a switch-hitter. The Yankees are taking on the $24.8 million owed to Moncada in '24 and losing the $8 million buyout owed to Donaldson for that season. Hey, what do you know? Maybe Torres could wind up playing for a Chicago team, after all!
  5. It is funny watching how the padres and Phillies come off a very disappointing season and both decided to keep spending to overcome, knowing regression would likely be positive. They then made NLCS and more. But since JR despises both owners for paying players what they believe they are worth he will instead cut payroll to achieve his number one goal: not giving labor too much wealth.
  6. Danks was such a ballsy and brilliant move too. Uribe… D’Angelo Jimenez…less so
  7. Remember when we used to target underrated, blocked players in other orgs on the way up rather than players on their way down
  8. They are basically going to make him active to "mess" with the jets, have him out there on some weird plays where he lines up at WR, and we win 6-3
  9. If he's a groundball specialist, him giving up a lot of hits in AFL isn't as interesting as if the hits are ground balls. Not sure any of us figured Tanner Banks would see time this year or when Aaron Bummer jumped up, hence a pop-up. I wouldn't be surprised considering sox love sinker ballers in their bullpen under hahn if a guy that throws strikes and has a power sinker makes it
  10. my prediction is heyman will leak that the teams that spend the most will all be in the mix for a boras client.
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