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  1. I kinda wondered if Yoan was going to be like Adrian Beltre, who had inconsistent and then blazing seasons. But boy, sure is a big difference between historically good defense and good. And years hitting 161 wRC+ and 135. I do think he eventually puts it together.
  2. Very true. As the most pro-bird at GRF fan there is, I can't help but wonder if falcons would be so necessary had they not gotten rid of the alpha goose?
  3. He really is quite tall.
  4. looks like DSL and ACL will start next Monday, soon we'll have some daytime follows. This was a pretty big group for sox so may be a nice dsl follow this year.
  5. bummed I had circled this game to maybe take the kids to but I thought no chance Ohtani played. Wish I'd have risked it.
  6. this is what I imagined romy doing, not great OBP but when he hits getting xbh. No reason not to keep it going.
  7. Fun thing about the Call trade, you have to admit, is it was partly due to Hostetlers piss poor management of the farm, cramming college draft after college draft together and ending up with a legitimately difficult back log as players adjusted to AA. Call was traded out of that "surplus" in a silly trade to gain favor with Machado. As Call hits the big leagues and provides depth, we are basically out of outfielders as the remainder of prospects had washed out, been picked out due to 40 man issues, or traded. Creating a winning baseball organization is absolutely complex and difficult and that's why you should move on from people who cannot handle complexity, like Rick Hahn. Let him just go be a professional rich persons friend in winnetka and keep him away from the team.
  8. nobody knows, the law states the executive branch cannot pay borrow beyond a certain limit but also congress has passed other laws mandating the executive spend via bills that have been passed. It is the silliest dance in the world.
  9. It turns out our SB against has impressed me and yet we are still 28 out of 30, but that just goes to show how low my expectation was lol
  10. pitch com. Like call your own damn sequences then if the pitcher felt there was a difference. I've personally been impressed that the running game against the sox has not been nearly as bad as I expected. But why run when you'll likely get walked and move em over anyway amirite
  11. also those splits aren't that damning.
  12. If the pitchers don't like Grandal's game calling I have zero sympathy in 2023 where a certain rule change happened.
  13. Nice to see Sean Burke back (perhaps he was already) after that shoulder shut down
  14. The o in kopech I made a zero because just capitalizing the K wouldn't have been that clever.
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