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  1. I love Ditka. He brought us a title. Not easy to do.
  2. Pedro is the best ... scapegoat ever to manage an MLB team. Explanation: Sure he's horrible but in all fairness, given the same talent no manager could avoil 105 losses with this team. MAYBE an Earl Weaver or Jim Leyland could account for five more wins than Pedro will end up with in late September, but that's all. This.Team.Blows.
  3. I watched the interview on yahoo. I feel sorry for Pedro now. I'm sure the guy is trying. It's just a mess from top to bottom starting with Jerry and then Getz. Pedro is third on the blame list. I know he makes top dollar but I still feel a bit sorry for him. He's trying to win MLB games with a MILB team. I mean MLB teams just don't lose 4 game series and play as badly in all phases in the game as the Sox. Poor Pedro. Maybe that should be a new T shirt design. Reads Poor Pedro on the front and his picture. On the back names of all the players and the text "Historically bad season."
  4. I've heard Pedro was not considered managerial timber by the KCR's. Look they had a chance to hire him, a young loyal soldier, and didn't. Why didn't the Sox see that as a red flag? Ozzie watch. Why not? This team is a walking cache of mummies. Even those who can't forgive Ozzie for quitting should admit it'd be fun to see him kick some bleep while being entertaining after loss after loss. When I see Ozzie speak I am entertained and happy. Sports should make u happy and entertained. Hire him for four months baby.
  5. That's cause all areas of the team are substandard so at least one gets u every night. Tonight it's hitting. On nights we score five or more it'll either be bullpen or starting pitching. Getz built a team substandard in all areas except 'maybe' defense. Defense allegedly is OK.
  6. By the way Schiff should be embarrassed by his home run call on Mendick blast. He was all hyped and excited. I think he did the 'stand up' b.s. Look our fans are not dumb. Schiff just calm down when we're down 4-0 in the 8th and getting no hit. Manufactured enthusiasm, bah. Harry Caray and Piersall would be so hard on this team.
  7. You know, it is embarrassing to lose 4 games in a row at home especially. Amazing how nobody in the Sox organization cares. This is almost highway robbery, taking money from fans for this crap. Almost got no hit. Geez. I wish somebody would say how embarrassed they are. Even the Pham addition has now worn off.
  8. Who was Kessinger's primary pitching coach to run the staff. Certainly Don was too busy hitting .230 and playing defense to be concentrating on managing a pitching staff during the game.
  9. Ozzie would have had a zillion funny sound bites compared to none from Pedro. Who am I kidding though. With a team this bad he'd probably say something outrageous that doesn't fly in 2024. That wouldn't be so good.
  10. I'm just like you Mite. I never was fair weather either until they insulted me with this roster So they finally got me to give up. Consider doing what I do. Just catch the score off this site or MLB and watch the highlights on mlb.com for free under game story after the game. Check the box score after the game and u can keep up on how the guys are hitting/pitching. You really won't miss watching the live action. I don't. It really is a waste of precious time to watch these guys play baseball live.
  11. I watch highlights but haven't watched a live second either. There have to be tons of former Sox fanatics like me who do this. Sox popularity in Chicago must be very very low.
  12. I didn't realize we were counting Robert in the Eloy "always hurt" category. I thought he had a little better chance of staying healthy. Maybe my bad. ... Still you can't tell me the Sox will EVER "speed up that process." Not as long as they have this stupid new philosophy of tank jobs even though the draft order process has changed.
  13. 27-25 record and 3.5 out of first. It just shows you (tank lovers) that it doesn't take much to be a contender for playoffs. All the Sox have to do is flirt with .500 and get hot one month. But instead they mess around with this tanking crap for 10 years and are the dregs of the entire league. I wish the Sox would get some common sense. We need a do-over starting with the Sale trade year. Sox have the worst team in baseball by far and no plan. Nice.
  14. Geez. I'm still waiting for somebody on the board to instruct greg on the Sox plan with all this?? You do realize the team will have an even worse record next year after the complete destruction of the roster right?
  15. True, why do people stick by Kopech? He is terrible. By the end of the season we may only have 1-2 players on any other team's radar. I still think Pham could help a team that needs an outfielder with a decent bat like the Royals. Why would anybody want Crochet if he has some pitching inning limit?
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