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  1. At least he's a body with a reasonable resume. Granted he hasn't done squat in the bigs and he's 30 but like everybody is saying it's worth the gamble. Not our money. I hope he does well as a 5 inning guy. Need to shore up that bullpen.
  2. Fedde was great overseas. Maybe he's the next Phil Humber. Sign him.
  3. Not really. I am a realist. We aren't gonna be winning anytime soon no matter what the course is.
  4. Cmon folks, offseason is time to fleece a team of 5 prospects for Cease. In this day and age the guy can give a team 5 good innings and strike out minimum of 10 in those innings. Perfect modern day starter. A good pitching coach will make sure he cuts down on his walks. Maybe if he does that he can even go 6 innings .That said ... you give up a No. 2 starter like Cease in the offseason you bring in a haul. He can excite a fan base. Get 5 players for him; same with Eloy. That's 10 bodies, hopefully 6 prospects who are close to can't miss. Don't make pedestrian trades. Go for the jugular since we're not going to sign free agents. p.s. trade Nicky Lopez. He's not MLB caliber anymore folks. IMO.
  5. I know this has been rehashed to death but losing Benetti, a lifelong Sox fan, just seems wrong. Not just a fan but perhaps the best young announcer out there. If we need a "sign" at how this franchise is "near" rock bottom, it's losing Benetti. And to do Tigers games? I know $$$ talks but no true Chicagoan wants to spend any time in Detroit. Geez. What a depressing town (just my opinion). I'll take Swirsky.
  6. If he picks the Cubs, wow. The Sox really should move at that point. The Sox will have their 12,000 loyal fans (including all of us on here). The Cubs will own the city and he'll be the new Chicago sports icon (Hull, Banks, Minnie, Big Hurt, Butkus, Sayers, Payton). Not sir Michael though. He's forever in a class by himself. Sox should sell team and get Ohtani.
  7. Not to derail the thread as I like Gio, but until the Sox get rid of Pedro they can't be taken seriously. How in the world can this team sell any tickets? Who would be dumb enough to pay baseball 2023 prices to go out to GRate and watch this team play baseball? There are minor league options, folks, though those prices have gone up,too. How in the world can they keep Pedro. What do they see in him? Geez.
  8. it's amazing how teams are stuck getting rid of the nickle and dime employees while the only reason they are in this boat is what happened with salary escalation year after year of ballplayers. It never slowed down. Even now they are paid so much money when they are more brittle than ever. It's almost impossible for a pitcher to avoid serious arm surgery and players are on the DL all the time as we know too well. But keep cutting scouts and secretaries rather than ever face the real problem (ballplayer salaries are too late to fix; baseball will go broke before those salaries ever stop going up).
  9. I'm not a big Bummer fan so the Sox at least got 5 players for him.
  10. Any chance the Sox could change perception and sign this guy? He'd be great with Robert and his signing plus bringing in Salvy and Merrifield might bring out the best in Eloy, Timmy, Vaughn. Think about it. Signing one player would fix our everyday lineup in one day. If he can pitch again we'd have he and Cease. Sometimes you have to make a move dollars be damned that in one swoop could spark/cure a franchise and entire south side. I mean Jerry could tell Ohtani to wait, that he's selling the team and the new owners could bring him to town and fix this team. It's frankly sad that the Sox probably aren't in the discussion at all. Getting him would mean so much. I'm probably dreaming, The odds of getting Ohtani would be the same as an astronaut walking on the surface of the sun.
  11. Tough crowd. I was noting in a horrid economy baseball apparently is exempt making $$$ no matter the fact u can't leave a grocery store without 60 bucks stripped from the wallet. Sports are immune.
  12. Crazy to think the Sox will make money. I understand why they will (TV revenue, which baffles me. The economy is totally in the tank; have u walked out of a grocery story paying under 60 bucks just for some fruit, lunch meat, just a couple odds and ends like toothpaste?) yet somehow the networks can pay exorbitant amounts for a sport with low ratings. The Sox will be unwatchable next year yet the TV money piles in. Very strange stuff. ... Think of how bad this team is going to be. Nobody's gonna watch. That said ... get the biggest haul you can for Cease. The Sox aren't gonna contend for a while even if everybody wants that. We have to face reality. Try to get somebody as good a prospect as Robert. Throw TA in the deal and make it a blockbuster (even tho TA lost all power and is not very good anymore).
  13. I'm sure if I watch games again I'll have him as a favorite. Doubles are good. Walk rate must improve obviously as u pointed out. Sox need to get rid of TA if he's one of the main 'problems' in the clubhouse. He's not that good to be a problem if indeed he is one. Ditto Moncada. Ditto Eloy. I wonder if Vaughn is a good clubhouse guy. I'd keep Vaughn and Robert and maybe Eloy and let the other position players take a hike. Maybe keep Elvis solely as a utility guy.
  14. Very good question. My bad but it's probably cause i didn't watch any games after all star break and didn't fall in love with Robert despite all the homers. Plus isn't Robert an all or nothing guy too? HR or strikeout. I'm probably gonna be done with baseball soon cause there are too many things about the modern game I hate. Sad. I also loved Wilbur Wood. i was at the DH where he started both games. I think he mita got a no decision in both or lost one of em and no decision the other. Didn't wilbur get bunted out of baseball? after knee problems teams bunted it to the left and right of him and he couldn't make the plays anymore.
  15. Same with me. First time in a long time I have had absolutely no favorite player on the Sox roster. I used to stand up for some guys on the board who I liked who got ripped a lot. Now I don't like any of 'em particularly. No pitchers for sure are on my like list. I was starting to like Burger.
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