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  1. So what team will pick up Leury? Play ball baby!
  2. I've watched some Sox highlights and it looks like Colas (as well as Vaughn and Moncada) are going with the lift and launch stroke. Being that is how hitters are supposed to hit now, I'd expect those 3 guys to MASH a lotta home runs. The ball certainly didn't look dead on the home runs I saw hit on replay this spring. So please Mr. Colas and the others, go ahead and lift and pull to the tune of 40ish homers and when you have two strikes just try not to hit into too many DPs.
  3. I'm enthused bout Colas. Give him his at bats!!! Don't play him one time a week. Thanx.
  4. Folks ... Oscar Colas is the Sox's Tatis. How long before Colas-mania takes the SouthSide by storm? This guy is just what the Sox need. Plant him in RF and give him his 580 at bats. What do the Sox have to lose?? Play the guy and let's see if Oscar and Pedro are the new look White Sox. This guy has the potential of bringing back the Sox diehards. Let.Him.Mash. Sincerely, A rabid fan who wants postseason baseball in Chicago. p.s. If for some reason Oscar fails don't blame experience. The guy is 24 for gosh sakes. Let him hit, baby.
  5. That's a shame. But didn't Hawk get to the point he couldn't make a home run call? He couldn't see the ball anymore? Maybe they could have worked on that with special glasses. Too bad if the team axed him.
  6. How much is a can of brewski on opening day? Pls let us know.
  7. I am capable of turning on the team quickly. But I will give the new manager a chance. And I see Moncada has blasted a couple homers going oppo field. I'm hopeful he will wake up n be stellar. Elvis excites me way more than that stiff we had from the Pirates at 2B. Elvis gives off a vibe he actually wants to win and contribute to wins (not that the former Pirate didn't want to win; he just stunk IMO). I am excited for the start of the year. I almost feel my guy, Jose, has retired so out of sight out of mind. I'm not worried bout Jose. And it is good Leury is gone cause so many fans on here depised him in the lineup. Not sure if there will be somebody to pick on mercilessly. I do fear it'll be Sheets if he plays at all. Or Vaughn. Give them a chance. It's not easy to play sporadically. I don't think it'll be Grandal. Some of the guys Sox acquired for the tank/rebuild are still accepted as good hitters cause the rebuild was exciting to so many (not me). So we shall see. I for one have positive feelings w/Tony baby gone and Pedro in.
  8. Wouldn't that be neat if Pedro took the city by storm? Sox have a winning record in each of the first 3 months, then blaze to victory, run away in the crap Central then ride a strong, emerging starting rotation to the crown? -- defense concerns me; bullpen concerns me though. guys would have to step up. Moncada and Timmy and Elvis are capable of being vaccuums. 1B is a sieve though and the outfield potentially a disaster again.
  9. It's interesting how "some" folks who back playing Burger seemingly are not concerned about his defense and I had to listen to a bunch of fans complain about one of my all time fave's defense at 1B for years. It's crazy the double standard for certain guys. I can't really see Burger ever even being average on D. I do like his hitterishness though. He can sting the ball.
  10. Thing about Old Comiskey, maybe it's this way in the 'new' park as well ... the sound of bat hitting ball was so special. I remember going to see Luzinski's team and man he cracked some impressive homers. ... I also enjoyed Chet Lemon big time. I remember I got to meet him when he was with the Tigers and he was so nice. I asked him if he remembered a certain catch he made in vast CF of the old park. On the TV screen it was a blast in the gap and suddenly Lemon appears in the TV screen laying his body out fully to catch the ball. He said he did remember that catch. I copied his banging his mitt against his thigh in 12 inch softball when playing the outfield, lol. He also hit some rockets and liners where the unmistakeable sound of bat on ball echoed thru the old park. I also remember Gamble and Spencer and Soderholm getting such good wood on the ball. CRACK.
  11. Just watched part three. Loved it. Near the end, regarding the final game in Comiskey, they showed a fan patting the wall of the stadium facade as he left. Reminded me that I patted one of the pillars as I walked out with my brother at my last game that season. Like most all the fans on here who were alive then, I had the most fun as a kid and felt all the emotions of fans quoted in the 3 part series when I was in Comiskey. Thank u to the producer and all the folks who put this series together. Special stuff. And I just loved Ozzie Guillen's love of the Sox and all his comments in the 3 part series. Glad Ozzie agreed to be part of it. I'm assuming some former Sox greats must have declined. THANK U!
  12. G13 ... do you not feel that the modern era fan can't afford to go to games, at least a mom or dad can't afford to take 2 kids and get a good seat more than a couple times a season?
  13. At least food prices won't keep people away on Tuesday's. 5 dollar beer in this day and age at a sporting event is almost like the old quarter beer night. If u are gonna go to one home game a week or month, Tuesday would be the day to go.
  14. Sox starting pitchers look good on paper. Are they all healthy? Our bullpen looks blah to bad on paper. That spells doom folks. We win the first 5 1/2 innings, then lose a ton of games cause of the pen. Hope everybody stays healthy. But I pick Sox third or fourth. Only KC and the Tigers figure to be worse but Sox can't seem to beat anybody consistently in the Central.
  15. I want me some Burger and Colas following Timmy, Eloy and Robert. Will Burger and Colas make team?
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