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  1. Hilarious how many Sox fans deep down seem to enjoy a possible second tank job/rebuild. A lot of the players we got to win us some pennants in the past tank job have been here long enough we see their warts. I could go through the list but your Moncadas, Eloys, Roberts, some of the pitchers, even Timmys (defense) have shown warts. There's no excuse for keeping Hahn around and KW. They have failed (except for magical 2005) and it's time to clean house. This team has about a 2 percent chance of reaching the WS next season which means the tank job was an utter failure. Let's just start talk of trading everybody.
  2. The ball appeared dead last year. None of the Sox were hitting the long ball. I personally think our team right now is trash. I'd say last place or only ahead of the Royals. This team blows. Sub par bullpen; average staters (if evereybody's healthy); and pathetic every day lineup. It just is. It's a rotten lineup.
  3. I wouldn't say he's clearly in decline but I appreciate your reasoning and your post.
  4. I certainly hope Sox fans decline their season ticket purchases out of protest over this disgraceful move in letting Jose walk. Hit Jerry where it hurts. Andrew Vaughn is no Jose Abreu. He just isn't.
  5. I disagree. It makes no sense to move on. Sox just got rid of their best ballplayer to the delight of ageists who think his decline is imminent. Uh, Houston is fine with Jose's upcoming age 36 season. The Sox have so many holes it makes me wonder if they are about to tank quietly again for a few years.
  6. I just read this: "Precise terms of the deal weren't initially reported. But according to multiple reports, the contract will be for three years and roughly $60 million." So Houston thinks he's worth that, a great organization like Houston! A lot of Sox fans on here and the Sox front office sadden me over this situation. The Sox are a MUCH WORSE team after this signing. The Sox now are officially irrelevant. The guy is wanted by the Houston Astros but the Sox (and many Sox fans) don't even want him. Twenty fricking million a year. Very very sad day. I'm so sick of this franchise. Irrelevant team. So to the fans who wanted him gone. My ? to you: Why are the Houston Astros giving Jose 20 mill a year for three years? Cause he's guaranteed to hit and win? Uh yes.
  7. I'm here. U know what, nothing's been on my mind regarding the Sox. I'm just kind of mum waiting to see if the Sox add good pieces. ... I did have Covid. Wowsie. It was awful. And I'm double vaxxed, but Greg is OK, just nothing on my mind ... this proves I do not bait people; when I speak on an issue I truly am passionate about it. Rite now I gots nothing on my mind. Peace.
  8. Makes sense. Pitchers don't have to worry bout Jose. They'll attack the young guys Vaughn, Sheets etc.
  9. Saddens me to read that line. In a matchup between Jose, Sheets, Eloy and Vaughn I take Jose entering his age 36 season every time. I thought Sox were in a window of trying to win it all. Are the Sox quietly rebuilding again? Any fan that bought the rebuild talk should be furious Jose is leaving. We were supposed to win it all next season. You don't win it all by getting rid of your best player. Geez. In what world was Jose not on the projected roster of the Sox next title team? If the Sox tanked all those seasons for nothing, shame on them.
  10. I"m glad if he's headed to the Cubs. When the Sox get rid of my favorite player, have to hope he gets to remain in Chicago. I would think he'd hit well in Wrigley. He'll get his HR numbers back up especially if the ball is livelier.
  11. State of the White Sox is as low as it's been in a while. The fact Pollock wanted out so badly does not look good. It makes me think it's posslble some of the Sox young "stars" just might not have it in the 'want-to' department. Let's just say the young core has some work to do to prove they actually want to win. The Sox performance this season especially in division games screamed of a team with not much depth and not much spirit. It was a blah season from beginning to end.
  12. Thank goodness he's gone. Obviously he despises the organization and realizes the team is going nowhere.
  13. Rats. I hope Q and the guys treat this as the Prep Bowl final or the state title game. Carmel is too dominant. I thought I read Rice has a defensive lineman going to Wisky and the RB is an NIU recruit.,. We have some talent. The guys would have to have a repeat of the Collinsville game. ... Is the game Saturday? Sounds funny but it must be tough for these high school teams to get to games on Friday's with rush hour. When I went to BR I ran cross country and most of the meets were on Saturdays.
  14. What did Heyman say? Have the Sox said for sure they are letting Jose walk? Amazes me when a fan base accepts and in some cases wants their best player to take a hike when that means some other teams will bid for the same guy. Considering the Sox track record, if they find five or more other teams thinking about offering Jose or offering Jose, I hope they reverse course and realize it'd be smart to sign the guy. If other teams want Jose ... it's not like Sox scouts have distinguished themselves at all in judging talent. ... It's amazing how Jose's age is a factor. We act like he's ready for social security. He's about to enter his age 36 season. I'd sign him to a two-year deal with a third year club option. At 12 mill a year. ... I know, we have too many DH/1B types. We need Jose to walk so Eloy is DH with Sheets and Vaughn is 1B. I tell u I'd rank the guys in this order of who I want: 1. Eloy. 2. Jose. 3. Vaughn. 4. Sheets. Grandal is the guy u get rid of folks.
  15. I watched the Collinsville game. For a second round playoff game, I credit Br Rice for total domination. I don't think I've ever seen BR dominate like that against a good opponent. I'm thinking coach Q knows the team's strengths and weaknesses and right now has simplified things to let the guys do what they do best. Rice's starting QB got hurt and they put in the guy who started the season and he was great. RBs of Rice dominated and the defense was fine, too. If they relax and play like that, mabe they can give Mt. Carmel a game in the quarters. Regardless that Collinsville game made it a successful season if indeed they are young with a lot of guys back. Congrats to that team for a near flawless game vs. Collinsville.
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