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  1. If the return was big enough then trading Robert would make sense. Robert is a good player when fit and his trade value is high at the moment and the Sox won't be challenging in 2024/5 so losing Robert won't make a massive difference to the win/loss columns if they are already losing Cease. The only worry is that the Sox have a track record of not developing prospects acquired in trades or acquiring prospects who never really achieve their potential, like Moncada and Eloy.
  2. They could always move Vaughan there and get someone else to play 1B, not that I am suggesting that.
  3. Whilst I agree with you about Eloy to some extent, I get the feeling that if he stays at the Sox he will never achieve anywhere near his potential, so if he goes elsewhere and succeeds so be it. It is like the Tatis argument, whilst that was a monumentally bad trade, there is no guarantee that if he had stayed at the Sox they would have handled him well enough for him to reach the heights he has, even brilliant talent or potential needs some coaching and development. Basically if a trade can bring in some useful pieces then trade Eloy. It would be sad to see him performing well at another team but he has had enough time at the Sox and just hasn't done it often enough.
  4. But if he had said he liked the team or was in any way happy he would have been jumped on for that as well. After a 100 loss season you would hardly expect a GM to say he liked the team, just looking at these comment boards many people have said get rid of them all etc. Not liking the team is different to not liking individual players, I doubt Robert would be happy putting up those numbers in a 100 loss team going forward. And some of these players need a kick up the backside to understand that a performance like last season is unacceptable. I know, and agree, that Getz was an underwhelming appointment at best, but at least give him the chance to undo the Hahn team that came out so bad. No matter who the new GM was this team needed massive surgery not just a bit of a face lift, and at least he acknowledges that.
  5. That is one thing this team are already good at.
  6. That's a rotation to win 100 games... over the next 2 years.
  7. They lost 101 games because the 'talent' that they have is all on paper, in reality raw 'talent' alone gets you nowhere once at at MLB level you need to also have the right mental attitude and professionalism, something that most of the current squad lack, and equally they lack the leadership at player, coach, manager and GM level to change that attitude.
  8. I didn't say there wasn't any 'bad luck', I just said there were other more important reasons for last season's showing. Every team suffers bad luck during a 162 game season, and I don't think if Hendricks was fit that the White Sox would have suddenly been a winning team.
  9. Bad management, bad trading, bad drafting, bad player development, bad attitude and bad basic baseball principles were also factors, you don't lose 100 games and stink out the season just because of bad luck.
  10. Chimpton


    No, it's an unfounded rumour that he's qualified for the job!
  11. Genuine question, but how much difference does the hitting coach actually make to established MLB players like Moncada, Jiminez, Anderson etc? And do you actually think those players are actually open to or capable of change?
  12. I suppose you are right and its not as if they are going to challenge next season anyway, they need healthy bodies to pitch innings. And relievers may be important next year as the starting rotation looks a bit bleak.
  13. The Getz 'rebuild'/'retool' starts! Just like Hahn he is searching the bins out back of other stadiums in order to build a team.
  14. The season looks even more depressing when broken down into stats than it was watching it.
  15. That is all the White Sox are reduced to at the moment, hoping the 'core' will bounce back and picking up a few players who will also be 'looking to bounce back', the result will sadly be all too predictable.
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