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  1. Yep that is the depressing state that this rebuild has got to, the Sox have to shop in the bargain basement or below to fill the starting 9 let alone fill out the 40 man roster.
  2. Whilst that is true, his wages would mean bringing in another player who isn't a long shot reclamation project is even more difficult due to the supposed 180m limit. I'm sure there are OF who can hit and catch out there.
  3. What about Leury Garcia 3 years at 15m?
  4. No but you said Burger and Sheets could hold down 3b and 1b, implying they would be your starters in those positions. Trading Moncada and/or Vaughan to improve other areas of the team but weakening 1b and 3b doesn't make any real sense.
  5. Do you seriously think an infield with Burger and Sheets as regular starters would help the Sox compete in 2023 more than Moncada and Vaughan?
  6. Most of the posts have been sandwich related!
  7. They spent money but didn't fill the obvious holes at RF and 2b or the need for a left-handed bat, which is what I meant by someone in the FO is at fault if all this money is being spent and still no real success. Hopefully no TLR and a few rebounding players will mean a better season and winning the central but getting beyond the first round of the playoffs would need more than that.
  8. Oh yes I agree this team has the potential to be really good if the players all match their potential or return to anywhere near their best, but equally it would be so typical if that is wasted because they won't spend on anything other than reclamation projects or cheap FAs to fill the obvious holes in the roster.
  9. Sorry to be pedantic but the WS was 2005 and your figures were from 2006, that is why I didn't include it. Either way someone has wasted a lot of money for precious little return!
  10. If they have had top 10 payrolls in all those years, then someone in the front office (Hahn or Williams or both) needs sacking because they haven't actually produced top 10 baseball in those years and only appeared in the playoffs briefly in 3 of those years.
  11. But to answer your question his BA w/RISP was .268 and the team BA w/RISP was .269. Abreu was down from .286 in 2021 and .329 in 2020. So that could support the idea he is in decline but with another hitting coach we could see those figures bounce back.
  12. I can't think of one Sox hitter who had good figures in 2022 with a hitting coach that wanted them to ground out rather than hit for home runs
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