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  1. Rick said this at the 10d press conference. Since that occurred, they have acquired zero players on the major league roster, and have lost Liam Hendriks and likely Mike Clevenger.
  2. Would expect the quotes in bold below that he offered to Danny Parkins two years ago, when asked how Rick was notified of Tony’s February 2020 DUI when Rick is asked about the debacle of offseason, even before the Mike Clevinger investigation was made public. Quote: “You know, Danny, today is … as I sit here today and … really, of all days, the day when there’s optimism and excitement and we’ve got — we’re back together in the same place for the first time in a while, and we have World Series aspirations, I’m not that interested in sort of going through the hiring process and decision and communication and the internal elements of that. Honestly, like, the last few months working with Tony have been — I’ve gotten more and more excited about where this team is headed and what he’s going to contribute. “Sitting here today and looking at the staff we were able to assemble, I’m just thrilled with the conversations we’ve had — unfortunately mostly via Zoom — with the conversations we’ve had and the position we’ve got this team in right now. And my focus is not on rehashing something that happened four or five months ago, it’s about the excitement that we feel as we get ready to try to win a championship. “So I know that’s probably an unsatisfying answer, but honestly, Danny, that’s as candid as I can be about the thing is that I’m looking forward to the future. I’m not trying to rehash the past process.”
  3. I agree the city will likely (a new mayor may not be as enthusiastic) attempt to sell to the public yet another billionaire handout, with the lapdog Chicago media fully on board. Just looking at the current downtown vacancy rate (21.4% Q4 2022), the end of massive Federal COVID cash subsidies, and the fact that even if the city could secure another tax and bond to fund this latest hand out, if downtown doesn’t rebound, the Sox will prefer to shakedown taxpayers elsewhere. The city dodged a big bullet when Daley finished in dead last in the 2016 Olympic bidding. All future stadiums should follow the United Center model, which has worked out for both owners.
  4. Downtown has been a ghost town the past three years, doubtful office workers / businesses will ever return without multiple significant changes. Don’t see the team staying unless they get another free stadium. Chicago, Crook County and Illinois are all bankrupt when you factor unfunded pensions, are lucky to issue above junk status bonds now to pay for current day to day expenses.
  5. your 3rd overall draft pick says 3,000 hits is his destiny, and is stuck on 148 three years later. friends and family are signed before, not concurrent with, the main FA target. both Rick and Kenny claim they nabbed their number one player target at the deadline. can’t stay healthy two weeks after an unforced mid-season contract extension. your all time largest contract goes to a guy who hit 5 home runs last season. your high priced old free agent has no other legitimate offers. Tony recommended the guy.
  6. Is it also a sign you’re still stuck in China? I used to plan trips to visit new stadiums, but the MLB has disgusted me so over the past three “seasons”, I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back. I also hate Atlanta (city/team), and the two other stadiums are shitty domes I hate watching baseball in. I went to a few games in 2021 with free tickets (skybox Wrigley), but my last paid for game or White Sox was March 2020 at Diamondback Ranch in Arizona to watch the Sox play SD, my first ever trip to Spring Training (was always busy at work in Winter). Don’t like the fact the Sox banned all cash including box office and concessions. Fans miss entire innings waiting in line, in part due to CC processing. Problems also noted with lines just to enter games on crowded days. That and LaRussa / Jerry kept me away the past two years, waiting for new owner to return at this point. I don’t see Jerry leaving until the 2030s/2040s. Hell, Virginia and Jerry may still be around entering 2050.
  7. I'd like to see the improvements in Cleveland before adjusting my rankings, but would say the remodeled Sox stadium is pretty close to Cleveland's, not a large gap between the two. The OG new Sox park was Bottom 10 embarrassing trash, but the Sox did a good job with the redesign of the UD, seats and other aspects of the remodeled park. Unfortunately could not fix the obvious flaw of not having the park face northeast instead of southeast. My personal rankings, includes bias in favor of my personal nostalgia and preference of older/original stadiums. Chicago White Sox - Comiskey Park (1910-1990) - Truly the Baseball Palace of the World. There's no place like Home! Detroit Tigers - Tigers Stadium (1912-1999) - Absolute treat to attend games at this bandbox. Seats right on top of action. Should have retained. Boston Red Sox - Fenway Park (1912-current) - Really great place to watch a game, seating near the field. Hate the team and Fever Pitch type fans. Chicago Cubs - Wrigley Field (1916-current) - Despite one's feelings toward the Cubs, glad it's still around though I am not a fan of new bleachers or video. Pittsburgh Pirates - Pirates Park (2001-current) - They got everything right with this one, head and shoulders best new stadium. Los Angeles Dodgers - Dodgers Stadium (1962-current) - Classic stadium, every fan should visit at least once. Miss Vin Scully's call. San Francisco Giants - Giants Park (2000-current) - Really nice looking stadium, Top Five New Stadium. Definitely worth a trip. Baltimore Orioles - Camden Yards (1992-current) - Orioles smart to scrap planned HOK Comiskey II plans for this "classic" new ballpark. Colorado Rockies - Coors Field (1995-current) - Nice park to visit, lots of nearby breweries and things to do. Saint Louis Cardinals - Busch Stadium III (2006-current) - Much improved upgrade over the Donut. Great views, solid team. New York Yankees - Yankee Stadium II (1976-2008) - A bit old cramped and decrepit, but great views, loved visiting Monument Park. Cleveland Guardians - Jacobs Field (1994-current) - Nice park, view of game, downtown skyline. Would like to check out their major upgrades. Chicago White Sox - Comiskey Park II (1991-current) - Much improved from 1991 version, still didn't have to happen or should have been much better. Milwaukee Brewers - Milwaukee County Stadium (1970-2000) - Loved Brewers and Packer games here, really miss. F MillerDome. Higher than objective. San Diego Padres - Padres Park (2004-current) - Some quirky features, many seats far away. Smile, You're in San Diego! Seattle Mariners - Mariners Park (1999-current) - Roof was opened, by far the nicest stadium w/ roof, understandable with near daily rain. Worth a trip. Minnesota Twins - Twins Field (2010-current) - Very nice stadium, cold weather and the fucking Twins suck, however. F that sponsor. New York Mets - Mets Field (2009-current) - Seemed like more Dodgers s%*# pimped then Mets. F the Giants too, both were/are traitors to New York City. Detroit Tigers - Tigers Park (2000-current) - Liked OG park dimensions, and they fucked that up, Hate Illich, Little Caesars. Saw Sox Clinch here in 2005. Atlanta Baseball Team - Turner Field (1997-2019) - Was decent, not very memorable. Vile team and fanbase. Kansas City Royals - Royals Stadium (1969-current) - Only non donut hole built in the period. OK, looks better now than it did pre renovations. New York Yankees - Yankee Stadium III (2009-current) - Nice in some aspects, but sterile in others. F the Yankees, big missed opportunity. Texas Rangers - The Ballpark in Arlington (1994-2019) - Was OK, had some neat quirks to it. Far better than absolute trash new park looks like on TV. Philadelphia Phillies - Phillies Park (2004-current) - Cookie Cutter meh new park. Washington Nationals - Nationals Park (2008-current) - Cookie Cutter meh new park. Cincinnati Reds - Reds Ball Park (2003-current) - Cookie Cutter meh new park. Pittsburgh Pirates - Three Rivers Stadium (1970-2000) - Steelers (fan while I watched the NFL) dual purpose. Pittsburgh is a great city. New York Mets - Shea Stadium (1964-2008) - Donut hole, Home Run Apple / Hat and my Met fandom gives preference over other Donuts. Washington Nationals - RFK Stadium (2005-2007) - Old and decrepit, though historical. Saint Louis Cardinals - Busch Stadium II (1966-2005) - Remolded version - frosting on a donut. Los Angeles Angels - Anaheim Stadium (1966-current) - Donut, even with the remodel, looks and feels sterile. Fits with area fakeness. Cincinnati Reds - Riverfront Stadium (1970-2002) - Donut - Went to Final Game. Houston Astros - Astros Park (2000-current) - Saw when roof was open, but still largely a dome, but then again so was the shitty Astrodome. Montreal Expos - Stade Olympic (1977-2004) - Stadium a dump, but I miss and love my beloved Montreal Expos. Quebecois! Toronto Blue Jays - Skydome (1989-current) - Dome was open, but pretty sterile place to watch a game, astro turf sucks. Oakland Athletics - Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (1968-current) - Shithole donut, no roof the lone redeeming quality. Milwaukee Brewers - Miller Park (2001-current) - Dome, dark and dreary, speakers way too loud. Worse stadium than what they had, not a good visit. Arizona Diamondbacks - Diamondbacks Field (1998-current) - Dome, dark and dreary. Hard Pass. Philadelphia Phillies - Veterans Stadium (1971-2003) - Literally saw rats running around, fitting for the city and stadium. Trash, trash, trash. Miami Marlins - Joe Robbie Stadium (1993-2011) - Shitshow configuration for baseball. Marlins home games played at Comiskey (hurricane) much better. Tampa Bay Rays - Tampa Bay Field (1998-current) - Jerry Reinsdorf deserved to own a team in this dump. Absolute trash. Abomination to baseball. Minnesota Twins - Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (1982-2009) - Zero redeeming qualities. Abomination to mankind. MLB Stadiums I have not attended since having the ability to do so independently at age 18: Atlanta Baseball Team - Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium (1965-1996) Atlanta Baseball Team - Atlanta Park (2017-current) Baltimore Orioles - Memorial Stadium (1954-1991) Cleveland Guardians - Cleveland Stadium (1932-1933, 1937-1993) Houston Astros - Astrodome (1965-1999) Montreal Expos - Estadio Hiram Bithorn (2003-2004) Miami Marlins - Marlins Park (2012-current) San Diego Padres - Jack Murphy Stadium (1969-2003) San Francisco Giants - Candlestick Park (1960-1999) Seattle Mariners - Kingdome (1977-1999) Texas Rangers - Arlington Stadium (1972-1993) Texas Rangers - Rangers Field (2020-current) Toronto Blue Jays - Exhibition Stadium (1977-1989) Italic Stadium Names - Corporate sponsor omitted if not named for an individual human being.
  8. A Tale of Two Cities: Cleveland Hosting an affordable Guardfest with most of the team plus their manager and a few coaches and alumni to celebrate last year’s AL Central Division Title and the upcoming 2023 Season. Make substantial changes to enhance their already superior stadium, and create a high quality video to sell it to current and prospective fans. Sign their MVP fan favorite player to a $124M contract extension, plus add quality starters at catcher and first base. Are projected to win another AL Central Division title, which if successful, would be their fifth in the Rick Hahn era. Chicago Cancelled any plans for Soxfest last year, with management cowering in fear, too embarrassed and unwilling to face fan questions after another complete and utter failure by Rick Hahn and the team in 2022, and knowing they planned to have yet another disastrous offseason this Winter. The Sox are literally recycling and plopping Rick, Ken and Ron Schueler’s Kiddie Seats and Tables from the past 30 Winter meetings out of storage, and adding two bars and many seats either obstructed or facing away from the field. Sold the weak plan with an even weaker rendition. Tell their MVP fan favorite player to hit the bricks Pal. Sign a contact hitter with five 2022 HRs as the new all time largest Sox contract, and an injured, sucks when it matters asshole undergoing an MLB investigation into domestic violence and child abuse. This on the heals of their ongoing lawsuit filed by Brian Ball, and recent criminal proceedings against managers Tony La Russa and Omar Vizquel. Are projected to waive yet another AL Central second or third place carrot in fan’s faces, grateful Detroit and Kansas City exist to likely suck even more.
  9. That first photo looks like a 40 year old hooker walking with a 70 year old Mike North.
  10. I had Beltran and Jones with borderline cases, but like to limit future inductees to those above the average current hall of famer at that position. For 3B, Rolen is 10th all time in JAWS (56.9) and above the average HOF 3B in all three metrics (bWAR / bWAR7 and JAWS). 3B and C have also been the two positions underrepresented. For CF, Beltran is 9th (57.3 with 70.1 bWAR and 44.4 WAR7) and Jones 11th (54.6, 62.7 and 46.4), whereas the average CF HOF is 58.1 JAWS. 71.6 bWAR, 44.7 bWAR7. Wouldn't be pissed if they ultimately got in after the two dozen or so better cases, and there are definitely well over 50 current HOF players they are better than. That said, if you keep going the slippery slope route, the BBHOF would have at least 100 more inductees and a dozen additions each subsequent year. If Baines is the standard, make that several hundred additional inductees and a class of 40 new inductees each year. Sidebar - Looked at Larry Doby's page / qualifications and noticed Lin Brehmer sponsored his page on Baseball Reference. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/dobyla01.shtml Sad to hear of his passing last Sunday.
  11. In what should have been a gracious and celebratory moment, Jerry used his brief time on the air in the 1983 AL West Championship dugout to state the following: Even Hawk Harrelson was stunned into silence with a look of WTF?! Jerry has only increased his animosity, hatred and pettiness over the decades as he has gotten older, more stubborn, spiteful, greedy and antagonistic toward the ever dwindling numbers of remaining fans he hasn’t yet driven away. There will be a clean slate and 180 degree change in fan attitude once this Mr. Potter-like creature and his current Smithers are replaced by competent human beings worthy of empathy and support.
  12. So the Sox acquire two starters with a combined 5 HRs over 897 Plate Appearances in 2022 (Benintendi (461) Lopez (436)) and this is progress? They need to hire James Click as President of Baseball Operations, let him evaluate and salvage what he can for the handful of veterans with trade value, and target 2025 as a legitimate contention window, especially after Liam’s diagnosis and the Clevinger debacle. Robert, Cease, Montgomery, Kopech, Vaughn and Colas plus several quality acquisitions and draft picks would provide a young talented core capable of contending beyond the AL Central.
  13. Speaking of domestic violence, child abuse and employment vetting, Dan Bernstein and Laurence Holmes stated that they were told offline that Vizquel “would never be named manager of the White Sox” (DB) and “you do not want to be associated with Omar Vizquel” (LH). This is presumably before he was let go by the team, and the domestic violence investigation followed by the child abuse lawsuit were made public. They said if they if they have better sources than the team OR that if the team also knew about Vizquel and did not care, your organization is trash. Step aside Ribbie and Rhubarb.
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