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  1. Elvis Andrus will finish with a higher White Sox bWAR than Tim Anderson (1.6 through Saturday vs. 1.3 for Anderson) despite playing nearly double the number of games (Tim 79, Elvis 39 plus the last four games).
  2. DJ called Pollock out for not tagging, said he needed to go there. He is the only player I dislike on the team (Adam Dunn and David Wells on previous teams).
  3. My choice in 2020 may not be available this time around if Dusty steps down after the season. Joe Espada remains my choice if he is available. Will give the organization a new modern perspective, relate well with the players and will Give the People What they Want!
  4. Ron also was outmanaged (or more accurately, made more blunders than Tony preceding Tony's OG retirement. Nice guy, would be a good bench or 3B coach, but hoping (though not expecting) a better final manager. Hoping they are going to conduct an actual interview process and vet solid candidates. I fear Tony continuing to be Jerry's primary guy as he appeared to be the past two seasons, regardless of what role they formally announce.
  5. Read the fucking fine print in Bob’s article: Fucking shitshow.
  6. The bigger priority was signing outfielders who can field the position. The next priority was overall hitting. The third priority was signing a LH hitter. Hahn failed at step number one.
  7. You don’t need to be a doctor to be able to read James Fegan’s tweet my comments were based on. Sadly, it appears Hahn and Tony do have control over players availability and have the same mindset.
  8. Perhaps our resident Trainer can weigh in on this. The linked article addresses three treatment options for a torn meniscus - https://www.forbes.com/sites/lucasseehafer/2020/02/14/cleveland-starting-pitcher-mike-clevinger-to-have-surgery-on-injured-meniscus/amp/ Seems like the Sox went a fourth route, the same they choose with Robert and likely others - continue to run the injured player out there and waive your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Kopech didn’t miss a start, let alone rest for 4-6 weeks. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/gl.fcgi?id=kopecmi01&t=p&year=2022
  9. You can't have a bracket of 68 teams, or whatever the current format is, and also have tiebreaker games. Playoffs go three weeks too long already. The World Series will soon resemble the NHL Winter Classic games.
  10. Give Michael Lewis two years and access to everyone in the Sox organization the past three years, and he'd have a book and movie that would make Moneyball seem like a dull I Love Lucy episode (or The Last Dance, for that matter).
  11. Again, the lineup card was made by La Russa. Also said the Sox bid against themselves, but Hahn did the same with Grandal, Keuchel, Parrot, Eaton 2.0, Lynn's rushed extension and others. It's par for the White Sox. All that said, Leury wasn't even in the Top Dozen things which went wrong that mattered this season. Even if Leury played as expected (.700 OPS, 60-75 games) it would have made negligible difference in the standings. He's not playing now because he is injured. He'd still be playing nearly everyday injured if Tony was here, because Tony is hands down the most stubborn and worthless manager in MLB, and I'd argue the worst manager in a White Sox uniform (minimum 3 games - FU Don Cooper) during my lifetime. And I still remember the Jim Fergosi, Terry Bevington and Robin Ventura regimes.
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