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  1. If I meant you, I would say you, it is that simple. I am not going to speak in code here.
  2. You are reading a lot into what was said. There is a difference between understanding where someone is coming from and the rest of it. People want a target, and as a loud black man Tim is it for many. There is a ton of putting words into his mouth going on too. No he didn't need to talk. Yes he is fragile right now, which is one of the 1st things I said here, and a lot of what he is saying is a product of that. They were put into an awful situation, failed, and the world turned on them. If this team doesn't fix the damage done inside of the clubhouse, the stuff on the field doesn't have a chance.
  3. Tim wouldn't be saying it if the last two years weren't a complete disaster. Take what we went though as fans and imagine it as a player.
  4. That Tim isn't a coward hiding? And second seeing the boss do it wouldn't embolden the rest of the team to pick up on that vibe?
  5. If you bring in a shitty boss and crater a happy workplace, it doesn't automatically factory restore with a FNG, even if they are good. Trust and relationships could be gone forever. And who knows what else happened behind the scenes.
  6. This is typical discourse from you. Your very first post in here was trolling the group with all of the "woke" BS. Excuse me if I can't take you seriously right now.
  7. Which actually agrees with exactly what has been said over and over again about the clubhouse, but TA said it so...
  8. Real talk, this is disingenuous at best.
  9. Easy. It isn't just Tim. But that destroys the narrative.
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