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  1. Everything started going wrong under his watch. He inherited a playoff team, and turned it into a .500 team while he was here. Those trends just continued after he left.
  3. Even before the 2nd DUI was made public (which had been kept quiet) no one wanted to hire him.
  4. It is amazing how much hard contact a guy like Kopech gives up.
  5. The guy who is getting everything out of Crochet and Fedde? You don't think the problem is Kopech?
  6. Well lucky for you that's exact what Getz did. Can't wait to see what we get for Nicky Lopez and Martin Maldonado.
  7. Are we really worried about the service time of guys like Lenyn Sosa, Oscar Colas, DeLoach, Fletcher, etc? I mean I am not. This is the time to be figuring them out.
  8. Except with our luck, the band of little leaguers would be the 2025 White Sox.
  9. Interesting list as the first two guys busted, and the 3rd ended up pitching, as did the 5th.
  10. He's shown he's a basket case for 4.5 years here. If he can change, it isn't happening here.
  11. Kopech is a free agent after next season. His window is slamming shut on his own fingers.
  12. Ok, if you could convince me that with the extra $15 million a season it would be the difference between getting Juan Soto or not, I might listen, but we all know that we aren't going to the top of the FA market anyway, so what exactly are we being threatened with? No more C and D tier free agents? Aw shucks.
  13. So what exactly are the Sox going to be able to do with $35 million on the books next year, that they couldn't do with $50 million on the books?
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