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  1. When you look around baseball it isn't that hard to imagine.
  2. You asked a question and multiple people explained it to you. If that bothers you, toughen up.
  3. Right, because Flexen doesn't have a FIP 2.5 runs better than his ERA that is being ignored here.
  4. Is this for the 5th starter slot?
  5. He was 3 full runs worse than his FIP last year, and half a run in his career. This is who he is.
  6. Last year was his first past TJS, and he even dealt with another injury before he could return. Putting too much into his '23 season is a bad idea. Coming into this season he has now barely pitched in 2.5 years. Give him a chance to recover his arm, conditioning, and mental comfort on the mound.
  7. Then they better be looking at their own performances.
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