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  1. I am really excited to see if that Vera led grouping can start to do something as they hit the more advanced minors such as Birmingham.
  2. His numbers after the ban are above. The timing doesn't match
  3. Yeah, that's the problem. I mean absolutely has trade value, but we have nothing in place to replace him with. Maybe you fill say the OF hole, but that just opens up a hole in the SP. Unless you feel that the combination of spending is better spent with the new player + the signee, versus Gio and the free agent market, you still have a hole. Maybe one set of positions is cheaper on the trade market vs the free agent market so you do the deal so that you come out ahead on the combination of the moves.
  4. It's like Tony LaRussa holding down the dugout.
  5. If it ever happens, you should be here. I have some killer one offs.
  6. $64 million for Sal Perez IS one of the worst contracts in baseball.
  7. Well, if these pitchers have that kind of value, it totally changes the value composition for a guy like Lucas Giolito, even coming off of a pretty mediocre year. I will also just mention that his defense really cost him last year, and that wouldn't be the case in a lot of other places who could bid for him.
  8. I am sure this is a useful distraction as to what is actually going on, but notice this is 100% speculation.
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