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  1. And you were upset we weren't signing anyone.
  2. No way. They knew from Day 1 they weren't going to pay the prices for free agents.
  3. Step one: Pour it in the trash.
  4. And Kenny was a swing for the fences guy, not a back of the pen and roster guy. He would be draining the system for what he hoped would be front line guys.
  5. As I said in the threads about Gio and Liam, it would be great if the Sox could pull that off, but there isn't even a peep that the Sox have been talking to the FA SS's, and no reason to believe they have.
  6. Wait, do you really not know the answer to the question? You are seriously asking it? Good lord. I guess I am wasting my time here.
  7. I want to know who the 17% are who aren't upset.
  8. You don't believe in TLR? You sure just spent a lot of effort getting demolished protecting him.
  9. I am quite obviously saying that if you really believe this is going to happen, your sense of make believe is awesome, especially if you still believe in TLR.
  10. I want my 401k to add six zeros to it, but I am not going to pretend that investing in crappy companies with awful leadership is going to do it.
  11. I can't believe someone is so damned protective of literal mediocrity. This is the putting money into CDs point of view because eventually interest rates will go up.
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