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  1. 13 million for a wife beater?? Gives up 4 runs before i can sit down
  2. I just have one thing to say, maybe 2. There is no way the Sox will just Luery loose a seat the rest of the contract. If they can find a trading partner willing to take some or all of his contract, then there’s a possibility of moving him and opening up a spot for someone younger
  3. In various postings I said why not sign Andrus? I’d rather have him out there every day than Garcia, who would be out there 80% of the time if the rookies failed. It’s a one year deal and if he sucks, he could be cut by the all star break and the cost would only be 1.5million. Now if Sosa or Gonzalez get a chance in Spring training to shine and one of them does, than you can trade Garcia for pitching machine or an extra massage table. Is here a better fit than Harrison? Maybe, although Harrison had a semi decent 2nd half and is a real 2nd Baseman. It’s easier to go from SS to 2nd then the reverse. We’re not going anywhere this year anyway so WTF, Lets see what happens. I’m more pissed about the Clevinger than this signing. Sosa and Gonzalez could be better off with 500 at bats in triple A/double A for a September call up. I’m 70% in favor of the move. Garcia has to go if we find a team stupid enough to take his contract.
  4. One maniac on a website said in the power rankings the Sox should be ranked #1. I belive our bench and 2nd base is why the predictions are so low. I believe though if by some miracle we stay healthy, and that’s a long shot we can win 87 to 90 games and sneak into the playoffs. But the odds of staying healthy are incredibly low with the porcelain dolls on this team. These idiots get hurt running to 1st base.
  5. Here’s the number of wins predicted by Vegas. If these numbers are correct we’re not in the playoffs let alone win a division. The Clevinger debacle, no real 2nd baseman, Hendriks unfortunate medical situation I’m sure are factors and in my opinion a very weak bench FanDuel Sportsbook: 83.5 wins DraftKings Sportsbook: 83.5 wins BetMGM Sportsbook: 84.5 wins BetRivers Sportsbook: 85.5 wins Barstool Sportsbook: 85.5 wins
  6. We still suck at 2nd base no matter how much we avoid the conversation that Rick Hahn is a terrible GM and over the last 2 years has put the Sox at the bottom of Off Season Improvement and farm system rankings.
  7. Nate Mondou is a lifetime minor leaguer just picked up by the Sox. College and Minor League numbers above average and if invited to Spring training should be allowed to compete with Sosa and Gonzalez.
  8. But getting back on track of this forum, TICKETS. Not going to attend as many games as last year. Cost, traffic, potetentially a .500 team I'm planning on the "hi mom bobblehead game and maybe July 4th, my birthday!!!!
  9. ok, your memory is better than mine, so we got a piece of s%*# like Kuechel instead of Wheelr, as i said, always outbid and have to take leftovers
  10. I stand slightly corrected. Yes they’ve spent money very foolishly in the past. Last year is great example and what they’ve spent on what I call class B free agents, we never get the big ones. Example : we out bid San Diego for Machado, he picks SD, we go after Wheeler, get Lynne instead. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Lynne but Wheeler is better. Signing Kuechel was a huge mistake. We always seem to cut corners and fly coach and cut corners. There mentality is spend on quantity not quality. We didn’t seriously go after Conforto, try to bring back Rodon, instead we sign piece of s%*# Clevinger. You’re right, the sometimes spend but spend wrong. Imagine Machado at SS or 3rd and Anderson and or Moncada filling in at second. Maybe the White Sox were implying to Machado that they wanted him to play 3rd and not SS or the opposite. This reminds me of the Bulls. Also owned by JR as we know and going public that we’re making an offer to XXX player and end up with Boozer. We don’t get McGrady, etc. any JR Team settles for seconds.
  11. I was a season ticket holder from the day they signed Carleton Fisk up until the last day of old Comiskey. When they built the new park and raised prices and moved my seats I did not renew. The salesman that got my account was very abusive and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Since then I’ve sporadically attended games with 2022 being the most games I attended. About 12 to 14. All lower bowl expensive seats seats 3 to 4 tickets per game. Concessions, Parking, spent on average about $300 a game. 2023 will be different. I don’t think I’ll spend that much right now only the “ Hi Mom “ bobble head game is on the calendar. They don’t want to spend and neither will I.
  12. i agree, but there's got to be some pitchers with a bit more upside than this guy
  13. Can we find more pitchers with ERA’s above 6? This spring training is shaping up to be a big joke.
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