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  1. we all know both teams suck, but I'll take there manager any day over Pedro. everybody was yelling at me when i said hire Bochy. The majority said he's old, we need someone younger and even a latino to relate. JR sucks, Getz is k=just a younger Hahn. JR has to sell the team. Pizza wise: best thin crust is Colletti's, Elston and Central. Best Pan is Pequods Morton Grove or Chicago Best real Italian or what we call Napoli Pizza (where pizza was invented) Spoca Napoli in Ravenswood on Sunnyside, well worth the trip
  2. 2 down, 2 to go. Pedro and Jerry. Maybe now he’ll sell the team.
  3. So if we lose 10 straight again, then comeback with another miracle win, all is good?
  4. That’s what my son is doing. Watching the Pirates
  5. That’s the problem. You win one game, lost 10 straight and everything now is fine. Yes enjoy the victory. It’s like playing golf, I suck at golf, but you play a round, shoot 115, BUT you make 30 foot put, or hit a 7 iron and it lands 3 feet from the cup, you had a great round. NO, you still suck and need lessons.
  6. Just heard about the miracle on 35th Street. Glad it was Vaughn. Still boycotting., one miracle win is not changing my mind. They still all need to go. Still will not watch or attend a game. JR has to sell or at a minimum clean out the front office.
  7. It’s 10:33pm the 1st posts saying “let’s go, the 2 nd said let’s win tonight and turn the season around. Of I’m paraphrasing as they say. Day 4 of my total boycott. Went downtown with my wife to celebrate our anniversary, had a great diner, staying overnight at a very nice hotel. Caught up on the draft and then saw the score of the game. Nothing changed, still boycotting. Until JR gets his head out of his ass I’m still boycotting. Sell the team or fire the entire front office. I’ll check back in tomorrow after the. Game. I won’t watch it or care about it. We’ll talk tomorrow
  8. I always have time for you guys, it doesn’t put any money in pockets of the White Sox. Plus it’s fun. I can keep up with what’s going on without watching and contributing to the rating.
  9. My time is being spent with the NFL Draft, at least they are shaking things up and have a FO that seems to know what they're doing, MAYBE
  10. i need to hear about major changes to bring me back to watching them on TV. Going in person is still completely off the table UNLESS and we Know its not going to happen is major changes in the FO.
  11. PT Barnum's most famous saying was "there's a sucker born every minute" anyone that buys a ticket to game this year to see this s%*# show of a team is a sucker. We need a boycott at both the ball park and TV. We need to send Jerry a message, sell the EFFEN Team please or you going lose more money than Oaklsnd does. I'm fed up with the FO, the manager, the porclean dolls on this team, the studity of investing millions in this bullpen and pinning there hopes on this starting staff. Hey Rick, who's Dane Dunning doing this year vs Lynne ?? How about given Lynme a huge exrension for 5 years at 50 million a year? The Sox can't land a front line SUPERSTAR for one of many reasons. Machado takes less money to play in San Diego. We pay a wife beater 13 million. We have an allstar shortstop that can't stay on the field anymore. A 3rd baseball whose hospital bills are more than his salary. I can go on and on. Our ballpark in outdated and in thre wrong location.
  12. I am also curious where security was. I haven’t spoken to a close friend who’s a retired cop and work’s security at the park. Not sure if he worked the game. I’m calling him today to see what he knows
  13. He's showing us his inability to manage a pitching staff. he doesn't seem know when to take pitchers out or who he should put in. Tired of watching Bummer and Diekman blowing it.
  14. this team also needs a manager who actually knows what he's doing.
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