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  1. I’ve boycotted the White Sox for 2 seasons now. The only team worse than this might be the 1962 Mets. And at the pace they’re going they may match them or even pass them. I’ll admit, I cheat and peak in on tv once in a while like yesterday and tonight. After tonight, the next time will the cubs at Sox park. JR wil not get a dime from me at the park. I used to go to 10 to 14 games a year. No longer while JR is alive and the owner. Come on 2 balks in one game?? Sad
  2. Oscar might be the biggest waste of international money ever spent.
  3. We really suck this year AGAIN. 101 losses last year will look like a great season. Now Atlanta next? They will not get a dime from me this year. As lomas they won’t spend any money, I won’t
  4. Possibly the worst opening day attendance in decades that was not weather impacted. I boycotted last year, i will boycott again this year. I will watch the opener on TV, but will not give them a dime at the gate. If JR won't spend any money, why should I?
  5. they won't need shuttle buses because under the same onwership and field and Front Office nobodies going to the games
  6. I think they move a little further south. Nashville seems like a good idea and then we'd get an expansion team and owners that actually give a s%*# about the team. I'm really tired of the way JR does things. Getz has as much business being a GM as I do. we alsways bottom feed and scrap the bottom of the barrel for pitching. We can't give Eloy away, everyone knows we want to get rid of Cease because in 2 years he's gone so they won't give us what he's worth. i've already opted out of White Sox Text messages offfer ten game ticket packges, 20 game packages etc. Attended 1 game last year under duress and had no choice. this year it'll take a gun to my head to get me to go to a game.
  7. Martin Maldonado and Max Stassi will strike the fear into the opposition at the Plate. Order your season tickets now before they are all gone
  8. i personally like the signings. Maybe we get a bonus and this helps get Perdo and Gatz both fired and JR might sell the team finally. with this team they will become the Oakland A's in attendance this coming year. Keep dumpster diving Chris. I boycotted the team last year and it looks like I'll be boycotting again. they caught lighting in a bottle in 2005. If AJ doesn't steal 1st base in game 2 against the Angels we'd have down 2-0 and going to LA. We might have been toast, but my cousin (LOL) bailed us out or we'd still be looking for our 1st WS win since 1917.
  9. not many of you will admit it or remember back BEFORE pedro was annouced as manager I said many times to hire Bochy. The sh*t i took saying, "he's just another old man retread, like TLR" not exactly those words. i'm paraphasing of cource. I boycotted the entire season, did not go to a game. I usually attend 10 to 15 games. TV wise, I'm part of the 40% decline. Getz is going to be a Hahn/Williams clone and without a blank check he's worthless. I'm not saying to spend MY Met's money. that would be insane but you need to get 1 or 2 100 million dollar comtracts. I'm not that deeply involved in rearch like I've been in the past, seeing who's a free agent and available like in the past. one problem and gapping hole that could be solved is keeping Anderson for maybe one more year and move hime to second, he's is willing to do it, he's said and bring up the kid to play short and live with it for 2024.
  10. we all know both teams suck, but I'll take there manager any day over Pedro. everybody was yelling at me when i said hire Bochy. The majority said he's old, we need someone younger and even a latino to relate. JR sucks, Getz is k=just a younger Hahn. JR has to sell the team. Pizza wise: best thin crust is Colletti's, Elston and Central. Best Pan is Pequods Morton Grove or Chicago Best real Italian or what we call Napoli Pizza (where pizza was invented) Spoca Napoli in Ravenswood on Sunnyside, well worth the trip
  11. 2 down, 2 to go. Pedro and Jerry. Maybe now he’ll sell the team.
  12. So if we lose 10 straight again, then comeback with another miracle win, all is good?
  13. That’s what my son is doing. Watching the Pirates
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