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  1. I think if it nets us a Quality Right Fielder and 2nd Baseman i think it's worth it. I'd hate to see Hendriks go but he's slowed down just a bit. His fastball doesn't move like it used to. we all saw how far the ball goes when it gets hit because of no movement. Lopez and Crochet could possibly step in. Give me Reynolds or Conforto or Nimmo and sign Segura for 2nd base on a 2 year contract and I could live without Hendriks. His value is the Highest it's ev er going to be.
  2. Hopefully you’re right, if can’t have him, hope he goes to the NL to terrorize the Cubs and Dodgers. I want him out of the AL as soon as possible. Verlander is now a Met, so that weakens Houston also. I’d give Judge 8 years 350 million and shake up the central and burn the Yankees. We all know that won’t happen. JR would never do it.
  3. I would do Corlas straight up for Reynolds’s. Reynolds is proven, Corlas is still a prospect I don’t think Corlas is a Tatis Reynolds hitting in our hitter friendly ballpark would be great and HE’S a switch hitter BUT they would want more than just Corlas
  4. No way would I trade Montgomery. I’d rather part with a combination of Sheets and others. Maybe Burger and Sheets? Moncada is not going anywhere. I’d love Reynolds’s but as you can see by the shortstop market. In 2 years Anderson is gone. He’ll be 32/33 years old. Montgomery spends 2023 in double or triple A and then is ready to takeover at short with possibly 5 or 6 years of control. Kepler will never be traded to the Sox although inter division trades are happening more often. Just sign Conforto, put Corlas out there and keep Montgomery.
  5. PS, Corlas in either right or left, depending who can sign or trade for
  6. no way do i trade Vaughn he's to valuable as a defensive replacement in the outfield. LOL LOL LOL, seriously i like Vaughn over Sheets even though Sheets bats lefty. Ideally my dream would be for Moncada to move to second, Burger than at third. Jimenez to full time DH, and go get Bellinger, Mimmo or Conforto
  7. I agree, as long as he doesn't turn out to be version of Kuechel. Remember, we also need to 2021 Lynne and Kopech to advance to a numbe 2 or 3. Quintana may flop this year, If Clevenger can be Lynn Light, we'll be ok.
  8. a lot of teams would love to have a Clevenger as a 5. better than Valasquez, better than Martin, who can now become Vasquez. don't get me wrong, i'd love to have Cueto also and go with a 6 man rotation but there to cheap to do itand i think there"s a team that will give Cueto a 2 or 3 year deal. At 37, the Sox won't do that. I'm good with Martin taking Vasquez's spot and maybe get rid of Ruiz.
  9. Did we trade Sheets? I guess he’s not in your plans to be on the roster?
  10. Does it really matter at this point? We have a payroll dominated by relief and starting pitchers that we are stuck with, an 18 million dollar catcher not worth 5 million, players that are constantly on IR OR DL list. Robert, Jimenez, Kelly, Engel, Moncada now Anderson got hurt. Yasmani and Moncadas contracts are not tradeable. They won’t play Corlas and give him a chance. We are loaded with 1st basemen and DH’s. We’re not going to resign Cueto or Andrus. Andrus could have solved the 2nd base problem for at least this year. Diekman and Kelly are a waste of money. We still have no legit right fielder or second basemen. Not going to resign Abreu. Super Joe piece of crap 3rd base coach still around, is Frank M still the hitting coach? Are the bullshit training staff that don’t know how to get players ready still around. We get bigge4 problems then Pedro. Terry Francona if everything stayed the same would have the same record as Pedro. Believe me I hope I’m wrong.
  11. This was probably the only team that offers him a contract and he said “ what the hell, being the Chicago manager is better than another year in KC as a bench coach and I’m tired of eating Barbaque everyday and it is a raise. “.
  12. He was probably the guy that accepted what the Sox were willing to pay. They probably told all the candidates what the pay would be and they all said NO.
  13. Agree. It will hilarious watching games with Ozzie back in the dugout. HOFHurt, you’ll watch, we all will. Hey, I don’t want him either, but we’ll all watch the 1st month for shits and grins as they say.
  14. I highly doubt Ozzie gets the job. I think it’s up to Houston. I think Espada is who you they want. If Dusty retires after the WS, he’ll stay in Houston and get the job. Then I believe it’s Alomar, Washington or Schildt. Problem is with Schildt, he’s a La Russa clone, younger than Tony, but still probably will have Tony tendencies. We’ll see, I think a decision will be within a week after the WS ends.
  15. Yes, I remember those Sunday lineups also. How funny when I also heard Ozzie criticize some of Tony’s Sunday lineups or lineups for a day game after a night game. Maybe, hopefully if be some miracle he gets the job, which I doubt will happen, he won’t screw around and hope the B Team can win a game. Really not fair to the starting pitchers to have s%*# line up.
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