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  1. If if if if if JR had a clue that Getz could put together decent front office I'll take back some of my negative thoughts about the hire.
  2. All those guys are gone. Same logic to root for the Blackhawks.
  3. The accidental discharge of a firearm is generally treated as a misdemeanor with a fine. The victims aren't seeking justice. The venue doesn't seem to be pushing for an investigation. With so many unsolved violent crimes I can see this not getting much police time. A fell down a bullet trajectory projections rabbit hole and was fascinated by the science involved. Could a shot be from outside? Theoretically yes. Without a doubt in my mind. Could two land side by side. Too amazing to believe.
  4. Or drop to one team in a market where possible. If you are going to contact why drop a market?
  5. Texsox

    dump bloom campaign

    We're 2-2 in getting GMs dumped.
  6. It would be great for a manager to just tell everyone "this guy just isn't a MLB level player. We should cut him but we just don't have anyone else." Or "I cringe anytime I have to go to the bullpen. Has there ever been a worse collection of arms?" How about a spring training press conference "We're not going to win 70 games this year. This franchise is a joke." It's exactly what we need to fire up the players and revitalize the fan base.
  7. Texas looked vulnerable for three quarters. It seemed more like players waking up than any adjustments the coaches made.
  8. The team is profitable so I wouldn't say those contracts were bad. They can easily continue to pay these salaries. During the strike most everyone was arguing for lower profits and higher player salaries. The bigger issue is every year there are only a couple low risk free agents. The rest carry varrying and increasing levels of risk based on age, injury, or intangibles.
  9. The only problem with smoking a brisket is I just can't pop open the *first* beer at 4:00 am when I get the fire going.
  10. @South Side Hit Menyet how often do we read stop playing that over the hill vet and bring up the AAA kid? I'd rather see big energy or the legend instead of rushing guys up
  11. WOW 26 men from around the world, in ages from their early 20s to late 30s, some married, some with kids, some single, some dating with wife and kids, don't hang together all the time. SHOCKING!!
  12. I have family and friends with Astros season tickets but the Rangers, and their history of futility, seem to draw me in.
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