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  1. By the way what I described was exactly what the Cubs did in 1961 to about 1965. Verbatim.
  2. We should form a college of coaches. Gather together eight coaches from across the various disciplines and they can co-manage the team. I'd pick four from the MLB team and four from the MiLB system. In fact the eight would rotate through the entire system establishing a consistent managerial expectation throughout the organization. Even better this will allow for a relief manager just like a relief pitcher. If a manager is having a bad game or even falling asleep, a relief manager could take over. Let's also replace Hahn with a college style athletic director, preferably with no baseball experience. But keep him around for no apparent reason. Sometimes reality is funnier than comedy.
  3. Would anyone give Hahn some slack if it turns out deals he had in place were vetoed by JR or Tony? It seems Tony was hired without his involvement. He's going to be back. I don't want to spend *my* winter bitching about the organization. So I'm just going to hope this was all Tony and JR's mess and there is a fix.
  4. A top tier staff filled with broken s%*#, aging vets, and overrated hacks. Seems like Menechino is dealing with the same issues only worse.
  5. If this team played to their potential. The potential most everyone here thought was possible. A division title and a first round playoff win. Would there be a fire Hahn thread? Was the lack of success Tony and the friends and family coaching staff he put together or most everyone misjudged the talent on the roster? I'm all in on the fire everyone bandwagon. I'm just fascinated by Hahn's situation. Usually I judge the GM on opening day and what happens after that on managing and coaching. Using that formula Hahn isn't looking like someone that should be chased with pitchforks and torches.
  6. Most hitting coaches could get quality at bats from Harrison, Garcia, and the rest. Hahn handed him a gold mine of talent that he squandered. Or, like Katz, he was given crap to work with and the results show it. I honestly don't know which. Initially I really thought this roster sucked. Then when everyone here and the betting lines had them as a top team, I began thinking I was wrong and Hahn put together a decent roster. Coaching or bad players? When is a bottom five franchise probably both.
  7. Nor should they. I'd do that out of respect to the HoF.
  8. Black Sox. Nearly destroyed baseball. Would anyone here give JR a pass if it was learned his team threw last year's playoff series because he was cheap? But I'll give you Charles as your #1. Anyone you want to fit in between? One hundred years of other owners to choose from. I'm not saying he's a good owner, I'm suggesting this is one of the worst franchise in all of sports. It was when he bought it and it still is. From the lowest paid to the owner's box, they all suck and have for most of the 100 plus years.
  9. I don't believe Chicago was as unpopular as Florida with the local fans.
  10. Stadiums aren't built anymore for the average fan. Lux suites and television are far more important.
  11. So you'll be happy with another no money owner? It's a long history of owners, managers, coaches, scouts, secretaries, janitors, and players not winning anything.
  12. So where does JR rank? I'll give you Charles in first. Although I imagine in today's world he might have been forced to sell after the scandal. Sadly Charles was one hundred years ago.
  13. No doubt about it. Even JR JR has to see it.
  14. If you ignore the Black Sox scandal. JR got the team into a great stadium deal. Where are you going to put JR? He's got to at least be second.
  15. It is interesting that Tony's fault was not holding players accountable and not getting in their faces enough. That was the opposite from what many people predicted would be his demise. He let the players determine their own fate. Now we're hoping for in your face motivation. I never would have predicted that.
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