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  1. I was the everyday catcher and couldn't understand why my coach didn't let me catch both games in a double header. Hubris. I had the catchers mentality. You're going to fucking try to go first to third on me? NFW
  2. I'm wondering if they have tried and been turned down?! If you were an agent would you advise a coach or manager client to sign here? We get desperation and former players who can be coerced.
  3. I wasn't in right until traveling ball. I was a bit miffed at being in right until the coach explained it to me and we looked through the score cards. I was involved in more outs than the left fielder.
  4. This year's replacement won't be around in two or three years when they are competitive and won't be of a caliber to manage a playoff team.
  5. True. I played mostly catcher and right field. We hid the weak armed guy in left. He wasn't making throws to first but I was making throws to third.
  6. These guys were studs on defense until they got here. The coaches must be teaching then a new way to handle run downs.
  7. JR and Getz needs him in the dugout distracting everyone from how shitty the collection of slackers, hackers, has beens and never weres, actually is. Be the lightning rod for fan criticism.
  8. I know this wasn't directed at me, but a number of reasonably solid baseball insiders believed he was ready and would be great. I thought we found a diamond in the rough. I knew we weren't going to get a "name". His replacement will be off similar caliber.
  9. You're not wrong. It's part of what needs to be done. Whomever they would hire tomorrow won't be a WS level manager. Who are you listening to to know where to throw, how to hold runners on, or do a rundown? Let's hire your guy. He can't be any worse. Again, I'm fine with firing him. Just like I was fine with firing Tony, Rick, Robin, Ozzie, Jerry, Terry, Gene, Jeff, and Jim and I'm probably forgetting one or two. Fire Gets, Hahn, and Williams. It sells tickets, makes it look like the team is trying. But until they actually can draft and develop or attract free agents without a train load of problems it's all window dressing. I'm just too fed up with seeing bad players and being told it's the coaching. No, they are cheap, they have injuries, past their prime, not enough dependent, they basically suck.
  10. Sure. If a new manager will make you happy, maybe you'll buy a ticket or two. Make you believe real change is happening, fire the guy. I won't care either way. The only thing that will make me happy are MLB capable players in the field. Until that gets addressed we're just wasting time thinking this will be anything but a fifth place franchise.
  11. Ok. Don't play them. Rush some guys up to replace them. Hire a new manager. It's exactly what the Sox do to hide they have crappy players over and over again. I guess it will keep working. Change the uniforms, build a new stadium, bring in a new announcer, retire a number, hire a domestic abuser, fire a bigamist, switch TV networks, do whatever they want. But it is just a cover for not being able to draft, attract, or develop MLB level talent.
  12. I believe it's a reasonable expectation for players at this level to arrive knowing the fundamentals that they learned in little league. Basically he's working with guys that need to go back to their tee ball days. I put that 99% on the GM and players. Pedro is being asked to take the worse lineup in baseball and win games. The greatest manager in baseball history isn't going to win 60 games with these guys. Obviously we could use upgrades everywhere, including the manager. I'm going to beat the drum that these guys are not MLB talent and that has to be addressed first before looking at the manager. Firing Pedro would just be another cover up for the fact this organization can't field a MLB lineup. JR has lived by smoke and misdirection. We need MLB level talent. Is Pedro a WS manager? Not now, and he won't be with the Sox. Eventually he has to go.
  13. Because they are bad baseball players for MLB players. No manager is going to make them much better.
  14. Oh well. Good night y'all. I'm going to focus on my team. I have two players in the state finals and all this losing is bad karma.
  15. I don't think he's a good AAA manager. I believe that anyone on a MLB roster should know what base to throw to without daily prep. Don't you?
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