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  1. I need him to make me forget about right field being a giant gaping hole of suck. I don't want to worry about every damn routine fly ball. I want to actually think there is a chance at home on singles with a runner on second. I don't want to be thinking about whose playing right while he's on the 60 day.
  2. I think as I gain more experience as a coach I'm better at realizing even those kids who shoot around par are really still inexperienced and fourteen or fifteen years old. Same thing today with the boys. They get to the first tee, see a crowd, announcers calling their name, school, college commitment (if applicable), backdrop with all the school banners flying, and finally realize it's not just another tournament. Older kids have set a goal of reaching the state finals and are dialed in. Seniors who don't want their high school careers to end.
  3. Let's hope Hahn knows utility talent.
  4. His replacement won't be much better. Not much will change with movement on literally the last roster spot. This team isn't good enough for that to matter. He should have been a legend in Chicago. Low talent working class guy willing to do anything for the team. Always hustling, always giving 100%.
  5. Well, day one was a mixed bag. Our team chances went to zero when one of my freshman girls who was averaging just under 80 shot a personal worst 96. Unlike some sports I couldn't sub for her or call some plays away from her. Even the "safe" shots went bad. But my top player is in fourth just two strokes back. So we're trying to at least repeat last year when she advanced to the second round.
  6. My girls team won their third straight tournament and won a season long championship. We start the state playoffs next week. The defending state champs are in our district, were hoping for the second spot which advances to the next round.
  7. My son called me to make sure I was watching. The last time I remember doing that was calling my uncle during the 86 Masters
  8. My link dropped. How are y'all watching?
  9. It's a battle between the Twins and us to stay healthy.
  10. I was just listening to the discussion on that high school league and starting each batter at a 1-1 count. Let's add that in the 11th inning.
  11. I didn't even need one. Like you, I thought it was obvious. @ewokpelts had an interesting counter that the same number if people get drunk at double the price. Another factor is where a person is drinking after the game. If the drinks are going to be more expensive they will grab a couple extra at the game. If they are heading somewhere cheaper they will hold off buying another one or two.
  12. With thirty teams the team in each league with the best record receivers a bye in the first round. All higher seeds would play a three game series at home.
  13. Possibly. But a number of studies have linked increase consumption when alcohol is cheaper. https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh26-1/22-34.htm https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/12/26/16738722/alcohol-minimum-price https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7755127/#:~:text=Among “causal drinkers%2C” happy,3-hours of reduced prices.
  14. Leury for life. The team has beaten me to the point where I just accept he'll be there. I'm hoping new year, new management, new usage. I'm also going to embrace that he's an underdog. He's managed a MLB career with below average skills through hard work and grit. He never slacks, just hustles his ass off every chance he gets. I'm just not going to suffer through another season where I just kept finding things to hate.
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