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  1. Lots of discussion on the route but not much on the destination. The rotation has been above average and carried this team. I don't care what route they take.
  2. Are you suggesting that if they can't land a RF or 2b etc they shouldn't spend the money?
  3. I fished a lot of tournaments in the 80s. That is also expensive.
  4. I predict we sign Judge In 2031 for $35 mil because we always get our guy
  5. I think there is a difference between putting together a projected .500 team and a contender. It would be his fault for putting together a projected non contender when it is a reasonable expectation for the team in 2022 to be a solid playoff contender. At this point in the calendar It's a three legged stool. The ownership group needs to set a budget that is competitive. The GM has to build a roster that is likely to win. The manager has to get the most out of the players once the season begins. In hindsight the blame for last season should rest in Tony and the players with an understanding some injuries were accidents that couldn't be avoided.
  6. Thank you, I should have looked closer at the article. It does seem like they eliminated the position.
  7. Plus some playing experience and about ten years of coaching experience. But like Katz influential pals help.
  8. Duncan staying or did they eliminate the position?
  9. By some accounts he had multiple offers from franchises more successful than us. Dropping off from HoF levels over the next couple seasons will still have him well above average in baseball. Plus he works his ass off, he's not going to just sit back and collect checks.
  10. Averaging less than a goal per game isn't going to get them any further. I know the old cliché that defense wins championships but drawing your way to a WC isn't doable.
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