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  1. They finally aren't rushing someone to the majors. He needs time in MiLB to be really ready.
  2. Looking at this lineup I realize I don't need a second MLB team to cheer. I'm going all in on the San Antonio Missions. Their AA lineup can't be much worse.
  3. a tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or metal, used as a support for a building, or as an ornament or monument. Definition checks out.
  4. https://www.news4sanantonio.com/news/local/kansas-city-chiefs-tour-bus-arrives-at-san-antonio-transmission-shop-local-news-near-me-football-nfl-teams-moving-rumors Chiefs tour bus breaks down in San Antonio.
  5. Once again my hometown is a pawn used by a NFL owner to blackmail a city into a new stadium. If my memory is correct here are the other times SA was used Saints after Hurricane Katrina Raiders before Vegas Vikings when SA businessman owned the team. Cardinals before Phoenix We do have a 60,000+ seat arena ready to go. Voters would pass a publicly funded football stadium. They would sell out a lot. The Spurs are well backed.
  6. Tony was years ahead of everybody with load monitoring and having guys not go all out.
  7. Let's see what we got and clear out the deadwood. Here's some guys that are last chance types. Let's just get through this season with whatever warm bodies we can find. If we getz a month out of them that's fine, we'll just DFA them and move on. I can easily accept that if I saw a core that's two years away toiling in the system they don't want to rush to Chicago. I don't see the future.
  8. Eventually they will be allowed to bet on everything with everyone. But it will be made public.
  9. Mr. Combs you really shouldn't kick and drag people around. But when a President brags about grabbing women by the crotch because he's rich, I imagine it gets confusing.
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