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  1. I think you're caring too much about the bullpen of a team that is designed to lose 100+ games. Yeah the bullpen got worse this year, I think it may have something to do with Curt Hasler not being there but this is a team who is designed to lose 100+ games, so it doesn't matter.
  2. Some people, a lot of people on here were criticizing the team for not resigning him. They dodged a bullet.
  3. Crochet throws 30 pitches that last inning and he’s back out there? That’s fireable, this is a lost season, play it safe not stupid
  4. He’s not a MLB starter. It’ll be foolish to keep him as a two way guy
  5. I dont get this, it's undeniably the best thing the organization can do for its self. Moving him and getting a big haul could set the team up for a long time.
  6. I don't think so either but he's my favorite of the three pitchers
  7. Current top 5 for the Sox in order of preference 1) Konnor Griffin 2) Bryce Rainer 3) Trey Yesavage 4) JJ Wetherholt 5) Chase Burns
  8. They've been linked to another in the draft in Bryce Rainer
  9. I think he'll be fine, the assignment to AAA was definitely aggressive, would have like to see him start at AA to begin the year.
  10. I’d say they’ve been pretty good about manipulating their bonus pools. They’ve also shown a willingness to spend over the bonus pools on multiple occasions, to the fullest extend without incurring a penalty
  11. Which doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.
  12. I'm leaning Konnor Griffin right now. Give me the young, tooled up outfielder.
  13. It might be a medical reason, the TJ he had in high school scares me and college teams aren’t known for doing what’s best for their pitchers with their high pitch counts.
  14. I know that you shouldn’t draft for need but the Sox biggest system need has to be power right?
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