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  1. There’s younger options out there who better defensively and who at worth a multi year deal.
  2. Seattle Gets: Cease Chicago Gets: Young, Peete, Farmelo Thoughts?
  3. I’d rather see Julian Phillips out there for the Bulls than Patrick Williams. I’m curious if the Bulls will package Williams with Lavine to sweeten their return
  4. Maybe they do but it’s ND, they should be able to get whoever Freeman wants. Maybe since Swarbrick is gone, the new AD will be more willing to spend on coaches. I agree on Hartman and the WRs. The main WRs are mostly freshman, so I expect them to be better going forward.
  5. I think that’s insulting to Nick Kurtz
  6. I’m thinking of it like this, you’re drafting an elite, game changing bat (that just happens to play first base), not a first baseman per se. The comp on him is Yordan Alvarez. You’d take him 1-1. Yeah, he may not offer much positional value (although he can play the OF too) but he has the makings of a superstar at the plate. Plus, he does all the things the Sox are bad at an elite level for a college player. I’m talking not just bat to ball skills and power but swing decisions and pitch recognition.
  7. I'm very curious to see how ND handles Gerad Parker and if the school admin will finally allow Marcus Freeman to hire who he wants. They balked at the buyout of the guy he wanted prior to this season. If they had a better OC, they're probably knocking on the door of being a playoff team.
  8. Get the top pick and draft Nick Kurtz. That will solve a lot.
  9. Getz might be good at this after all.
  10. The Sox are very lucky that Bennetti didn’t sue them and Brooks Boyer.
  11. Connor McKnight is who I’m pulling for.
  12. This would be a really solid start imo if they had a different manager and maybe a different bench coach.
  13. I think he’s going to be a good manager. He’s in the perfect spot.
  14. He might’ve been a scapegoat but the Giants fired Kapler, a winning manager. The Cubs just fired David Ross, a winning manager. The Mets fired Buck Showalter, a winning manager. And the Sox won’t fire Grifol. Make it make sense.
  15. It may be lip service but Pole's backing of Eberflus is very concerning. The refusal to acknowledge that there is a culture issue is maddening. Pole hired Eberflus and he signed off on all the assistant coaches that were brought on. Poles also continues to burn draft capital and doesn't want to retain good, young players. He has to go.
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