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  1. Not many guys over the past few years deserve on - Liam deserves 100. Dude was awesome on and off the field and gave it 110% at everything he did. We will miss you on the Southside Liam and wish you all the success in Boston (except when you play the right colored Sox :)).
  2. The Sox could have had him for free - right? I should say - the only cost the Sox would have had would have been whatever the PV of paying Hendricks now vs. the ability to defer his payment over how many years.
  3. The problem is he is a shitty hitter and a less shitty fielder than he was but he still is really really bad out there. s%*# defense - s%*# bat and by the way it isn’t like he has a minor league track record that says he can crush the ball…which to me is the only reason you would play someone who is that bad in the outfield. Sheets has to be, on volume, the absolute worse player in baseball the past few years to get the amount of shots he has gotten. I get someone stinking like him getting a long leash if they were a top 50 prospect etc but he was none of those things and has sucked for forever.
  4. This is quite frankly one of the dumbest articles I have ever seen on a Sox blog. Good grief.
  5. This is all true - but I think it is better for the franchise, but I agree it complicates so much. I go back to - if Bears were picking at say #6 and #10. I don't think anyone would be suggesting to package those 2 picks plus another future FRP and DJ Moore for example to move up to #1 overall. I think we all would be looking at it and saying - Fields has shown us something. There are still a lot of questions and in some cases more question(s) than answers, but lets continue to build up this football team. I likely would be proposing mock drafts that had the Bears taking the top OT and the top playmaker. Maybe some crazy ones where you decide the line is fine and you are taking 2 top playmakers (i.e., one of the top wideouts + Brockers). If than you fast forward to '2025 - if Fields still didn't take the next step, but at the same time the players Poles picked were trending up - I don't think anyone would be calling Poles out for not mortgaging the farm to move up for a QB - they would be crediting him for building a much better football team and now looking him square in the eyes and saying - now go get the QB right (how he does that - I have no idea at that point - cause you probably don't have the same draft capital, so by that point I think he's probably stuck in a rock and a hard place). So maybe as I play it out - it gives Poles more possibilities to kick the can a bit down the road - but eventually he's going to need to pay up...unless of course Fields gets better and quite frankly I would suspect he would continue to grow and improve. I don't think the ceiling is on him and that just over time his weakness would improve and at a faster rate than the physical deterioration would have on him (i.e., his athlete athleticism will go away but not for a few years - which means some steady progress on progression(s) etc from experience should drive his arrow to continue to go up - even if the trajectory is slow).
  6. The only logical path to getting Chapman is basically Sox use the money so that Chapman is than more affordable and can get spun to a contender at the deadline. It isn't crazy - other than Sox have never done something like this, but the logic makes sense. Chapman gets big money on ST deal and essentially knows as long as he stays healthy and produces he'll ultimately play for a contender. IF he does well - he got paid a ton this year plus is in a better spot to make a ton next year as he hopefully helped a contender get deeper or win it all. With that said - I presume he would prefer to do that staying on the west coast and there is no way Sox are going to pay him a 1yr 25M deal.
  7. I think a bit more to the Herbert comp. Stud talent who didn't have a great all around team - clearly limited his production (vs. talent) - but once Herbert got to NFL and had real talent - he was everything everyone thought he would be and than some. Does Drake Maye do same thing? If anything - we know he hasn't benefited from having just elite talent everywhere (ala Justin Fields). I also don't think Caleb Williams benefited from having massive talent around him in '23 (but he did have pretty good talent in '22). Allen is even more unique - total physical stud - but he was playing totally non-existent competition most of his career. So while he didn't have a ton of talent - he also played plenty of lousy teams too. Maye wasn't in the SEC but he played plenty of decent schools and programs.
  8. Mitch also played under a completely different offensive coach. Unless I'm mistaken - Mack Brown wasn't coaching UNC when Trubisky was there. I also believe Maye was the #1 recruit target of Bama and he was headed to Bama unless Mack got back to sideline for UNC and was able to sway Maye to stick to his hurts (his brother played basketball for UNC and his dad I believe was a QB for UNC - but maybe he played QB for another program).
  9. Man AK presser and Cowley. Seems like it’s all on AK at this point as ownership gave him green light and it sounds like his own team also was proposing to blow it up. AK clearly already has a wink wink extension with Demar. Zach will be gone and heck if I know what else. But AK is hell bent on play in or slightly better. I read a tweet that said AK hasn’t traded for a player since 21. That obviously doesn’t count when he traded for a pick which was than used on Phillips. Seperately - since Bulls traded Jimmy, they have won 1 playoff game. Butler has won 46 in that same span.
  10. I have no idea - I'm sure he's no good anymore, but I liked the way he played and I like his veteran leadership. Its pretty clear to me that Bulls are going to resign Demar and basically have him be a veteran mentor for the rest of the team. Lavine will get dumped in off-season and I have no idea what they will do with Williams. The problem with Demar in mentor role is - the Bulls don't have really any young talent outside of White. I still think Williams is a bum and he's going to get paid. But maybe they will S&T Williams or something to maintain some value cause I don't like the idea of paying him money (literally his #'s this year are exactly in line with his career - outside of that few week stretch he's been the same lousy player he's been forever). And I'm not saying Lavine is going to get the Bulls a ton - but with him hurt and not playing I think there are just less things that can be done vs. in the off-season when more teams might be in play. Bulls front office really dropped the ball when they didn't move Lavine in the off-season (everyone knew the fit was no longer there).
  11. Edit: I fell for a tweet that got retweeted but was related to Feb 23 (not this year).
  12. A real front office would have done something - maybe found a creative way to get Bogan from Pistons cause New York didn't give up much anything.
  13. Seperate question - was there a QB taken at #2 (in a #1 / #2 group) who ended up being really good? I know there are ones that have been taken later that ended up elevating (say a Big Ben) or a Phil Rivers. But in a draft where QB went #1/#2 - is there a data set for a that 2nd pick who ended up being really good (vs. not).
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