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  1. Trade TA and than go sign Correa. Not saying Sox will do it - but I could support a scenario where that happened.
  2. Yeah - I would prefer a 4 year deal with Rodon. Give him 130M+. Obivously I am still far apart in this deal from his ask. Will be curious where everything ends up.
  3. This is one of those deals that I could see 6 years from now looking fantastic. I could also see plenty of scenarios where it doesn't. The reality is how close does he get to that. The question to me is how much does he continue to put in the work, maintain his body, etc after getting the longer term deal. The stuff will play into his mid 30's (no issue there).
  4. By all means I don't have any issues with Brown - but he is 30. Cost controlled though. But he hasn't hit for average or a massive amount of power. That said - he may benefit from playing at a smaller park. He is a lefty though - so right price and put him in right situations and you get something decent, but I would aim higher.
  5. I pretty much can see a Vaughn+ headliner in a deal for Murphy. Sox do some form of a a committe, plus cheaper 1B approach. Hopefully they still than have a couple more moves in OF. Sign a Brantley and Benintendi (or trade for someone) and than maybe they go with Frazier on a 1yr deal with an option for 2nd year.
  6. Sure would have been nice if the broncos and Rams won.
  7. I like the Seahawks story this year - but come on Rams, pull this off.
  8. So far I have no faith. Williams has been a nobody. Derozan was a good pick up but Vooch and Ball signings not good. Easy for me to say on Ball cause I was his fanboy but his is due to injury. Even Derozan - he has been really good but is a bad fit with the club and you can just see what happens late in 4th quarters. He goes all black hole and the ball never leaves his hands. They should trade Derozan and Vuc. I would trade Lavine too and just get assets.
  9. Fields had the 2 picks but he was really poised passing today. Probably best I have seen him as a passer. And winning would have been bad draft wise - so fields was good…bears also maintain strong draft position.
  10. That would be too much - so no one would be my guess.
  11. Since 2020 they have the 2nd highest pitching war in baseball behind the dodgers (6th highest starting pitching). And no one is saying have blind adoration for anything.
  12. The site is really good. Basically it is a web based bi tool and you can filter different pitches groups of pitches and than see trends over window and look at all kinds of advanced splits - spin rate trend, h-rate etc or on hitters lots of data too. It is phenomenal.
  13. I would have signed Correa last off season or went a different route. Loved me the Correa deal.
  14. Sox should be looking at guys to upgrade the pen/be next guys up. Call them possible upside candidates. Not a lot of money - but I am tired of not at least trying and than seeing if any stick: Tommy Kanhle could be a good fit. Was pretty good in final month for Dodgers after being hurt for forever. Fact he first came into seem with Sox could actually make this a plausible fit. Alex Reyes is also one of those take a flier guys. He is probably less likely to be super expensive but was an all star in 21. That said shoulder injuries are not good and he is always hurt. Archie Bradley could be another one - slightly more expensive than the other two but he really was banged up with Angels last year. Feels like if health is on his side he could be solid with a bit of upside. Probably not as good as the 4 year stretch he had but could be a solid bounce back candidate and I can’t imagine him getting much more than a few million.
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