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  1. I didn’t watch yesterdays game so watched more highlights last night and today of his misses (not his makes) and wow at the amount of them that he had zero chance or his teammates completely wet the bed. First few games - I saw a lot on Fields - this looked like a better Fields but everything around him was utter s%*#. Whether guys dropping good balls or mustipher completely wetting the bed etc. Not saying Fields was great but there was progress…there was also complete s%*# play around him. Oh and Jenkins was a monster.
  2. I enjoyed the 1st season of ALl of Us Are Dead. Just saw where there will be a Season 2.
  3. Signing Correa would be a-okay in my book. Dude didn't have his best season and put up 5 WAR. The defense also upgrades across the board - presuming Tim or Yoan is okay with it (cause one of them has to pivot). Doesn't solve the righty dominant lineup issue but shoot - team is a heck of a lot better. Only issue with Carlos is he seems to miss time almost every season (so in that case he'd fit right in). But man - a year ago he was a 7 WAR player (and if I round up one year of 6.7 - he basically has 3 seasons of 7 WAR production). Dude instantly becomes best player on the Sox.
  4. I don’t know how engaged Kenny is or isn’t this days - but he is and always will be 10 times the GM Hahn ever was. But like Paxson with Bulls my impression is KW has other priorities Vs day to day of White Sox and focus on talent development.
  5. Let it burn to finish - no mercy - they need to clean house - front office on down.
  6. I really don’t see Tony returning. So the real question is whether Hahn and Kw are back or if only one of them are back. I think 95%+ no Tony, 75%+ odds brand new mgr (ie no Cairo), 30% one of KW/RH gone, 10% all of the above are gone. That to me is what we watch for and the intrigue of the offseason significantly increases as more change happens.
  7. Chisoxfn

    2022 Catch All

    This sounds super cool - especially since this is a test and not a real situation where if we failed it means the end of the world
  8. I was pissed - I was planning on going to a game on saturday and was hoping he'd get to 699 and I'd be a vulture at the next games. Had to be electric to be there live.
  9. As much as I have come to expect anything out of this org - there is zero chance Tony is back. I mean oh my goodness if he is back. Quite frankly - I am really really interested to see what happens over the next few weeks. I think Nigtengale had said at different times - if the Sox didn't win, it wasn't just Tony that would be the fall guy and now I'm really really interested to see what happens. If nothing else - Tony can go down as health related and than JR can do TLR a solid by dumping Hahn (with KW retiring) and laying the blame on Hanh. I could care less - as I will support whatever it takes for there to be a changing of the guard in Chicago - top to bottom. Of course they'll follow it up by hiring Getz, which he could be the next Theo himself but if whomever they hire is from this org - I literally want nothing to do with them by default.
  10. Honestly - I am happy they are fading now. Gets rid of Hanh / Kw's excuse. They need a full restart when it comes to coaches and front office. Get rid of the inwardly focused nature of this franchise. They wouldn't know what a good franchise was if it hit them in the head. They are so past the times and completely oblivious to what real franchises do, including how they spend their money and what true talent development and analytics looks like. They are 10 years behind in the times and that is the legit truth.
  11. They made it easy on me - I was planning on heading down and staying in San Diego for the final series of the season and just cancelled my hotel. Not going to waste my money on a hotel to go down and watch this squad play (nor do I want my little league kids watching this team play baseball the way it does). I personally am glad they are melting down at the end - ownership better be seeing this and completely clean house. I want to see a full change - including the bringing in of a complete outside, highly respective person to take over the organization and give it a top to bottom clense. I don't expect it to happen - but it needs to happen. I think with a really good front office person who can give that clens, we could see really great things happen and fast with this franchise. The inward, extremely loyal nature of this franchise is completely getting in the way. I'm not even going to mention the money cause it really isn't about the money - except for their inability to spend on deep analytics departments and put more money in scouting. Go cheap on the roster by $5M and ensure you have a top notch front office, coaching staff, scouting and developmental programs in place (and throughout the minors and into the majors). That $5M is worth 100 Leury Garcia's.
  12. I am throwing the accuracy out the window because this was about the first time I have seen him ever play like this (from an accuracy perspective). Mitch on the other hand was always missing guys open down the field - I don't feel like I have ever seen Fields have a game like today (from an accuracy perspective) so I don't want to hold that against him. It really is all about the decision making to me - because he has shown he can make NFL throws and has the arm strength and speed. What I haven't seen is someone who can just stack play after play together and at times take what the offense gives until you have that shot to go for the dagger and than use that to crush opponents.
  13. He would have had another 25-30 yards if Fields didn't airmail an interception when Kmet was wide open down the middle of the field.
  14. The one saving grace is Tua looked horrible for 1.5 years+ and now hasn't looked that bad. Part of his issues were injuries but he also took some time, so I have to remind myself for someone who had it so easy because they could rely on pure athleticism and a good arm (as Fields could) that the learning curve was going to be steeper in the NFL where you can't just rely on that pure uncanny ability and this is forcing him to humble and truly develop. I kind of say the 1st quarter of the season is about him figuring things out and just playing - than the 2nd and 3rd quarters have to be about showing real strides and becoming a solid QB; Than final quarter of the season should reinforce those believes that you are / can be the guy to build around or...to show you aren't and than the Bears know that heading into '23.
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