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  1. Heck of a start - don’t stop now boys!
  2. Sox bounce back and make the playoffs.
  3. This is awesome news!!! Hope everything stays awesome on the Hendricks front!!! Continued thoughts and prayers and well wishes!!!
  4. He should have been allowed to die in the booth. He was the man. A true legend who I miss calling Sox games. A true fan of the team and one of the last announcers who felt like they were literally part of your family given how long you listened to them call games over the years.
  5. Got mine applied to my account today. Another free year of MLB.tv thanks Tmobile. Love it.
  6. Yeah - I see zero reason why a non-contender would give Leury at bats. I kind of see a scenario where someone wants depth that is a decent team and leverages him, likely after some injuries impact their squad and than he has to hope he starts hot out of the gate in that utility role and thus gets himself a job. I wonder if he'll ultimately accept assignment back with the Sox (or if that was even an option).
  7. Zach LaVine post All-Star numbers: 29.1 ppg, 4.5 apg, 3.6 RPG, 54% FG, 46% 3pt The Bulls aren't going to blow this up, but they should retool and I'd do it around Zach. See if you can get younger and better fits - Derozan in a 3 way and than I have no earthly idea what you can do with Vuc in a S&T to free up other options. Maybe Vuc stays, I don't know. I do know you need to surround Zach with a good PG and solid defenders. If the Bulls could just maintain and get a good PG - than awesome, we know at that point this is at least an above average team - problem is Derozan and Vuc are also on the wrong side of 30, so I don't like over-leveraging into a team that has more long term downside than upside (and the upside is pretty limited anyway - even as i describe above - they stay status quo and land a good PG, I don't think they are a title contender - but they are probably a pretty good team).
  8. I'll be at the game tonight. Would be stellar if they had an A performance and pulled out a win
  9. That and Lavine has been absolutely stellar since the all star break.
  10. And really only if he completely goes ham would you want to sign him after this upcoming season. You would just pick up his 5th year option and than negotiate from there (knowing you have 2 franchise tags). The only reason you start negotiating now (as in after this upcoming season) is if you have seen so much that you believe he is a true bonafide superstar (meaning we just went to like the NFC Championship and he had like 40 TD's etc). At that point - go ahead and pay him cause you'd rather ink that extension now vs. wait another 2 years for the QB market to be even richer.
  11. Jaylon Johnson, Kmet, and Mooney are at least 3 options. Claypool as well - although i presume they wouldn't want to extend him at this point (just yet).
  12. I got to have baseball convos around my office and kept hearing people talk about it - and no one around my office talks this stuff. Was great for the game and just a heck of a lot of fun. Part of this goes back to me - baseball season is just too damn long.
  13. This answered the question I just asked - thank you.
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