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  1. I actually was refreshed by the answer - it was honest. JR said his nonsense but it’s clear Getz is bringing it down to the studs - Pedro will be gone by end of the year. I don’t think Getz is greatest in world but what he is doing fundamentally has made sense. No long term deals / seems very open to dealing almost anyone not on a full rookie timeline - made a couple high risk high reward moves, some worked but some didn’t - but none had long term risk.
  2. I wonder if you slide him to like a once a week program for rest of the season - so more innings but more rest in between?
  3. Sosa - let’s keep hitting around order so he can hit a triple for the cycle!!! Or bullpen can blow it so we play extras hahah. I love west coast games when I can watch games easier.
  4. Baseball is fun when your team hits 4hrs!!! Way to go Lee!!!
  5. If you don’t get two legit prospects (not top 25 or anything) plus a power arm who could play in pen or some other quality flyer (or international money or draft picks), you hold onto him and see if he can do it for rest of the year and deal him on offseason. Dude is dealing and is for real. Not Crochet good but he would be a great get for any team in July. Note: Fingers crossed these guys stay healthy and keep dealing / hitting (in case of DeJong and hopefully Robert).
  6. He has 2.5 years of control. Whether you extend him or not that is plenty of control. Extending him is not a leverage thing to get more in trade it would purely be a we want to lock a front line starter into our rebuild. For the record - if Crochet hadn’t been consistently hurt, I would not be proposing to trade him, cause he has an elite arm, but with his checkered past and the Sox being the biggest small market club on the planet, you got to go get a haul for him.
  7. I think if you trade Crochet - you probably want a high end pitching prospect and a high end bat plus two other solid prospects. Same goes for Robert. I would also try to get some international slot and draft picks in these deals - seems like teams are more willing to ocassional give that up so take advantage of it.
  8. The thing is - my 9 year old saw same thing I did. Why was Lopez not on 2nd base on the ball that got away from the catcher the pitch before Vaughn hit the grounder.
  9. Ok Pedro. You’ll take a different flight back. Let this be the nail in the coffin.
  10. I will say as someone who has ripped Beckham a ton, he has gotten better.
  11. Would be huge if Wilson pitches well next few weeks - you know what contenders will pay for a quality reliever like him.
  12. He looked toast - those were two lousy sliders and his bat just looked slow and off.
  13. I don’t think he was going to get paid a bunch over last couple years - he has barely pitched. Given what he has done this year someone would give him something north of 75M for his arb years plus two years. If you are still healthy - than follow that up with a Rodon like deal.
  14. Let him get thrown out at home vs getting two outs and not trying
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