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  1. It’s an incredibly stupid rule. I’d rather have my players comfortable than forcing them to conform because of an ancient team tradition.
  2. This is a Jerry run organization. It’s not about winning. Just dangle the carrot.
  3. I’d rather have an owner like Cohen than the flaming pile of human excrement that is Jerry Riensdorf.
  4. If the Yankees or Mets win the Yamamoto sweepstakes, the market for Cease will get that much more contested.
  5. I think the reality is this team is so messed up from Hahn and Kenny it's impossible to fix in one offseason.
  6. Lets be honest, he was never going to pick the Sox over teams that are trying to compete.
  7. Was just gonna share this. This is very cool he actually is giving some insight to this.
  8. Man Soo Lee was awesome. Thome was always great too.
  9. Longer this drags, we ain’t getting this guy. Sox have never done well with early leaks.
  10. They need to fall outside the top 6 or they can’t pick sooner than 10 next year - regardless of where they fall record wise. This team could lose 120 games and end up with the 10th pick…
  11. He was quite good in the KBO last year - won MVP and their equivalent to the Cy Young Award. But it's still the KBO...
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