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  1. Losing the World Series? The difference between the Astros pen and the Phillies was night and day when it came to late innings.
  2. The amount of fans that hate Moncada and Yas, I can’t even imagine.
  3. You can’t really depend on Crochet for anything this year. He’s going to be busy getting himself right. If you trade Liam, you better be ok with seeing more Kelly, Ruiz, Diekman, and Lambert in higher leverage roles. Because everyone is going to be bumped up. I don’t have faith that Graveman is going to be fine - he looked very human at times last year, and we have no idea if Lopez is even capable of being a 9th inning guy. Think of how well the Matt Thornton experience went when Jenks was finally cut. Losing Hendriks, while possibly improving a different area of the team will make the bullpen a mess IMO. You’re essentially banking on the lineup being able to put up runs consistently to keep them out of tight games.
  4. Absolutely agree. Cheap-ass JR. I love Liam, I would hate to see him moved. I also don’t see the reason a contending team trades their closer, and still has the intention of competing - ask the Phillies how well that worked for them not having a shut down pen.
  5. Maybe it could involve Moncada? What’s something a majority of Sox fans get frustrated from that he would say makes “us” happy? Yoan being moved.
  6. Hmmm. He loves sticking it to Sox fans. Hard to know for sure.
  7. Grandal becomes your DH? If his knees can remain healthy and he is able to produce at pre-2022 levels, I wouldn’t hate it. I guess it comes down to what really was the root of his struggles - age or just bad legs that can’t handle the rigors of staying crouched for 9 innings.
  8. I think it was, then Jerry got butt hurt of Gio wanting a small raise and Gio got promoted on his player's union role. It's a double-whammy kiss of death. Zero chance Gio has a future on this team.
  9. Not sure why the Braves of all teams need him, but ok then.
  10. I don’t think the Sox have the prospects to get a trade like this done. 20 teams could match or do better easy.
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