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  1. I read it was Ed Harris that did the voice. Harris is Madigan’s husband.
  2. What’s the story on Adolfo? Is he still not ready? This would seem like the perfect spot for him. Admittedly... I have no idea where he’s at development wise.
  3. Can someone clear up my confusion. The FO has taken a beating over this and I must be missing something. The Sox offer was 31 plus for 8 years with two options at 70 total yes? He just had to earn it in his age 35,36 seasons with no-opt outs? He took the guaranteed money and opt out with SD? Why are we mad? If that’s what The Sox offered, it sounds pretty good to me?
  4. Do we get an Ambrose turn tonight? It has to be coming right? Drew vs Rollins for the title with Ambrose costing him the belt?
  5. Don’t post much but this thread baffles med. people are really complaining about getting two relievers that may or may not be good, in a rebuild year? If they do well they get traded furthering the rebuild and if they don’t, who cares because it’s a rebuild year? And all it cost was Jake Peter? I’d say Rick did fine here.
  6. I don't post much but as much as I want to say we're done, I think this team showed too much in April/early May to just suddenly go bad. As soon as they won last night I felt like tonight would be a loss. The next 6 games are going to be very crucial. I'm on the ledge but they did so many things right and showed to be good enough to think they'll get thru this. Fingers crossed.
  7. QUOTE (JoshPR @ Jan 20, 2013 -> 09:58 AM) At least sox killa Ryan Rayburn is gone... Yeah but he's going to Cleveland.
  8. QUOTE (greg775 @ Oct 3, 2012 -> 10:08 PM) Thanks for the info. Wow. I never realized Paulie popped three in one game. Frank did it against Boston several years ago as well.
  9. QUOTE (justBLAZE @ Sep 26, 2012 -> 03:11 PM) DeAza 8, Youkilis 5, Dunn DH, Konerko 3, Rios 9, Pierzynski 2,Ramirez 6, Wise 8, Beckham 4. Masterson v Santiago I like that he has Viciedo sitting tonight, however, I would like to see this variation of the line-up: DeAza Beckham Rios Dunn Konerko AJP Youkilis Ramirez Wise
  10. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Jul 18, 2011 -> 11:55 AM) Hell, besides Bryan the biggest "face" pop all night might have been for Santino, no joke. And the Miz's pop when we made his run in after the injury was HUGE. I agree. I can't believe how much people like him.
  11. QUOTE (The Critic @ Jul 18, 2011 -> 11:47 AM) Bryan's not a heel, is he? I think he gets cheered in Chicago at least partly because of his "indie hero" status. No, Bryan isn't a heel, you're correct. I should have clarified that those were probably the 5 biggest pops of the night.
  12. All State was pro heel last night I thought. Punk of course was over but so was Sheamus, Bryan, Christian and probably Miz. Best show I've ever been too. I don't think anyone had any clue what was going to happen at the end.
  13. QUOTE (Kenny Hates Prospects @ Jul 6, 2011 -> 12:21 PM) Plainfield area. There is a service (forget out where) called like Chicago Skydiving or Dive Chicago or maybe it's totally different, but its not anywhere near Chicago yet they have Chicago in the name, and lots of people go sky diving out that way. Those people go around with banners all the time, so it is probably from there - at least my best guess. Though, there is an airfield right over here so maybe it is just a fan. I just thought it was pretty cool. I've never seen that done before. Skydive Chicago. Located near Ottawa, IL. About 1 1/2 hours south of Chicago.
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