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  1. Fields is that dude. Can’t wait to see what he’ll be able to do as they build around him. If I have to watch ESB drop passes for much longer I think I might vomit. And f*** those refs. That s%*# at the end was very suspect. Gotta hold those guys accountable.
  2. I think most of this board gets this. Everyone and their mother on FB/Twitter is a different story…
  3. Dumpster fire of an org.
  4. All of this. The whole org is so tone deaf its mind-boggling. Just this morning on Facebook they post "Fall in Chicago" and a picture of the park, as if they didn't understand what all the comments would be about. Morons.
  5. My dad and I just had this conversation earlier today. It’s insanity that the Sox are raising prices. Everyone needs to stop paying and send ownership a message. And then remember it doesn’t matter and pray for new ownership in a decade or so.
  6. Yet another reason to be disappointed with this teams ownership. List goes on.
  7. My tickets (20 game plan) in Section 160 increased by 7%. Based on the product they fielded this year, I wouldnt have renewed even if they decreased 7%. Only benefit of having ST at this point is playoff access and we all know how that goes. Call me when we're under new ownership.
  8. Leave Pettis and Smith Marsette in minny
  9. As someone living in the city without a car this is all I do. Saved so much money on parking
  10. Salt of the earth, as reddit would say.
  11. Sure did. Didn’t catch it outright unfortunately but got it off the bounce of someone who missed it.
  12. Expectations are the enemy of enjoyment for White Sox fans
  13. I've been thinking this all year long. Dude goes out every start and pitches no matter what. For three straight years (if you add together his callup in 2019 and the shortened 2020 year) that's damn impressive.
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