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  1. I've been thinking this all year long. Dude goes out every start and pitches no matter what. For three straight years (if you add together his callup in 2019 and the shortened 2020 year) that's damn impressive.
  2. Here for Cease to throw down one last time. Haven't watched a game since the Cleveland extra innings, but I'd still love to tune in to see Cease end an amazing year strong.
  3. Put me on the "Go Twins" train. Time for public shaming of the whole organization.
  4. The worse they go out the better at this point. Flush as many people out of this org as possible along with the season.
  5. This part is true. Shouldn’t have even gone to extras, we were gifted multiple chances and pissed them away
  6. Oh trust me I know. Hahn needs to be fired into the sun as well, and you need to fix the first base/OF situation. Easiest way to do it is to trade vaughn as hard as that is. Get what proper value you can and run Abreu back another two years
  7. That was Jake diekman. Who on earth would have pitched him that inning? Like he said, competent bullpen management would have made the top of the 11th not a thing
  8. You trust this org to try another rebuild? Tony isn’t coming back. God forbid let’s pull in someone with a functioning brain and take the few valuable players we have and take a shot. Without TLR this year and his stupid fucking punted games we’d have been in a much better chance of winning this s%*# division, even with all the underachievers on this roster.
  9. A fully DH'd Eloy and Cease absolutely need to be kept.
  10. Kenny retiring doesnt even begin to fix the rot in this organization.
  11. This team/org can kick rocks. Nothing but hatred and contempt at this point.
  12. What a way to end the season. This crowd should start pelting the field.
  13. The funniest part is we all stayed up to watch this s%*#.
  14. Also, feeling really good with Engel Pollock and Robert coming up. That was our shot.
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