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  1. I trust Bannister after how the orgs pitching has found success (minus the bullpen but theres just bo talent there)
  2. Seeing as how the minors pitching development has improved significantly, I trust that Bannister will make the right decision on Katz.
  3. This is the kind of thing I want to read, good stuff. I would love to read about the exact changes (praying its more analytics)
  4. Hoping crochet goes 8 with 11 Ks and we lose 1-0 to extend the streak
  5. Our depth is so good we need to call up a 600 OPS AA player
  6. Unless I was a wonky lefty pitcher I would straight up refuse to be developed by this organization
  7. My dream is to have 30k+ chanting sell the team when the As come to town
  8. Gonzalez has been encouraging this year
  9. wish he would learn how to throw a strike first
  10. I came here just to post about him. 9IP, 14Ks, 0ER, just 4 walks, just fantastic
  11. wish this would just be the Fedde thread because hes the only one that will bring back anything at the deadline.
  12. oh! race baiting, very classy
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