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  1. A 12 reply game thread, is that the lowest?
  2. We will be lucky if Eder can even get us 2 WAR in his career
  3. We aren’t going to see a winning season for years
  4. Was calling Jake Eder a failure of a prospect premature? Yes. I admit that. But for every player like Burger who overcomes a string of likely career ending injuries, there are 500 others who dont. Right now Eder is closer to being Alec Hansen than he is Chris Sale. Even if he turns into the latter it doesnt make the trade any less ridiculous in 2023.
  5. Link to the thread so I can see my comments please, i didnt think of him as a bust, rather thought he would never play baseball again due to TWO ACL tears. and that doesnt change the fact that the Burger trade was awful. You can look back at old posts to feel better about this trade, and to feel superior to everyone, but it doesnt change the fact that we traded a 3 WAR third baseman on cheap contract for a reclamation project that is currently getting smashed to the tune of a 1000 OPS in AA.
  6. There’s a good chance Eder doesn’t even get 3 WAR in his entire career, that’s not “giving up” it’s just facts
  7. We gave up a 30hr hitter for a failure of a AA prospect, mercy
  8. It starts with him, I doubt he gave a s%*# until now. No way we up his contract for 2025, he knows it.
  9. If you are a season ticket holder, you don’t renew, and you shame anyone who does
  10. Anyone who renews their season tickets for next year needs to be publicly humiliated, maybe even tarred and feathered.
  11. This is what Getz said about Omar Vizquel after it was found that he was sexually and mentally abusing a batboy (with mental challenges): There are people who want to give this guy a shot?
  12. Getz failed the minor league system and said Vizquel was a positive influence on the minor league clubhouse. Hes not fit to be GM of a failed franchise. He has no qualifications. None.
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