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  1. Kopech cant stay healthy and is going to be babied again in 2023. Im over him, if you can get a nice return go for it
  2. I approve of signing Clevinger, stating that right now. Let it be on the record.
  3. What an L this trade turned out to be for both teams
  4. 32 strike out rate with 0 walk potential? s%*# im sure Hahn is on the phone with him right now, hed fit right in
  5. Remember when we were all celebrating the haul Hahn got for Sale? Of the only two players in that trade that made it to the majors, one doesnt want to play and the other never can.
  6. Jerry is going to own the white sox until hes 130 years old
  7. Jones had Sox Killer written all over him, glad hes gone
  8. Can anyone explain why this is a big deal? Not the lying part, the gambling
  9. This isnt a rumor, its a wishlist.. that tweet is pretty obvious.
  10. Tony Larussa probably recommended him
  11. Since we have Diekman it makes no sense to have Crochet right now, even though Diekman is a turd. It would be best for Crochet if he was traded to a rebuilding club.
  12. Crochet was so dominant when he first came up
  13. I agree, but you look at his resume and it makes me feel better. Scout for the Dodgers, helped Salvy turn into a hr hitter, believes in the home run. Ill take it My understanding is the Royals were like the Sox and refused to give in to analytical change, hence why the org is going through a FO rebuild.
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