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  1. I hope Greinke gets signed so he can get to 3000 strikeouts, hes so close. 2979.
  2. Shame on anyone who pays for a game this season
  3. Every Cease start is going to be nerve racking
  4. reiks12

    ST Thread

    Knowing the Sox, all these defensive studs will have career worst years in the field. joking aside, if the defense is amazing then hopefully Cease gets back to cy young form.
  5. The fact we drafted Gonzalez is really depressing to me. Hopefully anyone involved with that decision no longer works in the organization. Complete waste of a pick
  6. I like Nelson, but looks like im in the minority. Yeah hes negative, but hes justified to feel that way and echoes the fanbases frustrations well.
  7. This forum and fanbase makes me angry sometimes. "he is only 5'6", what a bad trade" Dude put up good numbers in his debut season, looks solid in videos, plays good defense, doesn't swing at sliders 4 feet off the plate like every other garbage hitter we have developed, and STILL some posters on this forum are throwing a fit because of his height. Its like its all they care about. .7 WAR in 28 games, tore up every level in the minors, plays all 3 OF positions well, solid.
  8. Hopefully this motivates cease to pitch his ass off this season so he can get off this 50-112 team by the trade deadline
  9. Theres a chance he never does anything in MLB. You are set for life before your 30th birthday. Id make the deal too
  10. im not offended at all by it, or hurt, i just dont find them interesting nor entertaining
  11. 40+ year olds who think they are 19 year old frat boys
  12. https://x.com/whitesox/status/1739301203178127410?s=46 I can’t, this is just too funny
  13. I do like how in soccer they demote teams if they suck hard enough, even if that means our shitty org would be in AAA purgatory
  14. I don't understand why expansion is even a thing considering half the teams in the league arent even trying to compete. Yeah $$$ talks, but its still silly.
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