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  1. Nice job Hahn, im sure there are still some mindless drones out there claiming the Clevinger hire was Jerry and Kennys doing.
  2. I feel like the royals are going to be a huge pain in the ass this year
  3. I wonder how Remillard feels knowing he was used as leverage just to get Elvis Andrus to accept Jerry's offer.
  4. I am going to predict that this season is going to be 2016 2.0
  5. The Hahn era has been an absolute and utter failure, yet you still have people defending him like hes the smartest man in the game. I dont get it.
  6. 1) Clevinger is a POS 2) MLB should have told the Sox before they decided to OK the FA signing. This is a bit bizarre to me, maybe they legally couldn't do it but now Clevinger is going to get 12 million dollars for free. 3) I am going to wait until there is more information here (yes I believe the victim, but I also I believe in due process). 4) Vizquel, Hahn being sued by a former trainer, LaRussa, Wes Helms, Darryl Boston, now Clevinger, all recent POS in this organization HOW IS NOBODY BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE in this front office for allowing this to go on? If it comes out the Sox knew about this Clevinger thing I am done. Absolutely done.
  7. Is there anything more overblown than the 'team leader'? Abreu's leadership led to 1 playoff win.
  8. probably for core work or bodyweight exercises like pushups
  9. Do you have a problem with pro runners doing weight lifting? Afterall its not running so its just a waste of time right?
  10. Elite boxers do the same drills
  11. "I have never boxed in my life" - southsideirish71
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