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  1. Yes, Hahn stated they signed "bounce back" and "health". Unsure what jersey number they will be wearing
  3. what a disgusting franchise trying to "compete", having to trade off their allstar closer because the owner doesnt want to open his wallet. Why do we support this franchise?
  4. what a risky contract, hope he gets it though
  5. Seriously, kopech came into the league in 2018. Its about to be 2023 and he only has 200 IP to his name.
  6. It would be hilarious if Reynolds was traded from the worst franchise in MLB to the second worst.
  7. so stupid of the Rangers, hes not going to pitch more than 100 innings a season
  8. seat at the table, but the offer will probably be way under his worth lol
  9. We are incredibly lucky their owner doesnt want to spend a dime on the team
  10. Apparently the Guardians are likely to trade for Sean Murphy per Morosi...
  11. Jose had a choice, either play for a team that offered you less money that will flirt with .500 or go and win a world series. The choice was obvious
  12. Thank god Daryl Boston is back, this will be his 4th manager.
  13. we really should stop giving them attention, please for the love of god
  14. The fact that the Astros and Guardians offered Jose 3 year deals tells me it was the wrong decision to let him walk. The best organizations in the game
  15. Can we stop giving the foodies and bartolo attention?
  16. Kopech cant stay healthy and is going to be babied again in 2023. Im over him, if you can get a nice return go for it
  17. I approve of signing Clevinger, stating that right now. Let it be on the record.
  18. What an L this trade turned out to be for both teams
  19. 32 strike out rate with 0 walk potential? s%*# im sure Hahn is on the phone with him right now, hed fit right in
  20. Remember when we were all celebrating the haul Hahn got for Sale? Of the only two players in that trade that made it to the majors, one doesnt want to play and the other never can.
  21. Jerry is going to own the white sox until hes 130 years old
  22. Jones had Sox Killer written all over him, glad hes gone
  23. Can anyone explain why this is a big deal? Not the lying part, the gambling
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