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  1. Anything on what Cannon did differently these last few outings? 1 ER in his last 18.2 innings.
  2. first time in a long time ive felt really good about a W
  3. Who had Cannon almost throwing a Maddux this game? mercy!
  4. I trust Bannister after how the orgs pitching has found success (minus the bullpen but theres just bo talent there)
  5. Seeing as how the minors pitching development has improved significantly, I trust that Bannister will make the right decision on Katz.
  6. This is the kind of thing I want to read, good stuff. I would love to read about the exact changes (praying its more analytics)
  7. Hoping crochet goes 8 with 11 Ks and we lose 1-0 to extend the streak
  8. Our depth is so good we need to call up a 600 OPS AA player
  9. Unless I was a wonky lefty pitcher I would straight up refuse to be developed by this organization
  10. My dream is to have 30k+ chanting sell the team when the As come to town
  11. Gonzalez has been encouraging this year
  12. wish he would learn how to throw a strike first
  13. I came here just to post about him. 9IP, 14Ks, 0ER, just 4 walks, just fantastic
  14. wish this would just be the Fedde thread because hes the only one that will bring back anything at the deadline.
  15. oh! race baiting, very classy
  16. nah keep him, i want to see how bad this can get
  17. Grifol is going down as one of the worst managers of all time win% wise
  18. i feel bad for him, from cy young candidate as a 21 year old to retirement candidate at 26
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