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  1. Peace out Soxtalk. I'm done with this fucking org.
  2. Hahahahahahahaahaha why the hell did they restart this game??
  3. He said it with a straight face too. You've only been wasting time for most of your 40 years of ownership...
  4. That is one dedicated fan right there! Rain coat noshing on a slice!
  5. I've sat through some April games in the 30s, but it was dry. No way in hell I'm sitting out there on a day like this.
  6. Maldonado swung as hard as he could and it went to short CF...
  7. Sox aren't coming back. They might as well save the players from getting hurt out there.
  8. Who woulda predicted Nicky Lopez would be batting .125?
  9. I believe they have to stay on the dirt and can't be past 2B.
  10. Benintendi looked like a fair deal for a somewhat useful player. Maldonado even on a 1/$4M deal was laughable the moment it was signed. He's completely washed and looks as bad as many of us predicted. The Benny deal will haunt them much longer I will give you that.
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