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  1. Engel’s defense has completely cratered
  2. Some propaganda level water carrying from Bob this morning. I hope those clicks keep him warm at night.
  3. He should also get some credit for helping Cease realise his massive potential, and turning ReyLo into a legit reliever. The rest is questionable IMO.
  4. That is probably the order of events, but there really is no reason to drag it out. The org should have fired his ass ages ago, and he should in no way be in consideration for the position in the future.
  5. If he wants a job fixing the defense, welcome aboard. But please no more managers past retirement age.
  6. I think it’s safe to say the results are mixed. We don’t know what level of input Katz had during in game decisions, or whether any input was even considered knowing who the “manager” was. I am open to retaining him if the new manager is on board, but I also won’t shed any tears if he is let go with the rest of the current staff.
  7. Fire the hacks in the training staff already. Everyone involved in either missing a torn meniscus or letting him pitch with a torn meniscus should be shown the door. Between Kopech & Robert we have some gross negligence and or medical malpractice on our hands. As ridiculous as it is enraging.
  8. Can we get an announcement that this hack been relieved of his duties as well? Official as soon as the team charter lands? No better time than now.
  9. I’m savouring the endorphin rush and ignoring the perils that might be around the corner. They can’t f*** up a hire as bad again, right? Right?
  10. Adam Dunn and Adam LaRoche both failed miserably here, so therefore the Sox can never again sign a player from the NL. Except how many declining AL players have the Sox acquired that have also failed miserably? The Sox lack of scouting acumen and their propensity to target less expensive aging and or past their prime players might just have more to do with it than some nebulous NL boogeyman.
  11. I wanted this sorry ass team to lose out, but if they are going to win meaningless games they might as well spoil San Diego’s season while they are at it 😇🤣.
  12. The FO massively fucked this one up. Thanks for the reminder 🙄🙄.
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