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  1. Pedro needs someone to do his job for him after all. If this happens it will come with zero surprise.
  2. Let’s just hope Getz is better than KW when it comes to drafting athletes over baseball players…
  3. Might want to try the correct word usage next time you attempt to call out a poster while defending an abuser.
  4. I haven’t renewed my 10 game plan since the Covid shutdowns, which happens to correspond to when they brought TLR back from the dead to nap in the dugout. I didn’t go to a single game in 2021. I have been to four total games since. I went to the Opening Day debacle this year and that was just about the last straw. I am reluctant to give them any money while JR is still around, and if I do, it will be to watch the road team.
  5. Why suffer through the growing pains of youth when you can get consistent levels of bad from the overpriced washed up vets?
  6. That’s what’s so damn infuriating about it. Where’s this level of accountability for the rest of this train wreck? Why are only the rookies singled out / scapegoated?
  7. I’m sure the players see it too, and see right through him. He’s completely full of s%*#, which is why he fits perfectly in this clown shoes org.
  8. Colás has been bad, make no mistake. But the Sox handling of him since Spring Training has been completely fucked. Holding him accountable to standards they don’t hold others to, namely the washed up vets, or the highly paid poor performers, is infuriating. There is more going on behind the scenes than we know, but looking at the dopes in charge of his development, is there any wonder why he has massively underperformed for someone rushed to the bigs and totally yanked around all year?
  9. Ah yes, the sage wisdom of the Chris Getz school of baseball mastery.
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