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  1. After pretending like the TLR DUI didn’t happen I don’t have high hopes here. What they should do and what they end up doing feel vastly different to me on this one. It would be nice to know that my favorite baseball team actually gives a s%*# about DV, but again, hopes aren’t high.
  2. Assuming the org cares about the optics and isn’t just going to hide behind league rules in hopes it all blows over while in AZ.
  3. Two toxic men who see no issue in how either treats women.
  4. I don't know how you fix this mess short of blowing it up. AKME with a plethora of draft picks gives me pause too as I really don't have a lot of faith in their talent evaluation either. They stupidly extended Donovan so going full rebuild doesn't seem likely either way. I fear they try to dump Vuc for a more athletic defensive big and end up giving up too much again in a desperate push for the post season. But this team is going nowhere fast and bandaids will fix little.
  5. I still need a goose that breathes fire after a home run. Make it happen damnit!
  6. I would set all of my Sox merch ablaze outside Gate 5 then defecate on the smoldering ashes if that happened.
  7. White Sox and never addressing the lack of depth. Feels like we’ve seen this movie before.
  8. I'm sure he makes a good living, but damn does he have a hard job sometimes putting lipstick on a pig.
  9. Totally fine with me if he accompanies the broadcast team without a tongue.😉
  10. It is easier to mute Steve Stone on Twitter than it is to mute most of a broadcast with Len or Beckham.
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