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  1. Knowing Eloy’s propensity for injury, Sheets will be the opening day DH.
  2. Tnetennba

    ST Thread

    I recognized the name but had no recollection from whence he came.
  3. Ballpark at AskMeAfterTheParade Field
  4. Tnetennba

    ST Thread

    And yet, he didn't say no to the job.
  5. So the Cubs are paying people to spy on the White Sox dealings? This is what you're suggesting? The baseball team every media outlet fawns over is paying for dirt on the other team that most of their sycophants couldn't give two shits about? Sure.
  6. How would the Cubs or anyone associated with that org even know the details in the first place?
  7. Pump up that trade value. Or inevitably get hurt trying.
  8. I meant more play him way way too much.
  9. Tnetennba

    ST Thread

    They are so bad at this…
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