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  1. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Wayne Gretzky." -- Michael Scott
  2. Jerry could have saved the $25 per diem...
  3. Dexter Fowler is still on the board Sox fans!
  4. This is nothing new. KW called him an idiot, selfish and not missed when he went to the As. I think the plumbers union busted his balls when he was using non-union workers to build his house during the baseball strike. I like the Big Hurt even if he was douchebag. And I love the idea of Bo Jackson telling him to stfu.
  5. Sox fans: Conforto, Nimmo and Benintendi are available. JR: Have you met Dexter Fowler?
  6. I went to about 12 games in 2021 and parked at 35th St Dogs almost every game. Never had a problem. The only issue was that they increased the parking rate as the season went on. I cant really blame them for that. We went to the playoff game and parked on Halsted for free (no meter that day) and walked over to the game. We didn't go to a game this year...
  7. I think the Naylor HR game was soul crushing.
  8. I think it actually got worse after the news story.
  9. Lynn got it together in late July. Looking ahead to next year, I hope he takes the off-season seriously, avoids injury and comes into spring training ready to pitch. Of course, he'll probably sit on his ass drinking beer and come into spring training totally out of shape.
  10. Jesus, Ron Washington is 70 and hasn't managed in 8 years. Let's try for something better than that.
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