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  1. C-A-L-L-O! Jerry Gallo is dead!
  2. I'd rather have Jerry Gallo from My Cousin Vinny.
  3. Hey, at least we got.....<reads notes>....Mike Clevinger!
  4. That Astros lineup is stupid. With that being said, no way no how, should the Sox have been in on Abreu at 3/60. Not a chance.
  5. True, we like to aim for the middle, and act on neither option. Sadly, you may be right.
  6. Because the only other FA player of signifigance after '23 is Yasmani, and rest assured, there is no one taking that contract right now. Folks are acting like they've forgotten 40+ years of behavior from current ownership. The status quo isn't going to magically change in 2023/2024.
  7. Good point. Ownership has proven time and again, they are willing to sign home grown pitchers to long term, costly contracts.
  8. Most of us aren't hating on Gio because of his performance, I think most of us are realistic enough to know he is gone after 2023 either way. So, why not make a move that makes sense for the team, more long term.
  9. Boy, the Adam Engel experiment may FINALLY come to a close. The organization has been stuck on him for too long, with him never able to prove he can stay healthy.
  10. I can't wait to see Jason Heyward in RF for us in 2023.
  11. OH Boy, I can already see a typical Sox move coming: signing Heyward as the lefty right fielder. I can even imagine how Hahn would spin it.... ”In Jason, we get one of the premier bats in the game, at a fraction of his 22 million dollar worth.”
  12. You mean the organization who has had 10 managers in 30 years, only 1 of which finished with a winning record overall (by 9 games no less)? We definitely should be concerned that they didn't want Grifol, they've been great at picking managers.
  13. Not sure how you make this interesting, Graveman, and yet........here we are...
  14. And with today's results, Yoan has officially passed the 'Mendoza Alert' award to Grandal.
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