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  1. Love you Cease, but I'm on a mission to see us finish 40 games under .500.
  2. A 7-8-9 that strikes fear into any opposing team.
  3. 3-7 for a cool, even 40 games under .500 for the Championship Window run.
  4. My estimation early on, of 70-92, was WAY more optmistic than I thought. Only 3 teams in baseball have given up more runs this year, than the Sox. Only 2 teams in baseball have scored fewer runs this year, than the Sox. Championship Window
  5. There you go, fixed it for you. I think your keyboard typed some extra stuff there by accident.
  6. I get it, but he isn't even the worst on this roster, WAR wise. And he's making a hell of a lot less than the guy who is, our Jackie Robinson of modern baseball.
  7. More Trayce Thompson and Gavin Sheets in the outfield, just what everyone wants to see...
  8. I think if Colas' only issue, was his slow success at the plate, he wouldn't be sent down. The problem is, he's had these lapses of judgement in the field and just overall, that have to be corrected.....ESPECIALLY if your GM talks about exactly that, being an issue. BUT, as SCCWS said, the AAA season is basically over, so the timing is stupid. Reeks of "We're going to back up what Getz says, even if it makes no sense!"
  9. Burnt Ends all the way, on that choice. What a terrible series of baseball ahead!
  10. It is the year 2023, right in the midst of the 'competitive window' for the Chicago White Sox. Touki Toussaint is the Ace of the pitching staff.
  11. Quickest I've ever cancelled my auto-renew for MLB.tv. Sorry, I'm not watching this train wreck, until we have a new conductor.
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