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  1. Just a heads up: Maldonado in May: 2 for 21, 15 K's Needs to play more.
  2. But by all means, lets keep splitting time equally with Martin Farking Maldonado...
  3. Oh...wait a minute. This damn clown did it again...traded a 20 year old in Rookie league, for a 28 year old journeyman OFer??? AND, Julks was DFA for Houston before this? So stupid. Stop treating the organization like your personal save of MLB the Show, asshat.
  4. Guess Getz turned on MLB the Show a bit early this morning, and felt the need to make some more unnecessary moves. Glad Ortega is gone, though. And quite amusing that they didn't release him until AFTER he got his first hit.
  5. OK well, enough of that one for today. Probably shut out #10 on the way for the season.
  6. Terrible effort by Lee there, too. The mediocrity is spreading like the flu!
  7. Lord, Keystone Kops today, I guess winning the first 3 is about already more than we could have asked for. Vaughn not even close to the ball.
  8. Yes Tim Hill, lets worry about Jose Ramirez stealing bases.
  9. Huh? He's been more than adequate, especially defensively where everyone praises our Music Video superstar.
  10. Thing is, Soroka's stuff today was way better than the guy currently allowing 0 runs out there. Terrible ABs with RISP, and a pretty inconsistent strike zone to boot.
  11. Beyond ridiculous that we're out here, letting shlump Ortega not only be on the roster, but actually start and get ABs that virtually anyone in AAA would better benefit from.
  12. I admittedly just tuned in, but....are we out here being baffled by 89-91 MPH stuff?
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