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  1. Did leury get designated?
  2. I think it was 2 hours. 6-8 he would be living in Ohio
  3. Dude is made out of glass. I swear he needs to take yoga. I think that's his problem. Too much muscle
  4. Great documentary. Every once made my cry for some odd reason. That 90 team was great.
  5. Nice singing with tremaine Edwards for the bears
  6. Wow a lot of kool-aid being drank....
  7. What's truly amazing is how stupid of an owner we got....
  8. I wouldn't mind it in the the 12th or something. Not the 10th
  9. Was planning to go to pittsburgh for there opening weekend against the Sox bit my wife vehicle being totaled didn't help. So I'll be watching from home
  10. I gotta say looking at short vids and pics they look really happy and tight knit. Let's all hope
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