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  1. Oh wait another former Royal. This would have been decent 5 yrs ago....
  2. Tell you what Bobby Abreu had a real solid carrer too. Maybe Hall of Very good tho
  3. Helton, Beltre, Wagner.... Beltran should be in but not sure if the cheating thing will hurt. I think Andruw will eventually get in. Torii might have somewhat of a case in the future
  4. I saw J.P France, Chas McCormick and prospects
  5. Anyone seen the proposed cease deal to the Astros from Sports Ilustrated?
  6. Not crying over benetti but Boyer needs to go
  7. Thank God we won't be hearing his first this and his first that over and over.... Sorry Jason has a great story and I wish him well but his schtick was getting tiresome and old
  8. Ahhh another Royal..... Drew Butera
  9. Weird I know Garfien said on his podcast that they were talking to a former Sox player... Wonder if it was Paulie
  10. Lol. This Jabroni has owned this team since I was 5.
  11. Lol. This Jabroni has owned this team since I was 5.
  12. Ross pretty much won all these years and is out and yet the s%*# show on the south side keep the clown they got.. In the words of Harry Carey..... I just can't figure it out.....
  13. I didn't say that I agreed with it. I'm just stating what they might be thinking
  14. Nobody and nobody......
  15. I think they meant for a culture change. I believe they feel next year is kinda wasted year anyways, so these guys could help changing the locker room.
  16. Sox need to jump on this. She can help in some capacity and is probably more competent than a lot of people in the org
  17. At least he's not a former Royal....
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