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  1. I know Schilling is a douche, but he should get in. He was a great pitcher. Lots of athletes are jerks.
  2. Sign Bellinger to a 1/2 season contract 7 million. 8 million option for second half. 1 million mutual buyout. Buy a little time for Colas. If CB is toast buy him out. Maybe his release wakes him up. If he bounces back, he'll make a ton from somebody else in July.
  3. Who is to say either of them can make the first cut?
  4. I always liked #1. Reminds me of Gary Redus.
  5. nice post. I have your jersey in my closet. I also have a copy of baseball digest from 1972. guess who is on the cover?
  6. 18 taters and 37 doubles in Oakland. What does that translate into on the south side?
  7. Exactly. Could you even imagine the Sox having this problem? LOL
  8. Sad to see. Also, totally necessary.
  9. As Ralph Kramden said many times, "har de har har Alice".
  10. It would help cut down on injuries a whole lot. It's kinda weird to see a guy lead the league with 220 innings pitched too.
  11. Lux hit .175 in more at bats when he was 22. Getting started can be tough, but Sosa has always hit. If given a chance Sosa and Rodriguez will both be above average players in the majors. As a rule, the Sox are impatient with rookies.
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