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  1. Who cares? I almost didn't post to keep the replies at 0. that's really what this thread deserves.
  2. zisk

    7/6 Games

    It wasn't meant to slam CM. It was meant to praise an 18 year old who is killing it. That being said, I am a little disappointed in CM's play so far this year. Are you satisfied with his play so far?
  3. zisk

    7/6 Games

    what's the line on Wolkow beating Montgomery to the majors?
  4. we'll hold on to him to eat innings after Fedde and maybe Crochet are moved. It'll be ugly. I am going to enjoy the next 2 weeks of the season. the Sox are playing like a 75-80 win team right now. after the trades it's gonna be like April again.
  5. even during his best year, Cease walked a ton of guys. Crochet looks to be as dominant as any one in baseball. I simply wouldn't trade him if it's not an enormous haul. Roll the dice and trade him in the spring. did you know because of his poor control, Dylan Cease has never pitched more than 185 innings in a season?
  6. zisk

    7/3 Games

    golden sombrero for "Big George"Wolkow. nobody is perfect
  7. zisk

    7/2 Games

    colson 0-3, 3 strike outs.
  8. the wife turns over to rizzoli & isles once we're down by two or more. she won't find out we tied it up until a commercial.
  9. It was the proper send. Two outs and he was thrown out by back to back perfect throws.
  10. I swear, if we could bat against our own defense we'd have about 7 more runs in the last two games alone.
  11. zisk

    7/1 Games

    Colson another rotten game.
  12. watching the rockies on defense today must be like watching the white sox in the 50s-60s. every time they make the exceptional look ordinary.
  13. he sure gets up to speed fast for an 18 year old. strike outs are way down too. sox might really have something here.
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