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  1. Yep. It just gives me yet again another reason to save money when at the ballpark this season 🙂
  2. Wonder where Grifol got that idea from 🤔 there is a carcass named TLR floating around this organization non stop…..
  3. If you are Getz kick your feet up and keep the asking price high
  4. Well I’m sure the Royals fans will be happy to see their alumni team play on a regular basis to reminisce on seasons past but it’s an embarrassment as a Sox fan
  5. This team looks very old. Fixed it for ya…
  6. Hahahhahahahahaha all the royals…..
  7. Pedro is a moron. This team won’t be relevant again until both those clowns are gone. I don’t want Pedro anywhere near Montgomery Ramos or any of the younger players.
  8. https://x.com/whitesox/status/1755709606783787442?s=46&t=JzxlP-5WAau6tv45z5GU7g
  9. Going with their all defense and players who swing w paper towel roll for a baseball bat combined with their uncertain rotation and current bullpen as constructed I see them losing 105 games. The losses may not be as bad or as frustrating as last year but they are definitely going to add up.
  10. I think saying things COULD go south quickly is giving them too much credit. It’s more like WHEN they go south.
  11. This would not be a surprise. It’s mid July 2024 when a reporter points this out in a sit down with TLR and he then says well you must know the rules better than me.
  12. Call who out though? At some point you have to sign someone to be apart of your core moving forward and all they are doing are signing veterans to 1 year deals who won’t be on the team in 2025 when you see some of the younger kids start to come up at the earliest? I just don’t get it
  13. Doesn’t do much good if you can’t score some runs. Losing 3-1 or 4-2 every day with a bunch of guys who can’t hit will make for a long year
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