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  1. It’s cheap in the terms of you can just spend the money to bring in Clevinger and keep Giolito, however I don’t think you can have both on the roster. It’s cheap when the Sox will take an internal strength like their pitching and weaken it to fill other holes on the roster
  2. I would bring him in but imagine he won’t be cheap, with limited cash I’d still assume they end up trading Giolito for needs elsewhere and still try to resign Cueto….#WhitesoxCheap
  3. If they want Yolbert that bad they could just wait a week till the rule 5 draft and potentially snag him then. Just no way I see the Twins trading Kepler to the Sox.
  4. Take the deal for Torres because a couple things will have to have happened….you shake up the core by dealing Moncada and would probably have to shake it up even more if you didn’t deal Donaldson because he has issues with both Giolito and TA….or keep them all and watch the s%*# storm implode
  5. He also suggested we were 5th likely to sign Judge or something like that….so yeah…wish I could believe something the dude says but at this point he’s no better than the foodies
  6. everyone knows these accounts are all frauds but ill add the biggest fraud of them all to the chat
  7. Yep. I was super pumped headed to my daughters thanksgiving dinner at her school and was thinking here we finally go….only to have just about every signing after go down the crapper and an ownership and GM cry poor….such a shame
  8. What the White Sox could/should be but we have an owner too worried about losing money….you know what doesn’t lose you money….putting a winning ball club out there year after year
  9. At this point I will say the window has been closed until further notice
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