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  1. Not to deflect from the situation and don’t really know where to put this but I thought I read somewhere the Yanks have 6 SP? Maybe they can get a Frankie Montas off of them somehow…
  2. This 1,000,000 percent. JR gets to save a buck and say he gave it the good ol try
  3. Only way this could have turned out worse for the Sox was a lot of suggestions out there trading Giolito right around the time he was signed. This organization is trash from ownership down.
  4. Today has been the first day in it feels like a week that it has worked for me. I don’t know what the deal is
  5. Before the Hendriks news I would have said a Graveman type just to appease Jerry and his penny pinching ways if they would take him and Crochet if the Sox were willing to take on salary but we both know that won’t happen. Difficult to see how they could make the money work out at the moment
  6. I want to know what these trade ideas were to improve the team Hahn was referring to.
  7. This. Not a bad guy to bring off the bench, makes the Leury signing look even worse than it already is. Just wish the Sox would quit screwing around and go get Gleyber and call it an offseason.
  8. Minnesota once again pays someone a higher contract than any given in Sox history lol
  9. Wow this is just terrible. Hope Liam kicks this in the ass
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