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  1. They should simply move the games to Madison Square Garden.
  2. You make it sound like it's impossible for someone to get a point across with tact and empathy, so they need to resort to debate class tactics or some uber alpha nonsense.
  3. Bronx AQI currently at 324. Yeeeaaahhh these games ain't that important.
  4. You say that like it's a bad thing.
  5. This offense continues to be such a disappointment.
  6. Who are the current duds we need to know about?
  7. This thread is way more interesting than anything team related at the moment.
  8. Solid dunk on the sox terrible roster aside, Robert has MVP potential regardless of what team he's on. Sadly, though, his chances of meeting that potential probably increase greatly if he was on another team.
  9. You keep making comments like this, but exactly what kind of discourse are you looking for right now?
  10. Hell yeah Rick, you jumped the trade market by getting all these injured guys back, you sneaky little genius.
  11. It’s hard to get excited about a draft pick if it’s these same knuckleheads doing the drafting and developing.
  12. Yep. Worst case scenario is they play .500 or slightly over the rest of the way. Not bad enough to force change and not good enough to make the playoffs. Just sort of existing. Exciting stuff.
  13. I have no idea what you’re talking about
  14. Oh I totally agree. A big swing and miss on the sarcasm for me. Likely on a slider down and away.
  15. Sounds like your armchair gm skills just need work.
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