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  1. Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed the back and forth of these last handful of posts. Every point and counterpoint is well thought out where I’ve found myself agreeing with both sides 🤷‍♂️
  2. And they just keep doing this sort of thing over and over. Surely Andrew Vaughn can step in and be an adequate outfielder. Surely Gavin Sheets can be our big left handed bat (and an adequate outfielder lolol). If it works out, they’re the smartest guys in the room (and they’ll be sure to let you know it). And if it doesn’t work out, there aren’t really any repercussions, at least not ones they seem to care much about.
  3. Relatedish…Twins new uniforms just dropped. Love the home whites, the rest are whatever
  4. Yup. They really gotta balance out the home and alternates a bit more.
  5. That's where I would disagree. I feel like their version of being serious is settling for a team that is "good enough" and then hoping best case scenarios play out (i.e. Andrew Vaughn you are now a starting outfielder, Gavin Sheets you are our big left handed bat and also an outfielder). They don't exactly go the extra mile to fill holes.
  6. I'd say they're serious by White Sox standards, but not relative to actual contenders in the league. And yes, they are not good at their version of serious.
  7. I feel like it’s a little more nuanced than you either are or aren’t injury prone. Take someone like Aaron Judge. 2017: Played in 96% of his team’s games 2018: 70% 2019: 63% 2020: 47% 2021: 91% 2022: 97% Is he injury prone or not? I’m not saying some guys aren’t more of a risk than others, but to definitively decide now that he’ll never stay healthy seems shortsighted.
  8. I totally get this thinking. And honestly, if that’s the case, trade Gio, trade Lynn, trade Hendriks (and TA?). Finish 2nd, finish 4th, whatever, it’s all the same. What’s maddening to me is the balancing act of sort of focusing on the present and sort of focusing on the future, while not doing either effectively. Pick a lane.
  9. I think this illustrates in general how difficult it is to field a competitive team in the present WHILE worrying about still staying competitive in the future. But even more so with the Sox and their self-imposed restrictions and insistence on getting in their own way. Based on the current roster, contracts and closing window, I’d argue that this is exactly the time to buy a rental. It’s a win now move. And if they’re not actually trying to win now, then what are they even doing? Oh, that’s right, they’re trying to field a consistently second place team that prides itself on being “good enough” and relies on catching breaks and best case scenarios playing out. To be clear, I’m with you that Winker probably doesn’t move the needle enough to be worthy of a rental, but this is the corner they’ve painted themselves in and I think it’s a slightly better move than continuing to half-ass it.
  10. You’re a more generous grader than I am. I liked the extensions of Moncada, Eloy, TA and Robert at the time, and think they were generally well received, again, at the time. I’d say the same about the Grandal signing and the Lynn trade. And after that they just sort of…stopped? Combine that “we’re good enough” arrogance with some of the above moves not aging well and yiiiiikes, here we are.
  11. You can’t expect it, but you basically have to hope for it. Like it or not, that’s more or less the plan.
  12. I get being cynical, but would you actually prefer to hear about him that’s realistic? He’s not getting traded, he’s not getting DFA’d (yet), and when the season starts he’s going to be the starting catcher.
  13. I would hope catcher is lower on the priority list than SP and OF.
  14. I’m not really understanding the trading Gio thing when SP is one of their bigger needs.
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