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  1. I’m imagining one of those scratch off lotto tickets the size of a fricken wall. Ugh, what a pain that would be. Needing a ladder to reach all the scratch off parts. And imagine the clean up!
  2. Spoken from my own crotchetiness, I think it’s sort of a mood-swingy thing by nature because one can both 1) Understand that Gallo may very well be the best possible realistic move and 2) Hate that that’s a rational and coherent thought.
  3. Put some respect on Clancy’s chips’ name.
  4. The problem is that the Sox are only targeting leftover players.
  5. The two new threads I wake up to are the Padres signing Bogaerts and the Sox Joey Gallo rumor thread. It’s fucking poetic.
  6. I'll certainly take consolation prizes at this point, but I don't know. I get the big picture angle if it's an overpay, but the Twins would still be adding a good player.
  7. How can you both believe in the talent and be open to significant change? As the kids say these days, tell me you don’t believe in the talent without telling me you don’t believe in the talent. Or is it, tell me you aren’t open to significant change without telling me you aren’t open to significant change. I suppose ultimately it’s tell me you don’t have a direction without telling me you don’t have a direction.
  8. Disappointment is already the overall vibe here. Expectations are incredibly low, even for Sox fan standards.
  9. The #Whitesox still seeking outfielder like Aaron Judge
  10. I'd imagine they have several more moves to make...
  11. Oh man, that can get you such a haul of relief pitchers.
  12. I wasn't implying that you didn't understand the phrase, I was implying that it's absurd to rely solely on pixie dust and luck over and over. We, well the majority of us anyway, didn't know at the time that this FO could/would fail at a rebuild, so it was time to try something different. Now we know.
  13. I mean, the lightning in a bottle phrase is literally referred to as such because it describes something that is extremely difficult or unlikely. Maybe the tank/rebuild was destined to fail because of the schmoes running the show, but they're the same schmoes that would have been running whatever the alternatives were.
  14. Curious what you think the other options were. Like actual options that JR would have signed off on.
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