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  1. Should have sold high. Always sell high on relievers. Especially when you suck.
  2. The Sox brass have a lot of stuff to worry about right now. The Cubs aren't one of them.
  3. It didn't look too serious to me. Might be a couple week deal, though. Which would be a bummer he can't chase 40 HRs if so.
  4. Why pull Touki? He was rolling. Pedro sucks at this.
  5. Well, Gavin, you posting a 65 wRC+ while providing no defensive value of any kind was certainly a contributing factor. Why is this clown playing RF? I know these games don't count, but I'd literally rather watch anyone else play RF. Let another game get out of hand last night trying gator arm a ball down the line that just about any league average OF catches with ease.
  6. This x1000. Dude was owed like $5.5M for 8 starts. Its no surprise he went unclaimed. If he was just due $1.5M without the buyout, he wouldn't have made it very far, even with the DV stuff.
  7. I actually think there is a solid chance Clevinger does return. From the Sox perspective, picking up their side of the option is a no brainer. They need minimum 3 SP and he's a net cost of $8M. No way you find a better arm for $8M. From Clevinger's perspective, he locks in $8M in extra dollars for 2024 and gets another year of the passage of time away from his DV allegations. That at least has to be part of the calculus here, there are definitely teams that won't touch him with a 10 foot pole, we just don't know how many. The fact that he went unclaimed on waivers is at least some indication teams don't want his baggage, though obviously the price tag was significant with the buyout. If I had to guess, Clevinger is pitching for the Sox next season.
  8. Ok, mid next season. Whatever. He's a big time LHP prospect coming off TJS. His results this year are pretty irrelevant.
  9. Eder is widely considered one of the best 10 LHSP prospects in the game. He'll probably be a top 100 prospect early next season. His numbers have been bad this year, but he's coming off TJS. Let's wait until we see what he looks like next season before we write him off as nothing.
  10. Its always been a health thing for Yoan. He's a fantastic defensive 3B. He doesn't need to be that good of a bat to a well above average contributor. At this point, I will certainly not argue with anyone that hates him and says he's a cancer. I am not convinced he's a true clubhouse problem, but I think its more than he just doesn't care all that much. The reality of the situation is that Yoan is going to be here next year unless Getz eats like $20M+. I don't see that happening. So I am hoping to see a really nice first half from Yoan, and maybe Sox can move him at the deadline for a lottery ticket and some $ for JR's pocket.
  11. You really think the Sox are just gonna essentially black ball him? That’d be quite a position to take, especially because he’ll probably rake in AAA and obviously does some stuff this club really lacks when he’s going right.
  12. Hasn't JR already said a long contracted rebuild isn't happening this offseason? The Sox can't really even benefit that much from a tank job in 2024. They cannot pick top 6 in the draft two years in a row. It is more than fair to debate that the "core" of this team isn't worth building around coming off an 100 loss season, but there is something there to work with, especially when you have Luis Robert and a guy in Cease you pretty much can't trade this winter at this point. I think the Sox are much more likely to try to scrape together a .500ish team that could stay in the AL central race than enter another rebuild.
  13. I mean, is it possible he gets traded? Sure. But it wouldn't make much sense, in my opinion. Sox have been looking for a LHH RF for years. He hits LH. He plays hard. He has power. He has a glove (though its been much worse than I anticipated, but a lot of his gaffes seem to be mental). Don't get me wrong, its been a disaster debut season for Oscar. But trading him now doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Its not like the Sox are forced to make a decision on him this offseason -- he can be optioned in 24 and 25. I'd much rather see them try to actually develop this guy than trade him after a disaster rookie campaign.
  14. Man, I'd be surprised by this. Guy has 2 more seasons of options. Trading him after a terrible rookie campaign would be silly, especially for a team that badly needs a LHH RF. The mistake was just writing his name into the 2023 lineup in sharpie coming out of ST and not making him earn it in AAA first.
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