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  1. Yeah, forgot he was on milb IL, so that makes that a bit more unlikely but not impossible. Maybe Leone then. Would be surprised to see them 60 day Robert.
  2. He hasn’t. And he shouldn’t. But I’d rather play Sheets out there than 30 somethings that have no chance of returning anything meaningful even if they perform well in a season where we’re already 2-13. It’s not like Grossman plays good defense - dude dropped a ball both you and I would have caught with ease today.
  3. Meh. I’d rather have none of them and just let Fletcher, Colas and DeLoach soak up as many ABs as possible. You still have to play Benintendi for obvious reasons and and Robert will be back in 5-6 weeks. Pham, Grossman and pillar accomplish nothing at this point.
  4. I doubt it. Getz literally said Friday that Robert may only miss 6 weeks. Seems unlikely to make that statement and then guarantee 8 weeks 72 hours later. Davis Martin 60 day is my guess. And good for the Sox to secure the extra year. 32 starts of a potentially decent to good SP in a potentially competitive season >>>>> 2 more starts in a punted one.
  5. Seems like as good of a time as any…just get this twat out of here.
  6. With a 1.7 whip. I like Bummer, and I think the Sox did fine on that trade. Soroka has been disappointing but Soroka, Schuster and Shewmake alone were a very reasonable gamble.
  7. Grossman should be DFA tonight. There is simply no reason for him to take ABs away from younger players.
  8. Another run on Maldonados tab. Guy fu*kin blows
  9. I think the idea was that they didn’t know the extent of Yoans injury until the next day and Colas was the only healthy position player on the 40 man. But yeah…we’re on same page that Colas should have just stayed.
  10. They probably don’t want to lose Mendick and don’t really care if they have to DFA Remillard again in a few days when Eloy is ready.
  11. If we could see the following lineup by August, it could be mildly interesting to watch. C : Lee, 1B: AV, 2B: Sosa, SS: Montgomery, 3B: Ramos, LF: Beni, CF: Robert, RF: Colas/Fletcher, DH: Eloy/Sheets BN: Sheets, Fletcher/Colas, Stassi/Maldonado, Shewmake/Lopez
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