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  1. Hindsight 20/20, but stick with Lambert after 1 batter rather than Graveman on B2B days. It was bottom of order anyway.
  2. In what works is bummer bad? Sheets, on the other hand, is terrible.
  3. Bleh. Entirely avoidable half inning. Graveman can’t walk Maldonado and Beni has to catch that looper.
  4. LFG can’t help but wince everytime Eloy runs
  5. They did review it. It was a solid slide, play was super close. He looked safe from some angles.
  6. I don’t really think we have any defensive subs do we? Our bench all mostly sucks at fielding besides Romy.
  7. Kind of funny that they just skipped the DFA phase of this because they knew there was no way in hell anyone was claiming him or working a trade. I still do expect Leury to be back in the bigs pretty quickly, though.
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