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  1. He doesn’t have options. He wouldn’t have been available (or at least would have been much more expensive) if he did.
  2. Traded for a Billy Sullivan. A RH reliever that does not appear on any Phillies top 30 lists. Crazy fall for Pache. Hope he figures it out with the Phils.
  3. If the lineup san Yaz stays mostly healthy and they win 78 games, the pitching will need to be an absolute dumpster fire.
  4. I hope Beni hits 2nd. Pedro sure made it seem like he'll be 3rd based on ST lineups, but I will love it if that was just a spring thing and he changes his position once the real games start.
  5. Great news. Kind of expected IMO as they had a couple chances to do so last 4-6 weeks and didn’t. That coupled with with narrative around him being mostly positive at ST, I think Liam will be back before most expected.
  6. White Sox 92-70 Twins 85-77 Guardians 83-79 Royal 69 - 93 Tigers 68 - 94 White Sox 2nd best record in AL. Yankees win east. Angels!! win west. Astros, Jays and Mariners are wild cards, in that order. All of Eloy, TA and Robert play over 120 games. Eloy hits 40+ homers. Giolito is an all star and everyone gnashes their teeth when the Sox don't re-sign him. Pedro Grifol is AL MOY.
  7. I’ll wait to freak out until he looks like s%*# in 3-4 MLB starts.
  8. Really no point in Kopech going 100% today tho. But I get the concern.
  9. Another homer for Romy. Going to be tough to sit this dude on the bench Thursday night against a LHP.
  10. Yeah, I probably would have given it to him over Santos who had an option still purely just for the sake of depth. But probably doesn't really matter.
  11. Quite a fall from grace for Pache. Dude was a major prospect 1.5 years ago. I'd take a flier pending price, but imagine a lot of rebuilding clubs would also be interested. But the A's certainly fit that bill, so maybe he's just trash? Burger for Pache, perhaps? Burger would make a nice platoon partner for Jace Pederson in Oakland. I do think Burger will be needed at times in Chicago, but obviously something has to give from the 40 man and I suspect the A's will be able to get something of relative value for Pache. I suspect they'll DFA him tomorrow to buy themselves some more time to find the best deal.
  12. Big fan of McKenzie other than him being on Cleveland. Sounds like he may miss up to 2 months. Believe it or not, the Guardians don't have much in the way of pitching depth. Their 6th and 7th starters are the moment are ChiSox cast offs in Pilkington and Bilous. This hurts for Cleveland...alot.
  13. Correct. And that final option will be used in 2 days when he's sent to Charlotte. Not when he's recalled later this season. 1 option is good for the whole season.
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