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  1. I could be convinced on Helton and Rolen and I really want to see Buehrke get some love from the writers but, all in all, a pretty weak list, especially since known roid users will be blocked. You are right, though. The committees are where it gets interesting and will be for a while.
  2. Solid hire and at least like what I am reading but why do I feel we are in for a bumpy off-season?
  3. Honest question: what kind of track record does hitting coaches have as managers?
  4. I understand and I get it. I just don’t like the optics and there is so much more to be concerned about with this team.
  5. I am talking about a plan for the team, not a managerial search. Find the manager that fits the plan for the team. I just see darts thrown at the wall. You just don't invoke the name of Ozzie. They handled this much better in 2017 and 2020. Took him out of the running from the beginning. I have been wondering why this hasn't been the case to even this late of a date. Ozzie just enflames passions on both sides of the debate and, obviously, hijacks the process. I have said here I am fine with Ozzie and I am despite all the apparent baggage. To me, it would show the team is still interested in contending next year and maybe, just maybe, Jerry opens the wallet and gives us a chance to realistically trade or sign for a piece we need, i.e. Nimmo. At least it's a direction. Grifol, Washington, Mendoza, et al?? I will be fine with any of them as long as there is a plan other than anybody but Guillen. The Sox are an incomplete, mess of a team and we have all witnessed a disastrous 2022 as fans. I was hoping for some transparency in this search but that also just wishful thinking.
  6. Explain the dance with the devil last week. How do you go to a guy like Mendoza and honestly say, "Don't worry. Ozzie is not looking over your shoulder. Just don't screw up." We have seen this with players... no real plan until the last possible minute and then options are limited. Again, I have no real beef with Mendoza per se. Whoever they hire, I want them to succeed. The route they are taking makes that an increasingly remote possibility.
  7. This is officially a disaster now. I have nothing against Mendoza. Seems like a viable candidate and would always hope him the best if he gets the job. Just hard to understand why he comes out at the 11th hour when, as far as I know, was not on anybody's radar. Just another example of how the Sox do not have a plan for anything and they just dither.
  8. Ron Washington is still out there, I guess?
  9. Hate to nitpick because he did move on and I get the sentiment but it was after game 160, not exactly middle of the season.
  10. I just don’t see forced. Ozzie made a judgment call based on what he knew at the time, a lot like the judgment call many here are making about Abreu. That’s why I said , ‘love this’. It’s just the hypocritical thinking that drives me nuts on this board like when someone praises Cleveland and then in the next breath talks about ‘modern analytical baseball…’ or bashes small ball. Just many ways to win in this game but you need a plan or strategy.
  11. Love this. Thome was 38 in a free agent year and he was traded to a contender. I don't remember anyone forcing anyone. It was what it was for a 79-83 team and the Sox did have a decent season in 2010. The one thing I will admit. 2011 was a disaster, not that much better than 2022. But speed on the base paths will be a thing next year with the rule changes.
  12. Yeah... I just don't understand why anyone would trust Hahn to make this decision. There has just never been a real plan to contend and a manager is not going to change that. All I want from a manager is to get this team to play harder and smarter. Maybe we catch lightning in a bottle - injuries are at a minimum and Robert and Eloy become the middle of the order we all envisioned a few scant years ago. Can Ozzie do that? Maybe. Can any of the other names do that? Again, maybe. Just way to much emphasis on the manager selection when the flaws are all still here. I just want a team I can enjoy to go and watch. That was not the case in 2022.
  13. Ozzie's teams never seemed to have trouble hitting HRs. Ozzieball was a myth derived from basically trading Carlos Lee for Pods. That part actually worked out.
  14. This is a flawed, unproven team. How can you not go into this offseason without such a realization? The rebuild was never completed. Hell, it never really began. It's a rebuild built on three trades and a couple of international signings. The farm system is disaster. Player development is non-existent and while Tony had his problems, none of this was his fault. Been this way throughout this FO regime. Add in some timely injuries, and voila, you have a team relying on Sheets, Harrison, and Garcia. I just don't get this board sometimes. Seems everyone is looking for the messiah to manage this team. Every thing is a diversion. The way they have handled the manager search has been a diversion, to distract you from a decade-long performance of futility. Hahn and Kenny would not have their jobs on a different team and to that fact, they owe Jerry. Perhaps Jerry is the problem, not going to argue that but he owns the team and I do think he knows the Sox are in a constant battle for relevancy both nationally and in the Chicago market. He just wants to win his way and it's his money. However, expecting Hahn or Kenny to be the savior from the evil Oz is a little short-sighted because a lot of Ozzie backers and even detractors really feel the bigger problem has always been the FO.
  15. Because he will now be known as the artist formerly known as Ozzie Guillen. He will sign everything ‘13’ going forward.
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