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  1. I could see all of this if AJ weren’t 34, injured every year, negative defensive WAR for 4 straight seasons, and coming off of a season where his offensive numbers fell off a cliff. What would AJP bring in terms of value that wouldn’t be better served by a very good defensive outfielder in the minors?
  2. I’m still struggling to understand this. Where the hell could he land with his numbers, age, splits? Who would want him?
  3. It’s unfortunate, but I think this org still perceives Leury having too much “versatility” to cut bait with, because if anyone in the outfield or infield goes down with an long, unexpected injury, he gives you ML depth at probably a fairly reliable 0-1 WAR. I’m trying to decipher his defensive value as a backup infielder and outfielder. What’s the best way to do that?
  4. I’ve worked with someone who got so far into the bottle that he had to quietly be told he had to go to a 4 week intake facility or be removed. He chose the facility, and very few people know he wasn’t on a leave of absence for medical reasons. For me… and I’m also just some dummy on a message board speculating… this all kind of adds up now. I don’t want to assume anything, and certainly I’m sympathetic if that’s what happened, but it really does make sense as a possible explanation.
  5. I’m optimistic because they had a bad enough season where it was clear TLR had to go. Could you imagine if they squeaked in with 88 wins, made it a close three game series with like Tampa, then stood pat and ran back exactly the same season because “injuries”? This was the most excruciating season I’ve ever endured, but I’m glad it was bad enough to make major changes. I love the Sox way too much not to care whatever happens. It was clear TLR had to go, they had to make a very tough but right choice with Pito, and they needed a different approach of managing. They are 3/3 so far.
  6. I haven't chimed in on this thread yet (I don't dislike the hire) but just wanted to say that the more Gavin Sheets plays in 2023, the more the Sox's season will be disastrous. The less he plays the better off we all are. Gavin is the type of player you want on a rebuilding squad. He is not a meaningful major league asset to a contending team.
  7. Well he is a 4 WAR player; it is a statistic, not an opinion. It’s like saying you have the opinion that he didn’t hit over .300 this year.
  8. For those of you not voting Abreu an A, Why? The man had over 4 WAR at age 35. I’m really not sure how you could have expected more from him. edit: never mind, seeing the above exchange now.
  9. Do you think the White Sox were a once in a lifetime team like the 85 bears, always in the conversation of best ever, or a very, very good team that had everything go their way and happened to win a World Series? I think what I’m saying is that the White Sox assembled a very good roster and it all hit - but in an insanely great way. More than usual. Contreras was literally automatically unbeatable for 12 months. It was Mike Tyson dominant. Freakish.
  10. Not in the slightest. I’m not shitting on the 05 team, I’m stating that literally every break that year that could have gone their way went their way. When they needed a player to come up clutch, when a crazy play had to go their way, even when Ozzie rolled the dice on things like Buehrle closing. Scott podsednik hitting his first home run of the season to win a World Series game. I love the 05 team, but everything went their way. I don’t know a single Sox fan that wouldn’t concede that if AJ hadn’t stolen game 2, the ALCS turns out completely differently.
  11. I think that's an excellent point about evaluating the differences between Sox GMs w/r/t playoff appearances. However, compared to other orgs in the 2000s, the Sox are I believe one of 10 or 11 teams who have made the playoffs 5+ times and won at least 1 WS. Of course, I think we all know 2005 was an BIG outlier. Everyone had career years, everything clicked at exactly the same time, and then you have AJ's play, the starter dominance, Jenks' emergence, Crazy Carl fitting in and filling in for Frank, it just all worked. It had nothing to do with GM savviness, it had to do with luckboxing.
  12. I think my point is that Hahn shouldn't be evaluated either way on the basis of his overall record, because his overall record would have sucked whether he had been as bad as this or won world series all three years from 2020-2022. On the basis of his lack of playoff and divisional success, he should absolutely be evaluated. And buried.
  13. Just to be clear - if Rick Hahn had won 100 games and the world series this year, you would want him to replaced, right? He would still be percentage points worse than the Pirates.
  14. If Rick Hahn had won 100 regular season games and the world series this year, and 100 regular season games and the world series last year, he would still rank exactly the same in comparison to other White Sox GMs, but rank slightly better at 20th out of 30 compared to other GMs in baseball. If he had lost 100 games this year instead of going 81-81, he would still rank exactly the same in comparison to other White Sox GMs, and rank 29th out of 30 compared to other GMs in baseball. In other words, there was NOTHING Hahn could really have done this season or last to substatively change these rankings, so how does this have any meaning with regards to his performance in this particular season? I'm not criticizing, just wondering out loud. If he did everything right, he's aggregately as bad a GM as if he did everything wrong.
  15. So what does this mean? That he is gone for sure?
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