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  1. That’s hasn’t already happened?
  2. Of all divisions I think the Central might be the hardest to predict. I feel like there’s an argument for the Sox, Twins and Guardians all to have anywhere between 75-90 wins. I’ll say the Sox win 86…does that get us in the playoffs? No idea
  3. And throwing motion. Way too much strain on the elbow. 1/2 joking…but might as well just get the TJ surgery out of the way now to not waste development time and he’s basically starting from scratch as a prospect in 2 years.
  4. Burger, Haseley, Alberto and Seby The fact that Haseley is LH isn’t ideal, but I think he’s by far the best 4th OF on the roster (it’s a really low bar) Burger has the best bat in case of a pinch hit situation is needed against a tough lefty. Can back up 3B and 1B Alberto is the best utility IF we have (again, a low bar)
  5. This board really needs therapy…
  6. Bring your son to the ballpark day with special guests Adam and Drake LaRoche.
  7. I really don’t understand the trepidation of batting Colas 5th. Is batting 5th in a lineup on a team projected to miss the playoffs in April in front of a 1/2 full home crowds really going to be “too much” for him? We need a LH bat in the middle of the lineup and it’s Colas or Yaz…I’m taking Colas every day for that spot. Not to mention that this isn’t a 20 year old kid fresh out of college or anything. This is a 24 year old man that left his home at 19 to play professional baseball (albeit in a lower league). I think he’ll be just fine playing for the Sox, not like this team is going to get any spotlight or media attention. Also don’t see how sandwiching him between 2 of our best hitters is a bad thing, the lineup protection should only help.
  8. TA Benintendi Robert Eloy Colas Vaughn Yoan Yaz Elvis Bench- Burger, Alberto, Seby, 1 of Luery/Marisnick/Hamilton/Reyes (they are all bad options, can’t decide)
  9. Very true that being LH doesn’t help his cause. But I guess I’m also hoping there’s a world where Luery doesn’t make the roster. In that case I’d personally want someone on the roster that can play CF competently. Can’t run out a sub par OF defense every time Robert needs a day off
  10. Is there a world where Haseley breaks camp as the 4th OF’er? Would speak more about our horrible depth, but he might have more potential to be decent than anyone we have
  11. I don’t care what hand the pitcher throws with, no way in hell am I putting Romy in the lineup over Colas under any circumstance. Im not sure there’s valid reasoning for Romy to even make the team, let alone earn a platoon spot. I’d rather see Eloy play RF (and I really don’t want to see that) and Burger DH than Romy get AB’s. If you’re going to start the clock on Colas then just let the kid play. If he fails into a platoon then so be it, but cross that bridge if we get there.
  12. Do people really think an extra 10-15 seconds between pitches is really saving arm injuries? To me that’s a lot more of a mental thing for a pitcher taking his time than a guy resting his arm. If your arm is tired/sore from throwing a baseball the difference between 12 secs and 30 secs for the next pitch isn’t helping anything
  13. I know it’s blasphemes to say, but if Colas is on the team I’d rather see Eloy in RF in short spurts than Sheets. I don’t think having a pulse in RF should give Sheets any value to the team. Sheets’ value is going to be purely pinch hit situations off the bench and I think Burger is making a good case to be the better option in that role. I also think we are flexible enough with the rest of our D that the only real position to worry about covering for is CF behind Robert. Which is why I think it will be more important to carry Marisnick or Hamilton on the roster over Sheets. If Robert goes down again I’d rather not see our outfield D revert back to bad with 1 of Colas/10D in CF and Eloy/Sheets in a corner. And Alberto/Romy can cover the IF backup with Elvis sliding to SS if TA does down.
  14. Burger, Marisnick, Seby, and 1 of Romy/Alberto
  15. I feel like there needs to be some self reflection there by Jose. Wasn’t he supposed to be the clubhouse leader that combats these kinds of problems? Don’t get me wrong, I put a lot of blame on TLR and his staff, but the players should also be able to self police themselves to have a functional clubhouse.
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