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  1. Gallo’s shortened 2019 season was the only year he was a high obp guy. 2021 was his best full season at .351…that’s Benintendi’s career average obp. Gallo’s sits at a poor .325 Obviously the 20+ more HR’s Gallo will hit would be nice, which why I said I won’t be mad, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not a little scared of Gallo. I can’t do another Adam Dunn.
  2. I’m not going to be mad at Gallo, but if they are in the same ballpark $ wise I’d prefer Benintendi
  3. Agreed…can Gallo still play CF in a pinch? That would be helpful. Looks like he was decent in CF in 2019 for the Rangers, but hasn’t played there much since. But boy are the FA OF options that will make 4th OF’er $ bleak. Not much there. Could Wil Myers get enough AB’s between OF and 1B to justify whatever he ends up getting(assuming 5-8 mil)?
  4. Not much info on Avila, but I’ll take it. Cheap arm with some upside to possibly eat some innings in the 5th/6th inning…the Ruiz role. Looks like he was tried as a starter at 1 point, so even with the lack of innings so far I imagine he’s got some ability to stretch out and throw multiple innings. “A Modesto native, Avila has been a breakout reliever prospect this season. After starting the year at High-A, Avila earned a promotion to Double-A and he has been even more effective for Richmond. Between both levels, Avila is sporting an incredible 0.79 ERA with 50 strikeouts (13 walks) and 13 saves in 45.1 innings (40 appearances). Avila features multiple fastballs that hover in the mid-90s alongside an eclectic assortment of breaking balls that have done an excellent job keeping opposing hitters off balance. He was selected as the best reliever in the Northwest League by Baseball America and will likely need to be added to the Giants 40-man roster this offseason. Otherwise, another team would likely select him in the Rule 5 draft.” https://www.si.com/mlb/giants/.amp/prospects/sf-giants-prospects-casey-schmitt-nick-swiney-baseball-america-tools
  5. As a Sixers fan I gotta interject on this slander…the “process” was never completed because the NBA are crooks and forced the Collangelo’s upon the Sixers and fired Sam Heinkie. The process was ruined by bad moves from a guy who had burner accounts on Twitter talking bad about his own players. Regardless, the Sixers still went from a 6th-10th seed with no hope to a perennial contender…even if the big playoff success hasn’t come to fruition yet.
  6. He always did, his contract and performance aren’t bad at all…no idea why people didn’t think he had any value. I don’t want to trade him, but trading Liam may very well be the best way to both free up $ and get value back for this team.
  7. 17.5 for Bellinger…said to have turned down multi year offers to take the 1 year deal. Not that it’s a bad risk for them to take…but not sure how the 1 year deal really helps the cubs. Use the 17.5M this year to get a comp pick out of him?
  8. Not sure how legit, but would be a major shake up
  9. I’m not justifying anything. We all know we have an awful and cheap owner. But we also all know there’s nothing we can do about the situation, it is what it is. I’m only talking about the reality of here and now…the roster needs to be improved and trading Liam does indeed represent an opportunity to do so. Not to mention that there’s like 3 quality free agent OF’ers that you listed and Benintendi is probably the only realistic option.
  10. We have 1 OF’er on the roster, of course it’s conceivable we could improve the team by trading Liam. I would have no problem with Lopez sliding into the closer role. The biggest mishap with Jose was not trying to trade him at the deadline. Moving on from soon to be 36 and 34 year olds while they still have value is never a bad idea…now can this front office actually make a smart move and improve the team? That’s a fair question.
  11. Can’t imagine how fun it must be to be a fan of 1 of these teams that actually participates in the big free agent signings….
  12. He’ll def end up getting more, but anything over 4/100 is taking a huge risk on Carlos in my opinion. Maybe throw in a 5th year based on an IP incentive to take it to 5/125, but guaranteeing 6 would be crazy…and won’t surprise me if it happens
  13. Yeah you’re right, my projection was what I expect for the collective average of Vaughn’s prime.
  14. I’d say the 2006 version specifically. .298/.350/.477 with 24 HR’s sounds about right to hope to get out of Vaughn’s prime years. Very good player, shouldn’t be looking to get rid of that player by any means…but when you are talking about a 1B/DH only type of guy the value obviously goes down. If Vaughn could be used in a package without Colas or Montgomery to get an all-star caliber LH OF’er I think you’d have to seriously consider it.
  15. Do you honestly think the White Sox are going to sign a free agent to a contract over 100 million $ this off season?
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