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  1. Maybe Getz is smarter than some people here give him credit for. Smart people are not afraid to hire smart subordinates.
  2. I like that JR said Getz knows the organization and would be a year ahead of an outsider in fixing what's broken. That is a valid reason IMO for the Getz hire. Getz also indicated he would conduct face to face interviews with players and coaches. I believe that indicates a willingness to learn from people who are closer to the problems. When JR first bought the team he signed Fisk which showed the fan base he was serious about building a winner. I suspect that we might see something similar since JR seems to understand the fans frustration.
  3. I live in Southwest Michigan and need to stream the BEARS games. What streaming service would be the best? Thank you in advance.
  4. Those aesthetics point to a player's priorities IMO.
  5. Bingo! The underperformance of Tim Anderson, Grandal, Moncada, and the Hendriks illness where the primary problems. We have several players who seem to care about their glow in the dark accessories than they do about playing tonight's game. I doubt 10# of jewelry help you run faster.
  6. Agree 100%. Controlling the running game is massively important.
  7. I agree. Hahn can really be annoying...but he isn't dumb.
  8. His money for what you get is the problem I would imagine. He is the one player on the WS I would take a PTBNL for. A shadow of his former self.
  9. Things are sure quiet. I guess our FO doesn't work on the weekend.
  10. Yep! Either of them has the potential to come back and bite us bad.
  11. Got to say...the boys look like they enjoy playing baseball with each other.
  12. I'm unsure which way I lean. I certainly think there are no untouchables...but I have his jersey.
  13. I would bet that what they are hearing is "we would need to be blown away". Even Hahn knows that any player including Ohtani has a price.
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