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  1. Amazing how far TA has fallen. That is what's meant by "gotta keep your head in the game."
  2. And right away he makes me take it back.
  3. Yep...like stop using Maldonado...he's toast.
  4. Still watching every game...but for sure disappointed in the poor start. On another note...happy they dropped the gangster celebration after home runs. That's only cool when you are leading the league in all offensive categories.
  5. Jerry's plans along this line are key to all these extension questions. Ten-year extensions can muck up a deal if the plan is to sell.
  6. With 3 one run losses...he wouldn't be wrong. Many thing to like about the pitching and defense. The offense...not do much.
  7. poppysox

    ST Thread

    No...I've been a WS fan for almost 70 years. Much too late for me. Best that you save yourself.
  8. poppysox

    ST Thread

    You would be much happier with a team like the Dodgers. Jerry might live 12 more years with your luck.
  9. poppysox

    ST Thread

    Yep...that's baseball.
  10. poppysox

    ST Thread

    I agree that I point out positives when I can...certainly more than most here. However, when I have a beef with something like LaRussa...I was not even a little bit positive and said so frequently. Every season I look forward to the season and find having a positive take to be more enjoyable. If the team turns out to be bad, I'll turn my attention to individual players. What you or I think won't change a thing. Do you find the constant harping about cheap Jerry to be entertaining?
  11. poppysox

    ST Thread

    No...I mean 100% negative all the time.
  12. poppysox

    ST Thread

    Yeah...it takes all kinds. Still think if we wanted him...offer the most money. By the way...where did that 5 worst teams remark come from? Have you gone over to the dark side?
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