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  1. I hope we don't hire anyone that dumb.
  2. I'll be watching but I really don't care if they win or not. It's a long winter.
  3. Whoever becomes the manager of the White Sox...please let him select his own coaches. These forced marriages don't work.
  4. Yeah...I know. At some point a guy of Jerry's age needs to realize he has at least some responsibility to his customers. Since we have the 7th highest payroll in baseball...I'm not really complaining about the dollars spent. My beef is holding the people accountable that are paid to produce a good product. I have supported the FO as much as anyone, but it is now time to bring in fresh talent.
  5. I would think a rich sportsman would have some pride. I'm talk to you Jerry!
  6. Our front office is unique in that JR, Kenny, and RH work on these things together in large part. This front office won't be fixed until new ownership cleans house. I believe that Kenny is the player evaluator guy and RH is the contract guy. Since JR is the money guy, they all get into the act. It's very hard for JR to blame RH when he was part of the problem.
  7. Bochy and Jirschele where my choices when TL was hired. Nothing has changed.
  8. I'm not the least bit embarrassed. Jerry, Kenny, and Rick did this without any help from the fans.
  9. Again, I ask...who are the talent evaluators?
  10. Dickman, Kelly, Grandal, and Graveman are the most annoying. All of them are overpaid and worthless.
  11. Lots to look forward to. A new FO with a new manager and coaches. Lots of players to use in off season deals. Remember..."a new broom clean."
  12. A talent evaluator brought into the FO would be a welcome addition. We obviously aren't very good at that.
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