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  1. I'm sure it would be sunshine and lollipops on Soxtalk if you were in charge.....I'd probably stay outta the game threads though.
  2. I wish you would have too if that means you could buy out Uncle Jerry.....I mean it would've been nice for your family.
  3. I never knew a founder of a multinational private equity, alternative asset and financial management service corporation did so well. Must be nice.
  4. The standard of living in Cincinnati is pretty low so he'll be fine.
  5. I'm not too concerned....pitching is more important to success. Wait a minute, yes I am concerned.
  6. It reminds me of the scene in one of the Christmas Carols where Scrooge asks for some emotion related to a death and the ghost takes him to a husband telling his wife that their landlord is past relenting, he is dead and she says, "I never thought I'd be so happy to hear of someone's passing"
  7. I see that after baseball, Wortham served as the executive director of the Texas Beef Council....sounds like a guy I'd like to know
  8. But they'll never extend him after he wins the stateside MVP this season.
  9. Outstanding selections Is that Tex Wortham?
  10. Absolutely love your addition of Nancy Faust.
  11. One of my favorite times at the ballpark was a double header where we were sitting pretty even with the mound and this new Shingo guy came in. He kept throwing it slower and slower and the opposing hitters had no chance. It was outstanding fun!!!
  12. How about some positive feedback. Some in the unlikeable thread seemed to want a thread where we discuss Sox players that we just liked regardless of how well they played. Of course there were guys that made you feel good to be a Sox fan for their on and off the field work....I'd put Jose Abreu there....but there is also guys that you maybe just liked for how hard they played or interacted with the fans, etc. I mentioned a few of mine in the other thread but I will post them again here....Tim Hulett, Craig Grebeck, Donn Paul, Darren Lewis. I also liked Kelly Wunsch. I used to love how he would wait to go to the bullpen for when Gene Honda would say "Sox fans....on your feet" Then Kelly would wave to the crowd like the standing ovation was all for him. A coach that I loved for how he interacted with the fans was Man Soo Lee....the Babe Ruth of Korea. I look forward to hearing what other SoxTalkers have to say.
  13. My wife loved the ooo eee ooo chant for Maglio.
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