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  1. Any former manager who has taken out a pitcher when there is noone warming up has to be in the discussion.
  2. How dare you not mention Terry Bevington.
  3. The worst injury problem this team had is that Joe Kelly didn't stay on the IL all season.
  4. Which team would pick up Keuchel to pitch game 1 of the series??
  5. I really dislike the tiebreaker.....let the boys play!!! I'm a man of simple needs, wants and desires....I want 163 back and the cursed insurance jingle gone.
  6. BTW The Pitching matchup is Cease vs Clevinger I'd like to welcome all members of the Brewers community who have chosen to join us today in the Gamethread
  7. Hey a winning streak Guess I get to start another thread tomorrow With Cease going, always a good chance to win You're welcome Milwaukee
  8. Yet they still keep throwing him in high leverage situations....just goes to show how shitty Kelly has been.
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