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  1. Beautiful.....I moved here from McKinley Park in that glorious year of 2005.
  2. BTW It's Davis Martin vs Yu Darvish for those of you scoring at home
  3. Another finalist for the slogan for your 2022 Chicago White Sox...."We don't want to finish under .500"
  4. Wow, I never thought when I started this little thing called Today's Game Thread that I would have the honor to do it all again tomorrow. I'd like to personally thank each and every one of you that made this thing happen: @Balta1701 Thank You @ScooterMcGuire Thank You @BossanoverallsThank You @HighlandThank You @pcqThank You @Harry ChappasThank You @A-Train to 35thThank You @Chick MercedesThank You @Lip Man 1Thank You @JoshPRThank You @The Kids Can PlayThank You @whitesoxwinThank You @fathomThank You @maloney.adamThank You @TnetennbaThank You @Harold's Leg LiftThank You @DashFanThank You @Bob SacamanoThank You @South Side Hit MenThank You @SouthSideGeorgiaThank You @JTBThank You @chw42Thank You @cuban_sammichesThank You @The GrinderThank You @T R UThank You @caulfield12Thank You @ChiSox59Thank You
  5. No reason to get a clutch hit now, AJ. That Kimbrel trade just keeps paying dividends.
  6. "Hold the phone, I didn't think about the more pool money. Time to start winning again."
  7. Yep, don't waste a fine Kosher dog on that schmuck.
  8. It is a hypothetical presser....would not be surprised if he tries to cancel that and any appearance at SoxFest.
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