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  1. Just saw the box score.....is Soroka back to the rotation now??
  2. Oh my, that is some odd stuff....I'm sorry that I missed that guy "live". Seems like he'd get his own chapter if someone wrote This History of Soxtalk......ok maybe just a lengthy footnote,
  3. They should grade the season on a curve.....the final exam for the White Sox is a five game series with the Twins....if the Sox win any of the games, they pass.
  4. Well, I hate gossip but I heard Getzy was seen wearing a Make The White Sox Great Again cap the other day
  5. 2 shutouts in a row by the Sox!!! I watched that last half inning on Gameday....boy Kopech seems to have a helluva time putting guys away. There seemed to be alot of 2 strike foul balls.
  6. I am sure he is gone by the trade deadline or sooner. With him having a great year and the extra year of control, what can we hope to get in a return? I was wondering if the Braves would be willing to part with AJ Smith-Shawver or Hurston Waldrep.....asking too much?? I would love to hear Soxtalk's thoughts, hopes and dreams on this.
  7. It's a darn shame we won't have Fedde after this season.
  8. To paraphrase Meatloaf...... I hate you, hate you I dislike you, dislike you I despise you, despise you But there aint no way I'm ever gonna sweep you But i won't be sad, won't be sad 'Cause 3 outta 4 ain't bad
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