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  1. Any confidence I had in this team went away with those Vaughn and Grandal at bats in the 10th inning on Sunday. I think those broke any spirit I had for awhile.
  2. Contrast that with Jake Burger who said he likes to DH. Of course, Jake also said he learned from the best....Gavin Sheets....so take that into consideration 😉
  3. It's more than that....now at the garage sale they can sell a 2023 game worn Eloy jersey from both affiliates.
  4. If this was not the White Sox organization, I really have to wonder if Grifol would even last the entire season. What has he shown us so far?
  5. Pedro basically said the pitchers he used was how they scripted it with Graveman in the 8th and Kelly in the 9th. Huh?? Kelly has never been a closer, Graveman has.
  6. Let's see if anyone asks Pedro about those pathetic 10th inning at bats.
  7. Ok quick question but before I post it I admit that it was mostly bad defense and poor pitch calling that led to the run in the 9th. Ok my question......Why in the hell does Pedro think that a veteran pitcher like Joe Kelly needs to get out there the next game to help his confidence? If a veteran reliever cannot shake off what happened yesterday, he is in the wrong profession.
  8. Haha, cheaters is such a wonderfully awful show.....something like White Sox baseball.
  9. TA is not a clutch defender....he just is not. The last 2 extra inning losses were in part because he could not make a play at the plate.
  10. I still think he is a cheating POS, but Hinch was obviously the better hire.
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