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  1. I thought he was talking about Pollock 😁
  2. Since this team is a dumpster fire, trade Cease while his value is high. That outta help get this thread going.
  3. I was rooting for him too, damnit. You can't teach speed....you also can't steal 1st base.
  4. Unfortunately if this season goes like many here fear, they may be shopping TA this mid-season. 1 1/2 years of that extremely reasonable contract might net a nice return
  5. They've listed Montgomery's Eta to the majors as 2024! That seems soon for his age but I'm excited to see such optimism for his future.
  6. "Hey, this vendor in CF is passing out free beer....yeah, you just have to listen to him for a bit about how he is in the Hall of Fame."
  7. Giant bags of Popcorn for everyone.....just don't tell Jason....he'll snitch.....
  8. Can you imagine the vitriol from the ESPN reporters..."WILL IT BE WORTH IT WINNING YOUR 1ST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WITH THIS PITCHING STAFF?!?"
  9. I was at a family Sunday at the Field of Dreams site last summer. The "ghost players" were on the field in their White Sox gear of course. In the crowd, I was the only person wearing a Sox cap....it was a sea of Cubbie blue with the occasional Cardinals hat. The White Sox will never be popular in Iowa no matter what they do imo.
  10. How about we go all in with a 6 man rotation including Clevinger and Bauer.
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