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  1. Sanford too in this class for them. Lot of nice upside players drafted so far for the Pirates.
  2. McClain, the profile looks very underwhelming. 😑
  3. If not then he or Jordan should be the pick based on their ceilings imo.
  4. Doyle basically said ion a Sox pod he’s got some “cancer” or bad character to him. I agree though, he’s super enticing to take here in round 3 with the upside.
  5. Was listening to one of the Sox pods last weekend and can’t remember which one? Anyways they had Doyle on and he said Sirota had real attitude issues. Wonder if Sox would touch that type of potential culture issue today?
  6. Jordan, Sirota, Oakie, Tears or Whitney would all be great.
  7. I think he may be the most slept on P in the entire system. The stuff looked electric when he’s been healthy in his few starts. I can’t wait to see more of him and how he looks when he’s bumped to WS in high A
  8. At quick glance Jordan and Sirota are 2 names that stick out like a sore thumb tomorrow for Sox to potentially nab.
  9. Getz better cash tf out dealing crochet in the next 2 weeks. I am so annoyed.
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