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  1. I don’t think they feel this way. It’s one year of control though. If they keep him, they have to be fine with offering a QO or letting him leave for nothing after 2023.
  2. Good point. I just don’t think they’re trading for a starting pitcher, multiple outfielders and a second baseman. They’ll have to spend money
  3. Yeah I’m not really sure. I think it’s a range. If it’s really a hard, $180 million though, people need to get used to the idea of Oscar Colas, Lenyn Sosa and Davis Martin playing prominent roles
  4. That’s a bargain for him too. He’s out of options though and the bullpen is full.
  5. Funny story: when the Sox traded Madrigal and Heuer for Kimbrel, he told me about it in a DM 10 mins prior and I didn’t believe him haha
  6. Which college catchers do you like?
  7. I really hope not. He was bad last year and I think the Sox need a LHH as a starting caliber guy with a RHH 4th outfielder. I'm hoping that the Sox are trying to buy low on Jesse Winker I'd consider a claim for Barrett as well. Three options left and could play in Charlotte.
  8. Maybe him hating the Cubs instead of the rest of the division has contributed to his teams making the playoffs 7 times in 40 years of ownership
  9. This is dumb. We should want him on the Cubs and Reinsdorf should too. It’s a much better alternative than Houston. It’s just common sense
  10. I don’t think that Rick Hahn will be front office member to blame if this off-season goes as poorly as expected
  11. I'd be very surprised if Jose Abreu is on the White Sox in 2023
  12. Matt Spiegel is reporting that Joe McEwing and Darryl Boston are both gone. Sounds like Katz and Hasler are the only coaches returning.
  13. The same thing is happening in this country regarding things that are much more important.
  14. From what I know, the White Sox have interviewed lots of people. By design, we don’t know about them. Everyone has heard about Ozzie because of his kids and friends in the media. I don’t think we should believe that he’s some sort of front runner just because it’s public. I’d be really surprised if they hired Ozzie Guillen.
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