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  1. I’ve heard both. I’m sure he could stand in left field. Again though, in this class, I just don’t see a reason to take a corner profile at 5
  2. Yeah I actually think Wetherholt is a possibility if they go college at 5.
  3. I actually think Condon and Bazzana might be the only guys the Sox would pay full slot for.
  4. He’s not going to be the best player available because he’s a 1B. If they think he is and they don’t consider the man they work for, they’re even further behind the rest of the league than I thought already. 100%
  5. Cleveland will be underslot regardless of who they take. There’s no reason for it to come down to Cags/Kurtz This is incredibly flawed thinking and I really hope they disagree. When your owner is Jerry Reinsdorf, you need to fill 1B when it’s time to win. Draft the up the middle players who your owner will never pay for on the market. Taking Cags would be super annoying and I’d be very surprised if Chris Getz did that with his first pick ever.
  6. I don’t think Maldonado is going anywhere. The Sox think that he’s a benefit to their young pitchers in regards to game calling and leadership. I think Robinson had an opt out and they need a functional 3rd catcher on call.
  7. I think they can get more than Beavers from someone else. Fedde is gonna land a top 100 guy imo.
  8. I’d heard that early in the process but I think Wetherholt is a realistic option now. I think they’d prefer an up the middle guy so if they go college route, he could be the guy
  9. I’d be surprised. The late draft has hurt the deadline. Teams aren’t really invested in deadline yet because the draft is the focus Yeah for sure. If they take pitching, it would be Smith or Burns. That’s what I meant
  10. More annoying than serious. Should be a few weeks at least though.
  11. Brian Bannister and Ethan Katz were together in San Francisco. If Bannister wants Katz here, he'll be here.
  12. Maybe after the draft they will. I don’t think it’s a big deal. He just needs innings.
  13. I just don’t feel the need to take any corner other than Condon at #5
  14. He was like 17 years old last summer but fair. Hes so young still.
  15. I understand the concerns It’s tough for me. Griffin is much younger with the ability to play CF and SS. Rainer is 19 but hits LH and is a no doubt shortstop. I’d need to know how much each guy costs but I’m fine with either. Only thing that will bother me on draft day would be Cags, Montgomery or Kurtz at this point. Take a pitcher or an up the middle guy.
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