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  1. I’ll say: 1. TA 2. Robert CF 3. Jimenez DH 4. Vaughn 1B 5. Grandal C 6. Moncada 3B 7. Benintendi LF 8. Andrus 2B 9. Gonzalez I bet Colas sits tomorrow and Benintendi should be down in the order
  2. It really was a nice, informative article. Schultz is fine but he’s basically starting in extended spring training.
  3. Nobody should be worried about Sheets or Burger playing every day. That ship has sailed. Vaugh will be ready. Played in minors game yesterday
  4. Nah I think he's gone. Sheets will be on the roster. They can get out of a game with Sheets or Eloy in the outfield and make a different move later. I think they're keeping Sheets and Alberto. Will they keep Burger, Romy or Hamilton over Leury? It seems more likely than ever.
  5. It’s pretty loaded. There’s never this many college shortstops and it’s due to the 2020 draft. Fun class
  6. It’s the biggest question we get! We can consider it at midseason
  7. So what you mean is that the Sox can get local guys in the first two rounds
  8. Top 30 podcast is out today: https://soxmachine.com/2023/02/futuresox-podcast-2023-preseason-top-30-prospect-show/
  9. Here is the top 30: https://soxmachine.com/2023/02/futuresox-chicago-white-sox-2023-preseason-top-30-prospect-list-1-15/
  10. In a scenario where Colas is sitting vs a LHP, you could play Eloy in RF and DH Burger. I’d never play Sheets over Vaughn, Eloy, Benintendi or Colas though so I’m not sure how he fits other than PH for RHH sometimes
  11. This is why Burger makes more sense on the roster than Sheets does though imo
  12. Zavala has the leg up because he’s out of options but Perez is definitely the third catcher.
  13. Yeah Perez could’ve been on the list.
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