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  1. I think this is very alarmist and hyperbolic. The White Sox aren’t leaving Chicago.
  2. Meh. If the Sox could consistently win their shitty division of small market teams, theyd get plenty of attention
  3. I mean, ok. How do the Cubs stop the White Sox from competing against Detroit, Minnesota, Cleveland and Kansas City? Jerry Reinsdorf living another 10 or so years is the worst thing that can happen.
  4. Why would that bother me? The Cubs and White Sox aren’t rivals. I’d also prefer the best player on the planet playing here in Chicago. That would be awesome. Way better than on the west coast. I’m pretty certain he’s not coming here though.
  5. The White Sox are expected to make a selection. Pitching would be my guess
  6. This would be a haul. Rhett Lowder, Chase Petty, Carlos Jorge and Sammy Stafura was the asking the price. Hello!
  7. They fell to 6th but they’re still eligible next year
  8. The Sox might not even pick 10th. If Oakland is worse than them, they’ll pick 11th haha
  9. I just don't love that the best players in the class play 1B and 2B. The college pitchers have lots of reliever risk.
  10. I disagree with both of these. Top 3 would be fine with the huge bonus pool. 7,8,9 is better than 4-6 though.
  11. Fedde was awesome in the KBO last year. He added a sweeper and threw 180 innings.
  12. Well the owner left him employed for a really long time. Starts at the top. I don’t know anything. They’ll move Cease and Eloy eventually. Make a rule 5 pick and sign some cheap free agents. Gonna be a rough year
  13. Well they can. The owner just doesn’t want to.
  14. I’d need Grissom, Smith-Shawver, Waldrep and another piece
  15. Seems like Cease and Eloy are both gone. Juts not sure when. I don't love the idea of Atlanta either but Anthopolous is aggressive. They'll take the best package they get offered. Atlanta is publicly seen as the favorite right now.
  16. Nightengale called the Braves the favorites for Cease in that same article
  17. I think they traded most of the remainder to the Dodgers. I'd have to look.
  18. Juan Soto is a Boras guy. He's not extending with anyone
  19. Soto isn't signing an extension anywhere. You're basically trading for one year of Soto plus the draft compensation you'll get when he leaves as a free agent.
  20. I'm under the impression that the White Sox front office is split on Rodriguez. I've heard that they aren't the frontrunners. He likely signs with a team that is convinced he can start.
  21. Here's our Rule 5 Preview: https://www.futuresox.net/2023/12/01/2023-chicago-white-sox-rule-5-draft-preview/
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