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  1. Wouldn't bet against Cubs making POs in 2023. They'll be a fun team to watch even if they don't sign one of the big SSs (although I think they will).
  2. I wouldn't bet against the Cibs making the playoffs in '23 nor would I bet they won't have a better record than the Sox. My guess is they have another big move or two to announce and their pitching staff is much better than most are giving them credit for.
  3. Just to stir the pot...I'd focus on Dodgers and package Liam w/Gio in exchange for Busch and Outman...2 MLB ready LH hitters at positions of need (2B and OF). Both low-cost and controllable for years to come (CaliSox has sold me on Outman). Ideally you hold onto Gio and hope for a bounce back but its a good bet neither he or Liam return after this year (if theu even break camp w/Sox) so lets fill some needs and shape the roster (and at same time lower payroll to maybe afford Q?)
  4. The rising tide theory in action. The price of mediocrity just went way up. This is the time real GMs earn their money.
  5. I'd lightly float him to see if a west coast team has interest and would consider packaging him along with just about any position player(s) other than Robert and Vaughn. I think a team like the Dodgers or Padres might be very willing trade partners.
  6. I think the Dodgers would trade Busch before they traded Outman and Busch is ranked #45 on MLB Pipeline. But I'd go after Outman if the rankings don't catch up to his true value. His upside is clearly the highest as far as potential WAR. Love it and love Dodgers as trade partner. Might even go bigger for one or more of their ML ready arms.
  7. Tea leaves....Cubs sign one of Correa or Swanson and move Nico Hoerner to 2nd. Wait for it...Madrigal returns to Southside as 2nd baseman for '23 and beyond.
  8. Trot Grandal and Sevales out to start year and see how well Grandal holds up. He's likely to be better than anyone we can pick up in trade. If we move Gio, I'd look to a team like the Yankees and try to pry away Austin Wells. Maybe Gleybar and Wells for Gio?
  9. Twins fans/bloggers are very down on Kepler. I think they would be ecstatic to swap him for Gio. Doubt that makes much sense for Sox though.
  10. Ah yes. Checked video and looks as though he changed his delivery in 2018. Seems more pronounced now. Was hoping Katz might have a fix but appears as though what we see is what we get.
  11. Giolito's fWAR was 1.8 in '22...down from > 5 in '19. He's just a different pitcher since changing to his short arm delivery. I don't know why he changed (maybe he's convinced it will preserve his arm health?) but I don't see him returning to 2019 form. I believe there is a greater chance he continues to regress. I also believe there are teams willing to take a chance on him and, given his California roots, the Dodgers and or Padres might pony up. I'd sure rather test his market now than risk his value continues to decline.
  12. I'd consider that deal. Donaldson is just the kind of firebrand the Sox need to help create a more intense tone to the lethargy. If there are concerns about how he would relate to TA, send TA packing too. Dodgers could use him and have several young fireballers who appear MLB ready (not to mention Lux, Outman and Busch and others). This team needs to change its course beginning with adding guys with intensity and a sense of urgency and moving the walking soap operas.
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