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  1. Mariners appear to be a fit. Abundance of quality position players.
  2. Hire him now. Don't overthink it.
  3. The lackadaisical approach has been evident for last several years and is fed by players who lack discipline and accountability. Ownership and management have fostered a culture of individualism that has poisened any hope of team spirit and camaraderie. If I were leading a team into battle, I would not want to turn around to see TA, Eloy, Moncada and yes, even Robert behind me. We need winners who pull together and care about each other and take pride in how they represent the organization. Guys that put forth the effort night in and night out. One need only look at what has happened in Baltimore and Texas to geta sense for how its supposed to look. BTW, Lance Lynn has returned to his old form w/Dodgers since escaping the Sox toxic environment. Its a shame what this team has become.
  4. On paper, Hahn did well if the goal was to stock the farm with interesting prospects. My issue is not who we acquired or even who we traded but rather with who we retained. It has long been my view that this team will continue to disappoint as long as it relies on the talented yet immature and selfish core of Eloy, Robert, Moncada and TA. Chemistry and culture matter and none of these guys pass the 'foxhole test' for me. This team needs leadership, not prima donnas.
  5. I'd float Gio and TA to Dodgers for Lux and one of the young arms in AAA. Lux and Montgomery would make a nice double play combo for years to come.
  6. a bit too soon to formally surrender but I can see Gio (maybe in a package including TA) to the Dodgers.
  7. Notwithstanding comparisons to Vaughn (no doubt they are redundant) but part of Jose's value was as an example and mentor figure to the other Latino players. I don't think its entirely coincidental that Robert and Eloy have looked lost at the plate and are on a downward trajectory. Not saying Jose would have prevented that but my sense is he help them navigate through the rough patch.
  8. Hey Cali - your boy Outman would look pretty good in a Sox uniform.
  9. In Dec. (prior to Cubs acquiring Swanson) I posited that the Cubs had a better chance at post-season play than the Sox, which was met with understandable push-back. My point being that in 3 years, Hoyer has completely turned over the Cubs roster...literally every position and the entire pitching staff. The Sox, well...still waiting for Moncada, Jimenez, Giolito, Anderson, Robert, et, al to stay healthy and fulfill their potential. To echo your point...Great job, Hahn.
  10. It strikes me that the Lat-Am contingent require a different motivation approach than WS are able to provide. If/unless you can draft these kids AND put them on an effective development path (both physically and mentally) we might want to focus on drafting and/or trading for more finished products...perhaps kids who have demonstrated success at winning college programs. Its disappointing but, to me, there appears to be no cohesive framework for how this team is constructed. No obvious onfield/clubhouse leadership. Just a bunch of talented yet flawed individual contributors from different backgrounds w/o a common guidepost. Oh well.
  11. I grew up in Chgo in the 60s and my dad regularly took brothers and me to both Sox and Cub games. Fondly remember Pete Ward, Ron Hanson, Don Buford, Tommy Agee, Moose Skowren, Ken Berry, Gary Peters, Hoyt Wilhem, Joel Horlen, etc. On the north side, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Don Kessinger, Glen Beckert, Randy Hundley, Billy Williams, Fergis Jenkins, etc. I (we) were Chicago fans and pulled for both teams equally. I remain a Chicago fan till this day. Yes...its not heresy to be both. That said (and I commented here earlier, prior to Cubs signing Swanson and Sox signing Benentendi) the Cubs are on a better trajectory than the Sox. Sox might have higher profile pitchers but Cubs starting pitching is stronger and deeper. I'm actually of the belief the Cubs have a fighting chance of winning division and I cannot say the same about Sox. In terms of this offseason, Cubs were the clear winners but only time will tell.
  12. No pity for Boras. I don't trust that he didn't try to downplay or even cover-up the injury. The guy tried like hell to sell Sox and others a badly injured Comforto last year. I suppose if I were a player, I'd want him on my side but my guess is there will be more info surfacing re: Correa in the days ahead and Boras won't come off as pitiable.
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