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  1. Giants so desperate to make a move, any move… I wonder what they would offer for Timmy. I know, I know… we’d need a SS then. But I still wonder.
  2. Some Players available for Rule 5 that could be interesting since they are advanced at least to AA. All are within their current team’s Top 30 prospects: Diamondbacks - OF Dominic Canzone Braves - RHP Victor Vodnik Tigers - SS Wenceel Perez Tigers - OF Parker Meadows Tigers - 3b Andre Lipcius Astros - OF Corey Julks Brewers - RHP Cam Robinson Phillies - LHP Erik Miller Pirates - OF Matt Gorski Padres - RHP Moises Lugo Rangers - RHP Mason Englert
  3. I was told the Cardinals needs a DH (maybe Abreu), and a catcher for the first time in 19 seasons. Jose could relieve Goldy at 1b similar to how Albert did recently. Could be a good fit.
  4. I would take Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts or a distant third in Correa as a free agent over Tim Anderson. Sign one of them as a free agent for SS, and opt of of Anderson. Or opt in on Anderson and either move him to 2b or trade him for things you need. Ok, back to reality. 🤣
  5. Nice to see Pollock on pace to earn another $1 million. No rest is needed…. and nothing to see here Hahn.
  6. Agreed. At a minimum, for the fanbase to have anything to look forward to, a new manager is required. I believe we are also past the threshold for new management too. Our rebuild already looks old, unhealthy, slow, no power, and no strength in the bullpen. I don’t think Hahn and Williams should be a part of the decision makers going forward. The White Sox have some big offseason decisions and every player should practically be available for a trade at this point. If we stand pay or sign marginal players for 2023 with TLR as our manager, the fanbase will revolt.
  7. Anyone surprised or know why AAA lefty reliever Hunter Schryver retired? With the Sox searching for lefty relief at times this season with Sousa, Banks and even Severino, I always wondered why they never considered Schryver for promotion because his career MiLB stats have always been pretty good. Just curious…
  8. Even after losing Abreu’s contract, along with I assume Harrison’s team option, the Sox are staring at a heavy payroll in 2023 comparable to this season. You have to consider some cheap alternatives at the position players and maybe even the starters to make it similar. Anderson, Robert, Jimenez and Moncada have significant pay increases coming up in 2023 ($12.75 million combined), not to mention Cease and Kopech getting a big well-deserved pay bump in their first arbitrations (I’m assuming an increase of about $8 to $10 million between the two). The Sox could save some money (easy to think like Reinsdorf) by not resigning Abreu, and rolling the dice on Vaughn/Sheets at first base, Romy/Sosa/ J. Rodriguez at 2b and possibly Colas in RF. Obviously, Davis Martin may have to be considered the 5th or 6th starter. I have us right around $170 million next year, losing and not resgining Abreu, Andrus and Cueto. And getting rid of Harrison. That’s losing a lot of talent off a not so good regular season team, and still not being able to do much in free agency. Davis Martin may be a necessity. We also have potential starters in Reynaldo Lopez or Jimmy Lambert, but not sure we entertain that.
  9. For this season when TA returns, the Sox should move Anderson to 2b and keep Andrus at SS. There can be no doubt that Elvis is a way better fielder for us there than Timmy. Maybe it would be too emasculating to the face of our club, but we definitely would be a better fielding team in my mind. 2023… no to signing Elvis. Only because we have a number of potentials in the pipeline. We need a starter in Romy, Sosa or Rodriguez to step up and give us a cheap alternative since money will be tight.
  10. I don’t understand why Ethan Katz is on staff and Giolito looks so damn bad these days. I definitely don’t consider extending Giolito, and may consider moving him in the offseason for the right deal. Obviously, we would have to resign Cueto to another year and probably another starter or two. we could permanently bring up Davis Martin in ‘23. I do wonder if they would consider Reynaldo Lopez as a starter in his final year. Yeah, I know been there, done that… but his stuff looks much different. Would weaken our bullpen losing Lopez, but it’s just a thought for 2023. Cease, Kopech, Cueto, Lynn, Martin, Lopez, (Giolito)
  11. Ride out this season and don’t trade away future pieces on a marginal team. If we streak to the playoffs this year, we probably are not setup to take it the distance at this point. Either don’t resign Jose Abreu, or sign him to a one-year deal only. He is arguably our best hitter still, so it’s hard to not try another year. But I kind of want Vaughn to get to his natural position at first. And Eloy should be our DH for now and not in the field. Basically, I could give or take Abreu. Try to resign Cueto for a one year contract next year, and not multiyear. If Giolito recovers decently in 2022, attempt to trade him for prospects, preferably with a young MLB starting arm or a AAA arm that is ready. If Giolito recovers amazing in 2022, I guess roll with him in 2023 and try to resign him. I don’t know how comfortable I feel on a multiyear deal with him, but he’s going to command it. If there is a good trade out there for him with a projectable arm, I would consider it. Deny option on Harrison and promote Lenyn Sosa. Go with him as starter. We need some position starters that give us a discount. Vince Velasquez walks. Heck, I would possibly try to build up Reynaldo Lopez to starter in his last arbitration year. Maybe extend him before doing that. If it doesn’t work, he’s a good bullpen arm moving forward. Cease, Kopech, Giolito, Lynn and Lopez/Cueto…. not too bad. I assume Pollock is back since he has underperformed $10 million for next year. Look into lefty outfielders in offseason.
  12. Get Rodon and a lefty outfielder from Giants… how about Luis Gonzalez too. Zing…
  13. Could the Blue Jays hire LaRussa away from the Sox…. Please?!?
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