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  1. Dumb Rick Hahn. Can we add his icon to the options?
  2. Jerry the Hut is only about eating cookies and keeping his cronies around him. 💯 about 💵 not winning.
  3. Team performance since Jerry has owned the team .... case and point
  4. Rick Hahn, all hat, no cattle. Continues to spew bullshit to hide the fact that he's a loser who doesn't have a clue how to assemble a winning team. Will say it again, worst GM in sports, worst manager of any major business enterprise.
  5. On top of the Taylor Homes across the expressway perhaps?
  6. Totally agree. At least Harold is no longer at the bottom of the list.
  7. The buck doesn't stop with anyone in this organization of schmucks, least of all Rick Hahn. Absolutely pathetic at this point.
  8. Nothing bitter and alarming about expecting results. After a decade, Hahn's track record speaks for itself. Like any manager or a company or sports organization, it's unacceptable and calling for him to be fired is not only appropriate and reasonable, but "alarming" that it hasn't been done already.
  9. He may not own the majority of economic interest, but he controls the voting interest
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