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  1. Shouldn't we add this to the Fire Rick Hahn thread?
  2. Unfortunately, pure speculation of course, but if you believe what Google tells you, they had an operating loss of roughly $10M in 2021, but that doesn't factor-in all their income, so have to imagine it's pretty close to fully loaded. That's a total guess by this moron...
  3. I don't know why our fanbase can't comprehend that Jerry Reinsdorf does not have the liquidity to simply raise the budget. He is a paper billionaire, whose wealth is derived from the fact that he used other people's money to buy two sports teams incredibly well. Unlike the Mets, Phillies, Dodgers, etc. we are not backed by some billionaire who made money elsewhere and decided to buy a team. Jerry runs the Sox like a business for his partners, period. If he happens to win, great, he loves the Sox and would love to win, but he's not a cash machine. Until he sells to someone who is, this is how the organization will operate, just as it has since he bought it.
  4. Look at your profile logo/pic and think about the low-rent franchise you root for...
  5. Real franchise, real owners vs. paper billionaire, former IRS agent's tax write-off ...
  6. Have absolutely zero issues trading TA -- would get a lot of value in return, upgrade defense, lose an ego ... BTW, here's my bet on the big Rick Hahn offseason move: Trey Mancini ... "hey guys, he's a great rotation 1B, OF, DH guy and he used to be good!"
  7. Another bandaid, dart-at-the-board move by a front office without a real plan. Yawn.
  8. If you mean leading a team of low energy, underperforming, uninspired losers
  9. Jerry has been the worst performing owner in baseball for 40 years with plenty of payroll ... he will get it right now because?
  10. One thing you might be overlooking here .................
  11. Anyone who still wears a tie clip cannot be trusted ... I'm out
  12. "a member of two American League pennant winning and a World Series championship staff with the Kansas City Royals" LMAO
  13. Don't agree with this at all. Hahn has had 10 years to prove he is a worthless pile of steaming dung. TLR may have been a bad manager during v 4.0, but Hahn's personnel moves have been downright horrific. This manager move is nice to distract, but doesn't solve the bigger front office problems, most notably, Rick fkn Hahn ...
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