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  1. Guh, so much for that improved defense nonsense. I know it's spring but not pretty.
  2. That gun was fired inside the ballpark. The offender/teacher story is close to correct. Believe it or don't.
  3. He's gotta be trolling us at this point. There's no way he's this stupid.
  4. Yup. And mine are they age I was when I started going. So I've been pissed I haven't been able to share that with them. That being said, I too would gladly speak my mind....as eloquently as possible.
  5. Usually "things that make sense" and "what Jerry wants" are in different columns.
  6. I would think the less Brandon Johnson is involved the better.
  7. Go sign Michael Taylor if you're not trading Cease. I feel like this should be an easy one.
  8. I think re-visiting clevinger would be a decent idea.
  9. Cease, Soroka, Fedde, Kopech, (Shuster, Nastrini, Eder, etc)
  10. This was my favorite sentence in that whole conversation.
  11. This.....and if there's no hope in July sell it all off. But middling through, which they do best, is lose lose.
  12. I feel like the Dodgers are gonna swoop in out of nowhere and grab him.
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