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  1. I thought I read somewhere that the Sox offered this plus another player. If that's Norby, Beavers, Povich, McDermott then I still think that would be a good deal for Cease. Tigers didn't trade Fulmer, he got injured and never rebounded. Trading him could have altered their trajectory. There is a big difference between ballsy and stupid. Regardless, I still expect something to happen but Montgomery and Snell are holding things up.
  2. I’m just saying that’s better than him sucking in 102 PAs.
  3. Love this. LH that kills righties. Success in the majors. Walk and defense tools, which raise his floor. We have more “maybes” like Mena than we do OFs.
  4. Great breakdown of the Cease market. A lot of repeat of what we have been saying in this forum, but it's something new to read! https://www.foxsports.com/stories/mlb/dylan-cease-trade-candidates-six-teams-best-suited-to-acquire-the-star-pitcher A few of these teams are in on Snell/Montgomery, so once those two sign we hopefully get our closure.
  5. He had 2.5 years of control at the last trade deadline and the blockbuster wasn’t there. It’s dumb to think that will change.
  6. I wonder if Getz agrees but is dragging it out to see if he can get more. I guess we will see.
  7. Makes them more a legit contender in 2024 and 2025. They can re-evaluate at the trade deadline and if they aren't in it and don't feel like they can compete in 2025, then they trade Burnes and Cease. Small market team with a low cost high end pitcher. Ashby + Mitchell + Wiemer, sign me up.
  8. How about the Brewers as a dark horse? Cease provides a bridge to soften when Burnes leaves. They have a lot of interesting prospect and pitching depth.
  9. I'd take Orioles players over Jones as a headliner 7 days a week. Mayo, Westburg, Kjerstad, Cowser, Norby, Ortiz, Beavers have all succeeded in AA and/or AAA, so much easier to project. I also think that's why you can't compare it to the Red/Castillo trade. It took both Marte/Arroyo because they were A/A+ and therefore came with more risk. Jones had a .787 OPS in A+. Struckout 30% of the time. 9% BB rate, which is good, but could change when he gets to a higher level. Seems "fine" but just doesn't make it "move" like the Orioles prospects do. I mean, if "you" are ok with Jones as a headliner, would you be ok with Beavers has a headliner? They are the same age and progression schedule and Beavers number blow Jones out of the water. Beaver+Norby+Povich >> anything Yankees could offer.
  10. Dodgers, Yankees, Mets, Boston, San Diego still make the most sense to me.
  11. Arroyo and Marte were in A and A+ when they were traded. A lot of the Orioles prospects are in AAA and are major league ready. So comparing them by the team ranking or top 100 ranking doesn’t work. Cowser, Mayo, Westburg and Kjerstad all have much more value today then when Marte was traded for Castillo. I can see the argument for the Reds players. Most of them aren’t in the higher levels, so there is more risk. The other factor working against Getz is it’s the offseason. Less pressure for GMs to make a big move than the trade deadline. The exception would be the large market teams. The Orioles won 100 games last year without Cease and only lost Gibson. Not a lot of pressure to make a big splash.
  12. I hope he goes to the Red Sox or Yankees, starts and dominates in the season ending game for the Orioles, then we can ask their fans about his 2023 ERA again and how they are enjoying their prospects.
  13. If I’m Elias, I know my team is better with Cease. I know I have a surplus of prospects. But I also went through a lot of painful seasons to get to where I am, plus I won 100 games and only lost Gibson. It’s possible a couple of my starters take a sep forward. I’d trade for Cease but on my terms or roll the dice with 1 or 2 of the previous list. I just need a competitive roster and can reassess my roster and the market at the trade deadline. I feel zero pressure to make a move right now. Now if all of those guys sign elsewhere, then maybe I feel more pressure. If I’m the Padres, Mets, Yankees, Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox, then I might covet Cease more, as I want to fire up my fan base and have a stacked rotation.
  14. I don’t think Cease is traded until the SP market is cleared out. Giolito, Stroman, Manea, Montgomery, Snell, Imanaga, Montas, Clevinger. The exception would be a gm that thinks Cease is that final piece, but I don’t think anyone feels that way.
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