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  1. striker


    I've come to the conclusion that the front office asked for a pie in the sky offer just to see if someone bit, but realized it didn't make sense to trade Cease if they are still stuck with Eloy, Yoan and TA. Had they been able to trade one or more of those guys, then they would have bent a little on the Cease offer. Knowing too they can go back to the drawing board in the offseason.
  2. We trade Burger but keep Vaughn, Eloy and Anderson. 😔
  3. striker


    I've heard Hall's velocity has dropped. I'd want Kjerstad, Westburg and Povich.
  4. striker


    Mets should trade for Cease. Acuna, Clifford, Gilbert and Mauricio for Cease +
  5. striker


    James has always been critical of the front office but knows the real problem is ownership. I share this opinion. You probably get similar results with a new front office with the same ownership constraints. Jerry knows this too, which is why he won't fire anyone. Think an 87 year old, on death's doorstep, wants to go through a re-org process?
  6. striker


    My sleeper for Cease is the Phillies. Two of Painter, Abel, McGarry. I know Painter had TJ, but maybe the Sox gamble on the upside.
  7. Hunter Brown, Yainer Diaz, Gilbert, Clifford, Pena - Done If Cease + Robert were even on the table, I'd be talking to Baltimore. They have like 10 guys in AAA ready to go and not enough spots for them all.
  8. I wonder if TB has soured on Patino. He would be a nice get.
  9. I'd trade Eloy in a heartbeat if we had a good offer for him. I've given up on him staying healthy. I traded him to the Marlins for both of my last two offseason plan projects. White Sox get: McNeil & Alvarez Mets get: Eloy & Liam Done. Heck, if we don't have to cut payroll, then you could go get Conforto.
  10. Maybe you don't keep Baty, you flip him to TB for Lowe.
  11. Mets get: Kelly & Leury White Sox get: McCann, Guillorme, $2m Sox fill 2b need and backup catcher.
  12. I’m guessing he’d be part of the Mets trade. Swapping bad contracts
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