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  1. I'd trade Eloy in a heartbeat if we had a good offer for him. I've given up on him staying healthy. I traded him to the Marlins for both of my last two offseason plan projects. White Sox get: McNeil & Alvarez Mets get: Eloy & Liam Done. Heck, if we don't have to cut payroll, then you could go get Conforto.
  2. Maybe you don't keep Baty, you flip him to TB for Lowe.
  3. Mets get: Kelly & Leury White Sox get: McCann, Guillorme, $2m Sox fill 2b need and backup catcher.
  4. I’m guessing he’d be part of the Mets trade. Swapping bad contracts
  5. McCann and Kelly is my bet. I’d love to get Guillorme from them.
  6. Kelly had a great FIP and xFIP. High bb rate but offset with high k rate. Not sure why all the hate
  7. https://twitter.com/JonHeyman/status/1603858157784162306?s=20&t=P5SO_1CRcXHjdruQbScj5g
  8. https://twitter.com/PortillosHambu1/status/1603857352826159104?s=20&t=P5SO_1CRcXHjdruQbScj5g
  9. 1. SS Anderson 2. LF Benintendi 3. CF Robert 4. DH Jimenez 5. CA Grandal 6. 1B Vaughn 7. 3B Moncada 8. RF Colas 9. 2B Romy/Lenyn
  10. https://twitter.com/burner_butfacts/status/1603810087130349579?s=20&t=oFFTL2jMGChIn6gpCX4rYw
  11. It will be interesting to see if NYY, LAD, and ATL don't land Swanson/Correa if they pivot to TA. They all have the pieces to convince Hahn to trade him. All three could use Hendriks as well.
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