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  1. I don't even think they RSVP for this one. Which at least they are being realistic for a change.
  2. Just in time for Ryan Poles to trade him for a stiff WR
  3. Which means there is always room to push the payroll needle, for the right guy of course.
  4. Imagine that. Very well run organizations who contend every year for the past decade wanted out best player in free agency. Shocker.
  5. Lucas Giolito performed close to "non tender" level this past season. I'd much rather his big rotation $ go to someone else.
  6. I'd like to explore dumping Giolito for prospects and saving that arbitration $$$ there. If I can spin his $12 million to $9 million going towards Quintana, that's a win. Plus it breaks up the RH rotation.
  7. Gallo is not coming cheaper than Conforto or Bellinger. Those two will get 1 year deals to re-establish value. Gallo is getting at least a 3 year deal form someone.
  8. Rather than their usual patchwork, I'd prefer "let the kids play", literally. Sosa at 2B and Colas in RF. Eloy to LF (unfortunately). Burger/Sheets/Grandal at DH. Sign Kiermaier as the #4 defensive replacement OF.
  9. Yeah, I think Northbrook called her out for her BS.
  10. Or that he was very very high on the list of reasons why this team didn't win last season?
  11. All this nonsense because of the overpaid garbage catcher currently on the roster.
  12. I'd boot Rick Hahn upstairs to a glorified president position RIGHT DAMN NOW and bring in Click to run this team. The Rays have done more with less than any other team in history. This fits Reinsdorf's model. And now Click has won the big one with the Astros.
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