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  1. This is probably our weakest 6-7-8-9 going into a season in a very long time, However, this 6-7-8-9 is sort of the level we'd been playing with the last 3-4 years with all the injuries.
  2. And sadly these constant long term deal flops for the Sox is the reason Reinsdorf feels validated in not continue trying. And these are for miniscule contracts compared to the rest of the league.
  3. Getz not selling short like this actually gives me a little bit more faith in him as a GM.
  4. They all make over 6 figures, speaking of the actual fulltime hosts. It's still lucrative enough that the Newspaper guys like Mully and Haugh left their jobs for this. But the days of Mike North making $1.5 million a year are long gone. Also, I appreciated what Speigs told the the two Civic Clowns. when he mentioned he's rooting for two healthy baseball teams for this city. He gets it, without healthy sports their jobs are donzo.
  5. Bernstein and Holmes worried about "the best interest of the city" and "tax money spent properly." LOL, these guys are lucky to still be drawing hefty paychecks in a dying media all due to sports. But man, they really love latching on to politics all to show everyone "look at me on my high horse." It's like I told my group of friends, seeing how government just pisses our money in the wind on bullshit, I don't care if taxpayer money helps finance yet another White Sox stadium. And same for the Bears.
  6. And how are the Padres short on liquidity to make payroll?
  7. If only the fans would one day wake up and realize this is a business first, and then a sport.
  8. Disagree. A floor would come with a cap. Each player you listed would know exactly what each team would be able to max out at to get them and not be sitting there being delusional like Snell is for some $270 million miracle that no team has the requirement or will to offer him.
  9. If players union would only agree to a floor w/ a cap, a lot of these veterans would be getting paid what they are worth.
  10. Reinsdorf has owned this team for almost 45 years. He'd be building a new stadium for 40 of those 45 years if it meant distracting us from a bad product on the field.
  11. They wouldn't be discussing this site if that's the case.
  12. How is Rodon a question mark? Sox nation was calling for the end of days when Jerry allowed him to walk away.
  13. And to not see Carolina anywhere in that top 10 with having the worst record is very scary for their future.
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