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  1. His head is not in this. I guess if they feel obligated to carry Elvis on the roster, might as well start using him at SS and give Tim a loooong break.
  2. Very rarely do we have 3 HR games by our offense. Lynn and Grifol ae about to turn this one into a loss. Pathetic.
  3. And to further disagree with your thought here, Tim Anderson was never the top prospect in the game nor expected to be the cornerstone star for this franchise. Nor did he sign a 5 year $70 million contract, one of the highest paid players on this team. This is why Moncada is a punching bag to some of us fans.
  4. We just have a way to have overpaid pitchers end their careers here. Shields, Keuchel, and Lynn.
  5. Watching the replay, Moncada doesn't score if the ump doesn't take it in the face. That 96 MPH fastball easily bounces back off the back stop to the catcher.
  6. The Yoan Stans get mad when people talk. He's a clown.
  7. I wish the entire roster played as hard as Jake.
  8. Never. Kelly, Graveman, Hendricks should be the 7-8-9 at this point.
  9. This dumb f*** manager still using Lopez for high leverage.
  10. Meanwhile, the best hitter on the team sits and watches.
  11. I truly would rather they never ever participate in free agency at this point.
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