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  1. No local broadcast today. Perhaps the game will be available streamed via the link below. https://www.knbr.com/listen-live-on-knbr-680/ The game is currently off (unavailable) the Vegas and online betting board (both win and run line). Gameday https://www.mlb.com/gameday/white-sox-vs-giants/2024/03/10/748021/preview White Sox Lineup Giants Lineup - Game One on the Left
  2. Bring the brooms to the stadium bc we are going for the sweep. Yeah you heard it right, the Sox have come to play this series and have a real shot a sweeping the lowly Royals back to KC. It looks like a bullpen day for the Royals so the bats better come to mash. In all likelihood Frazier makes his Sox debut in RF and hopefully keeps the power coming. Lynn needs to be his ruthless old self. Take no prisoner and hammer home all versions the ole number 1 up in the zone until they can't see straight. Pitching Matchup: Lineup: Go Sox!!!
  3. Lynn vs Gonzalez M’s are red hot having won 7 straight and are 9-1 in their last 10, but our Sox are on a roll with a new found sense of energy and fun. A new streak starts tonight. Lets do this!
  4. Dunning: I think we all know a bit about him. For some reason though since he's got down to TX he's lost his signature control. Each of his seasons with the Sox (including minors) he had a whip under 1.19. It's been 1.43 each of the two years in TX. Does it matter? We struck out 12 times yesterday and took ONE walk. Incredible. I still dont get how Mennechino has a job. Baseball is like golf - you roll through swing coaches nonstop because a slight change can have massively different results. but i digress .... back to dunning. Dunning has walked 3+ in 6 of his last 8 games. He's also allowed 10, 7, 10, 8, 9, 8, 8 baserunners in those same games. Which is to say if we have an approach (we wont) we should have good traffic on the bases. Fundamentals (yikes) are going to play a role here ... good baserunning, smart decisions, etc. Unfortunately the things Dunning is good at we're bad at, and things we're bad at, he's bad at. For instance his chase rate is in the 78th percentile. He's going to throw sinker 40% of the time (HELLO ELOY!) and slider low and away 28% of hte time which leads to all those chases ... (OH NO MONCADA). Other than that he basically throws changeup low and inside. Easier said than done, but don't chase that slider and we're in great shape. his xBA on the slider is .217. His sinker just hasn't been very good in each of the last two years. Expect to see Sheets today in RF. Lefties hit .294 against Dunning and overall Dunning has a much worse WHIP against lefties w/ a 43:29 K/BB and a 1.70whip. Against righties he has a 1.17WHIP and 50/14 K:BB. We have to get to him early. Dunning has a respectable 4.70ERA in the first time around but hones in the second time around with a 2.85ERA. His day/night splits don't benefit us with a 3.90ERA at night (5+ during day) and his home away splits also are tough with a 3.42ERA at home v. a 5.12ERA on the road. On paper? This will be a frustrating game ... much like this whole season I guess. Sox Tidbits: Eloy mashes sinkers (point in case yesterday) as does Abreu. Those two will continue to be the key for the offense and will need to remain hot. Moncada does fine and will need to be in there regardless with the switch bat. Yaz on the other hand can't hit a sinker to save his life (nor any other pitch right now) but fear he'll be in there with L bat as well. You'll see Sheets in there no doubt. Pollock does very well against sinkers too and should be in there in CF over Engel. Don't kill the messenger you're going to see Leury Legend today too. He actually hits sinkers alright (.333BA this year !!) I think Robert was already sitting today? My lineup: SS: Anderson (I'd honestly consider dropping him if someone else wanted to step up ... just for a few games to shock him) CF: Pollock DH: Eloy 1B: Abreu RF: Sheets LF: Vaughn 3B: Yoan (woof) C - Yaz (woof) 2B: Leury Going to guess something like Rangers 4, Sox 2. Hope I'm wrong. Pick to Click: Eloy and wait for it ... Leury
  5. This is the most crucial series in terms of potential direction at the 8/2 trade deadline. I am putting up my 9-5 .643 Game Thread record on the line, and looking to run it up on a massive hot streak to propel the White Sox into First Place in the American League Central Division before I pass the baton. Projected Starters: Oakland: James Kaprielian (RHP) Age 28; Career fWAR 0.6; 197 IP; 9-10; 4.39 ERA; 176 K 76 BB; 34 HR 2022 Record 74 IP; 1-5; 4.74 ERA; 49 K 34 BB; 4 HR Career Splits vs. Chicago: 1 2021 Start, 4 IP; .782 OPS; 2.25 ERA; 4 K 2 BB; 0 HR Chicago: Lance Lynn (RHP) Age 35; Career fWAR 29.6; 1,625 2/3 IP; 116-80; 3.56 ERA; 1,632 K 584 BB; 159 HR 2022 Record 42 IP; 1-3; 6.43 ERA; 41 K 10 BB; 7 HR Career Splits vs. Oakland: 8 Starts (2019 4; 2020 3; 2021 1) 44 IP; .710 OPS; 3.68 ERA; 60 K 16 BB; 5 HR Current Game Time NOAA Weather Forecast: 76 F & Heat Index; NNW 9 MPH Winds (blowing out) with gusts up to 15 MPH, all three decreasing over 3 hours.
  6. Orioles (34-39) @ White Sox (33-37) Lyles (4-6, 5.03 ERA) vs Cease (5-3, 2.68 ERA)
  7. Magnanimously biting the bullet on this game thread. Happy I won't be around to watch. New York Yankees (24-8) vs. Chicago White Sox (15-16) Jordan Montgomery (0-1, 2.90 ERA) vs Dallas Keuchel (2-3, 6.86 ERA) Please post TLR's abomination of a lineup when its out.
  8. White Sox going for a sweep today. Will likely see the Twins' best starting effort for the series with Pineda on the mound. OK with Abreu DHing for a day after his bumps and bruises.
  9. Keuchel vs Gray, 11:35 am Today is the day that the (tied for) first place Sox cinco the Reds
  10. My first ever game thread Cease vs Hoffman May the 4th be with the Sox today.
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