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  1. Someone pony up and buy the Sox from JR and its a Xmas miracle
  2. Dominguez the SP at AAA is someone to keep an eye on, has good stuff and is building back up after TJS I believe. He can be a sneaky good one
  3. If its was plausible I'd say fire KW and Hahn but that ain't gonna happen so no point in suggesting that. As for Pedro, I'd be on board for firing him for allowing the culture to continue but JR created it when he hired TLR and fired Renteria so im in different in general A new body transplant maybe lol
  4. My personal opinion these transactions should be made today DFA or suspend TA for the remainder of the season (he will never play for the Sox again, exercise the $1m buyout for 2024) and call up Sosa to play SS DFA Andrus and call up Rodriguez to split time at 2B with ZR and SS with Sosa DFA Grandal and call up Lee Team meeting where the law is laid down with clear expectations and punishments are set forth Some player better step up and get this s%*# corrected (Eloy, Robert, Cease, and Kopech would be my hope)
  5. Why resign when you getting paid big money to trash do nothing lol
  6. Bc Lynn was the problem. He was a vet expected to lead and he didn't lol
  7. Not sure anyone believed this. Abreu I think was part of the problem imo. So were Lynn, TA, Gio, etc. The vets were not leaders. Eloy and Robert are the kids still and should not have been expected to lead but the vets and JR failed this team during the rebuild. TA, Moncada, Andrus, Grandal and Liam need to go ASAP as they are the core of the problems and all FAs (Moncada has 1 year left). They should have been traded without a second thought. All can just as easily be DFA (except Moncada)
  8. Only thing that will teach him some humility is three letters.... DFA
  9. Ramirez kinda game him a nudge while TA was standing over him. Then put his finger in his face after he stood up
  10. Santos but he went on the bereavement list today
  11. TA got what he deserved, an ass whopping Now DFA TA tomorrow
  12. Definitely a solid A for Hahn. Got rid of trash and got some big time talent and upside back, while keeping the competitive window in striking distance.
  13. It's gonna be real refreshing when we have Quero and Lee up and don't have to wvee see Grandal and Zavala again
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