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  1. If you have Comcast you get Peacock for free. I only use Comcast for internet and get Peacock for free.
  2. This is what frustrates me about this team and their apparent approach. You would be better off with 5-6 hits in a game with 3-4 XBH than 11 hits in a game and 1 XBH. Your average would be lower but you would score more runs. Like you said this isn't very hard to figure out.
  3. No question. Really just playing Leury everyday in general. But those 2 were the toppers.
  4. I agree with this 100%. And I really dislike Tony. Once he stopped with the crazy lineups he has been more tolerable.
  5. How about a few starting bats? We could use some of those.
  6. This is one of the BEST posts/threads I have seen ever. On any site. With carefully thought out analysis and logic. Can you get a job with the White Sox? Any kind of approach shouldn't be a one for all because it doesn't work like that for every hitter. If you hit it better the other way (a la TA), great look outside and crush it. If you are better suited pulling it and crushing it (Robert, Eloy Vaughn and probably Pollock), then great look for that in the zone and do it. With 2 strikes just hit it where it is pitched to get on. This isn't rocket science....we should be able to come up with plans based on the hitter.
  7. 100%. Seeing the videos and everything of how it transpired is very disappointing and sickening TBH, but great for Bo. Stand up guy.
  8. This has worked in our favor more than at the beginning of the year. Almost like we are using data given to us…..
  9. Is Benetti or a producer reading this thread? You posted this and a few minutes later he addressed what he said.
  10. Wow. For a guy with that many ABs….that has to be close to an all time MLB worse I would have to believe.
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