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Found 2 results

  1. Singles help very little in generating runs. Extra base hits help much, much more. That may seem obvious, but here's data to show how extreme this difference is. I ran two correlations on 2022 to date team stats. One between runs scored and singles hit. One between runs scored and extra base hits. A correlation is a number between -1 and 1. 1 is a pefrect correlation. There is a 100% direct impact of one stat on the other -1 is an inverse correlation. There is a 100% opposite impact of one stat on the other. 0 is no correlation. There is no impact of one stat on the other. The correlation between singles and runs is .185. This means there is very little correlation between hitting singles and scoring runs. The correlation between extra base hits and runs is .860. This means there is an extremely high correlation between extra base hits and scoring runs. This literally took me 5 minutes to do. I don't understand why a $1B+ franchise doesn't have someone pulling data like this and using it to make decisions about players and coaches.
  2. First I thought I would throw a couple of things out there to look at. 1st is 2021 highlights of Luis . For fun you could look at his batting stance at the beginning of the video and then skip to the last minute and look at it. Vast difference and at various points you can see his stance opening up little by little. There's also this Fangraph's article after the season last year breaking down his stances and results: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/a-closer-look-at-luis-roberts-post-injury-breakout/ Clearly his work with Menechino during his injury paid off, but Symborski brought up an interesting point: "Robert’s O-Swing% showed minor improvement but was still too high and could hold him back if pitchers tease him out of the strike zone more than they do now. He actually saw more pitches in the zone (Zone%) as the season went on (and saw a roughly league-average Zone% last season), which seems like a mistake the league won’t make next season. What will happen when pitchers start treating him closer to the likes of Javier Báez and he starts seeing a Zone% more befitting his aggressiveness? That’s where he needs to continue to grow and adjust, and I imagine pitchers will force the issue on him next season. " Maybe Robert went a little overboard when he just kept opening his stance more and more but the fundamental problem is that he still isn't selective on what to swing at. I'm no expert on how to analyze his swing rates from this year so I'm asking for some help. Have the pitchers adjusted and is he getting more pitches out of the zone ? Have pitchers forced the issue on him taking advantage of Robert aggressiveness like Symborski said they would ? I know none of us would like to see him end up like Baez.
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