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  1. I think Jason is an above average but not great baseball announcer. His best sport is football. He's fantastic on football games. Before FOX signed him I was really hoping he'd be Mike Tirico's replacement for ND games.
  2. One year too late, but at least it happened.
  3. My four would be Zavala, Alberto, Burger and I'm torn between Haseley and Hamilton for the last spot.
  4. vs RHP I would go Moncada, Anderson, Benintendi, Eloy, Robert, Grandal, Vaughn, Colas, Andrus vs LHP, drop Moncada to 7th and leave the rest in the same order.
  5. If only the Sox cared as much about upgrading their team as they do upgrading their food.
  6. Is Menechino the USA hitting coach?
  7. TA looking like he's never seen Ruiz throw a breaking ball before.
  8. US has knocked out Venezuala's pitcher in the first inning allowing 3 runs, getting one out, with a potential 4th run at 3rd.
  9. When your wRC+ numbers get that low, I don't think 73 or 54 or 33 really matter. Even though it's not the side that the Sox would prefer, Alberto is at least an above average hitter from one side. To put it another way, at 2B I'd take Alberto's 109 vs LHP and Andrus' 83 vs RHP over Andrus' 94 vs LHP and Leury's 71 vs RHP. Same for TA at SS
  10. That would involve sending multiple teams across the Pacific for pool play. Probably stuck with what we've got.
  11. They don't have to get all the way up to the cap this year. Save some back for next year. Being any better than 8-9 this year is a longshot anyway.
  12. If it's for LaRussa it needs to be $2.08. All prices end in .08
  13. If you can afford it, Munster has the best school district. Close to the Borman/Ford.
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