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  1. Now I wish Leury had been the union rep in 2021.
  2. Instead of beer costing whole numbers of dollars, the prices all end in .08
  3. Yes, but I'd love having Cueto back in the Velasquez role. Long relief and starting DH games.
  4. Yes, but they're playing against a team who only needs a draw to advance. Those can be hard teams to score against. Would have been a lot easier if Iran and Wales had tied today.
  5. Just beat both England and Iran and win the group.
  6. Semien behind a decent OL and WRs who can get open would be fine. Semien behind an OL that gives him little time to throw with nobody being open is going to be a disaster.
  7. Yeah, if the Sox trade for Wong it's either taking on his entire salary and giving up nothing more than a lottery ticket or the Brewers eat most of his salary to get a Kohl Simas type.
  8. My ballot: Rolen, Jones, Helton, Abreu, Buehrle
  9. Really, really stupid foul in the box gave away a penalty.
  10. The England-Iran game (4-1 currently) isn't terribly compelling, but this is my first time hearing Landon Donovan call a game and he's very good.
  11. That was my take as well. KC could block a lateral move so it had to be a promotion. The only "normal" promotions from hitting coach are bench coach and manager, which were already filled, so they had to create another position above the hitting coach.
  12. Not sure what the deal was with that kickoff but the FG was at the far edge of his range. Not putting that on him.
  13. Yes but why call QB runs when it's in the last 2 minutes and Fields isn't 100%?
  14. That was ambitious trying Santos from that distance.
  15. That was a joke, but with this organization you never know.
  16. Wait, so Boston is returning but he's not returning? Schroedinger's first base coach.
  17. Gonna need a pinch runner since Engel got non-tendered.
  18. Didn't Bellinger get non-tendered and become a free agent?
  19. Transaction: Engel, Mendick, Payton non-tendered Out: Engel, Mendick In: Sosa, SP - Cease, Kopech, Lynn, Giolito, Martin RP - Hendriks, Graveman, Bummer, Lopez, Kelly, Crochet, Diekman, Lambert C - Grandal, Zavala IF - Moncada, Anderson, Mendick, Vaughn, Gonzalez, Burger OF - Jimenez, Robert, Colas, Sheets, Garcia
  20. He should be on this team instead of Leury Garcia.
  21. So far . . . https://www.mlb.com/news/non-tendered-free-agents-2022-23
  22. I like the city connect jerseys, the regular home jerseys, and also the black sleeve home jerseys. Not a fan of the road grey jerseys. Also like the FOD jerseys. Not particularly fond of any of the red/white/blue combinations but the Sunday home version is the best of them.
  23. If Kanye, Kyrie and Chappelle can get cancelled for what they said, why isn't it happening to this guy? Everybody should know his name, and boycott every company he's associated with.
  24. I've never even held a gun.
  25. Unless a guy is a lock to get a QO, he isn't going to get an offer from another team until after QO day. Otherwise the team losing the guy could just offer a QO after he's already signed somewhere else.
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