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  1. This is the lineup I'd be sending out there vs RHP: Fletcher 8, Lee 2, Sheets DH, Vaughn 3, Colas 9, Sosa 5, Benintendi 7, Shewmake 6, Lopez 4 vs LHP: Lee DH, Sosa 5, Fletcher 8, Vaughn 3, PIllar 9, Benintendi 7, Dejong 6, Shewmake 4, Maldonado 2
  2. If they're ready to make Lee the starting catcher then DFA Maldonado. If not, then let Lee start every day at Charlotte.
  3. Is the "super two" arb eligibility still a thing? If so, there's no way they call him up before that cutoff date.
  4. I saw the score alerts on my phone. Thought either the app or my phone was broken. What the hell is this?
  5. I don't know what, if anything, the city of Oakland could have done to capture some of the corporate $$$ that moved to San Jose/Santa Clara, but that's what killed Oakland as a major sports city.
  6. Not gonna judge Getz on this year's on-the-field product. JR was never going to give Getz the money to put a competitive team on the field in 2024. I'm judging Getz on what talent he's brought back in trades and how much money he has committed (wasted) beyond 2024. On the trades: some were better than others, but on the whole a decent return for the talent/salary he unloaded. On the future salary, the only money he obligated beyond 2024 is: $1.5M buyout to Brebbia, $250k buyout to Maldonado, $7.5M to Fedde for 2025, $14.25M to Stassi for 25-26+buyout $500K for 2025 buyout. If his strategy is to avoid future salary commitments until there is an owner that will approve a budget that can field a winning team, then I'm on board with that, no matter how bad this team is.
  7. If they're not willing to call him up, then yes they need to go ahead and trade/DFA him and free up the roster spot.
  8. Vaughn is still making a relatively low salary. Should have kept Burger rather than Eloy.
  9. If there's already a done deal that won't be finalized until JR dies (for tax reasons), then let the new people take over now.
  10. Colas is now 25 and has had almost 800 MiLB plate appearances. Time to find out whether or not he can be a major league outfielder. Stick him out in CF every day, with the occasional day off vs LHP, and keep sending him out there the rest of the season no matter how bad he does. Giving more playing time to PIllar or Grossman does nothing for this team's future.
  11. I would think either Grossman or PIllar gets DFA once Robert is back.
  12. https://x.com/whitesox/status/1776709469163970951https://x.com/whitesox/status/1776709469163970951https://x.com/whitesox/status/1776709469163970951
  13. You can have at most 13 pitchers, though I doubt anybody has fewer than 13.
  14. They brought up an OF when the DH went down, so it sort of evens out.
  15. https://x.com/whitesox/status/1776705405298573359
  16. With the women gaining so much in TV viewership and ticket sales, I wonder if there will be any discussion about merging the two Final Fours into a single event.
  17. Looking forward to the onscreen graphics when the Orioles play the A's next year.
  18. It started when JR bought the team. Every hire was based on personal reasons and not based on competence. Some of them, like Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen, did turn out to be good at their jobs, at least for a while, but that was coincidental. It resulted in lightning in a bottle in 2005.
  19. Isn't there an exception for being called up/sent down due to someone on the IL? I was thinking there was.
  20. This team will not be competitive again until someone other than JR owns the team. It's in our best interest that they have as little committed to long term contracts and as much stock in the farm system as possible when that moment arrives. As catastrophic as the TLR hiring was, it might end up leaving more of a blank slate for the new ownership to take over.
  21. I need to go back and verify, but I'm pretty sure I was against trading him when it happened. He should be the DH and Eloy should have been traded for salary relief.
  22. 4.7 magnitude earthquake centered just west of Manhattan in New Jersey. No significant damage reported. Precautionary ground stops at the NY area airports.
  23. Time for Northwest Indiana to land its football team.
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