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  1. First of all, very sick and disgusting if true. Secondly, were there not any red flags or do the Bears do the same level of due diligence in investigating coaches as the Sox did with regards to DUIs?
  2. If Bears management has decided that they don't care about winning games this season and are going to do everything they can to develop Fields by having him stay in the pocket as much as possible, I'm OK with that. I just need to know that's what they're actually doing.
  3. Kinda seems like if the defense doesn't defend it the same way the scout team did in practice he gets lost.
  4. How many times in a row does the WR screen have to not work before they stop calling it?
  5. 18 innings of September baseball between two sub .400 teams. The promotion has to be "S & M Night", doesn't it? Report to the shower on the LF concourse and get chained and whipped.
  6. It really starts with the offensive line. I don't think the Bears have had an above average, or maybe even average offensive line this century. You're never just a QB away until you have a decent offensive line.
  7. Love was far from great yesterday. Missed a lot of open receivers. The Bears have zero pass rush, yet they almost never blitzed. Can't give a QB that much time to sit back there and scan the field.
  8. Yes, Georgia's schedule is pretty easy. Tennessee is the only game I see them potentially losing. We should get some new blood this year though. Alabama, LSU and A&M all with a non-conference loss just about ensures that we don't get 2 SEC teams in the playoff this year, and even then, Georgia won't have as easy semifinal game as they've had in the past. Michigan, Florida St, Texas and USC all look like very, very strong teams. Ohio State, ND, Penn St, Utah all have potential but haven't really been tested yet.
  9. What you don't get to see watching a game on TV is how open/covered the receivers are. There were a lot of plays where Fields actually had a reasonable amount of time to throw and either didn't throw at all or threw the 2 yard pass to the check down back. If there's really nobody open then this is on the receivers and the playcallers. If there are guys getting open that Fields isn't throwing to, then that's on him. I would guess it's a combination of both.
  10. I said back in November that the Sox needed to trade Eloy and go with Burger/Sheets as the DH combo. Saves salary and stashes your backup 3B and backup 1B on the roster.
  11. It was 100 degrees there. Please tell me he used 'boiling' and 'Rice' in the same sentence at some point.
  12. Stanford, Cal and SMU have been added to the Atlantic Coast Conference
  13. Is it possible that Clevinger sees it as the Sox being such a shitshow that he can fly under the radar here and opt in for that reason? Nobody has mentioned his off the field stuff with everything else going on.
  14. First of all, is this even true? Don't front office types know all the organizations fairly well? Secondly, what is taking a year to learn matter anyway? This team isn't competing in 2024 unless multiple 9-figure contracts are handed out, and we know that's not happening.
  15. If they come up with the marketing slogan, "He Getz Us" I'll puke.
  16. Drunk or stoned would be the two most recommended ways.
  17. What does Ross Gload have to do with any of this?
  18. Confirms what I've been saying--firing Hahn won't do any good if JR is hiring his replacement. Would have been better to keep Hahn until JR died/sold.
  19. They need someone to pitch some innings, so I expect they will keep him if nobody claims him and they have to pay him anyway.
  20. Definitely not minor, but also not fatal if you weren't too stupid to evacuate.
  21. . . . but nobody is watching, is it actually a winning streak? Kopech vs Rodriguez
  22. Not a construction/design expert so no idea if this would work, but here's my idea: Build the ballpark with home plate at around the northern 35 yard line of Soldier Field, with CF due north. Turn the southern shell of Soldier Field into the ballpark village. Wouldn't be a huge one, but if contained inside the old shell it wouldn't take away from the aesthetics of the area.
  23. At this point in the season, all I care about are some/most of Robert, Moncada, Vaughn, Benintendi, Colas and Sosa getting better, and Cease and Kopech getting things straightened out.
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