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  1. Here's the SEC's problem: they routinely schedule downright horrid non-conference schedules and rely on their mid-tier teams ending up 8-4 or 9-3 and highly ranked and then their top teams point to those as great wins. Look at the SEC teams and who they've beaten aside from each other. Missouri beat K-State and Mississippi beat Tulane and Kentucky beat Louisville and I can't find any other quality wins for the conference. Can we really say Georgia and Alabama are clearly among the four best teams when all they did was beat a bunch of teams whose best wins are against Louisville and Kansas State? The two teams that did play top non-conference games, LSU and Alabama, lost and neither game was particularly close.
  2. No, and if FSU's QB hadn't gotten hurt we still wouldn't, but without him FSU is clearly not one of the four best teams. Michigan is going to be #1 and if you ask them who they'd rather play they'd 100% pick FSU over Alabama.
  3. I agree Michigan should be banned but that's not happening. Michigan, Washington and Texas are in. Florida State hasn't won yet but even if they do I think they drop to #5 and Alabama is in.
  4. First half yardage: Michigan + Iowa + Florida State + Louisville = 321 Quinn Ewers = 354
  5. Can only get Cubs on Marquee within the local Chicago territory. Would need mlb.tv or MLBEI elsewhere.
  6. Sandra Day O'Connor, 93, first female Supreme Court justice.
  7. I prefer not to have a full-time DH. If you have someone like Robert who maybe needs a couple days not in the field you can keep his bat in the lineup. Or the other guys. Keeps everybody more fresh.
  8. Too late now, but what I thought they should have done is kept the traditional bowl alignments, and then had a 4 team playoff after the bowls.
  9. Do NOT draft a QB this year. They're fools gold. Try to identify who's going to be the worst team in 2024, swap first round picks with them (plan seems to be working so far this year), and get your QB next year. In the meantime, get a damn LT, C, maybe also LG, an edge rusher, and some more defensive depth. Get a competent QB coach/OC who can take one more shot with Fields next year and then be ready for the new guy when that doesn't work.
  10. Tulane and Liberty are both ranked higher than UNLV.
  11. I'm pretty sure this season will eventually get vacated by the NCAA, so in that respect it would be different than the Astros.
  12. No way FSU gets left out if they end up 13-0 by beating Florida and Louisville, even without their QB.
  13. If the Bears don't end up with Fashanu or Alt, I'll be extremely upset.
  14. DeJong will be very valuable if Remillard, Sosa, Gonzalez and Rodriguez all get injured.
  15. If the Bears use the #1 pick on Harrison, I don't see them being able to upgrade the OL enough to get your full value from him.
  16. I don't see any QB in this draft that's a sure bet to be better than Fields. If someone wants to give you a haul of picks so they can draft Caleb Williams you take it. Between FA and the first two rounds, address LT, LG, C, Edge, DT, CB depth. Pick up WR, LB and S depth in the later rounds.
  17. Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, 96
  18. The players want to win and they deserve that opportunity regardless of how it impacts the future.
  19. That was an earlier drive when they were up 6 and I think kicking the FG then was fine. I'm talking about the next drive when they were up 9 and just sat on the ball once they got into FG range. Unforgivable to coach like that in the last 5 minutes but even more so when you're 3-7 and have literally nothing to lose.
  20. Started with the last drive when they sat on the ball and took the FG instead of trying to put the dagger in them with a TD. Fields has been making plays all game and now take the ball out of his hands? Also, the defense not blitzing when you know your front 4 can't get pressure is killing them.
  21. Amazing how much better he looks without Cody Whitehair putting him in 1st and 20 or 1st and 15 with holding/false start penalties every single drive.
  22. Iowa's offense against USC's defense is the bowl game we all need. The resistable force against the movable object.
  23. That wouldn't be selling low then.
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