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  1. I think this is nothing more than TA acknowledging the obvious reality that once his options have all been exercised, there's zero chance the Sox offer him enough to keep him here beyond that.
  2. 4 AL starters made the first team and he wasn't one of them. Not sure how that happened.
  3. This is what my brain prepping for a statistics final came up with: 2023: $30M 2024: $26M, becomes $30M with a Top 3 CY finish in 2023 2025: $22M, becomes $26M with a Top 4 CY finish in 2024, becomes $30M with Top 4 CY finishes in both 2023 and 2024 2026: $18M, becomes $22M with a Top 5 CY finish in 2025, becomes $26M with Top 5 CY finishes in both 2024 and 2025, becomes $30M with Top 5 CY finishes in 2023, 2024 and 2025. 2027-2029: If 180+ IP the previous year AND 450+ IP the previous 3 years, $30M club option with $15M buyout, otherwise $18M club option with $4M buyout.
  4. I really hope I'm wrong but I see Gallo being another Nomar Mazara/Adam Eaton.
  5. Especially since he seems to be not particularly good at it.
  6. Was hoping this was a thread about teams interested in acquiring Joe Kelly and Leury Garcia.
  7. Question: Is now the time to trade <insert literally any player's name here>? Answer: If you can get more value back then you're giving up, yes. If not, no.
  8. Didn't read all the posts, but the only speculation regarding Aaron Judge and the Sox that makes sense is speculating on how many homers he hits against them next year so I'm just gonna assume that's what all these posts are about.
  9. Previously sold it previously? Learn to write Bernie.
  10. I like Darke/Donovan better than Strong/Holden but I guess the American guy gets all the US games.
  11. Christine McVie, 79, keyboardist and singer for Fleetwood Mac. Well before my time but one of my parents' favorite bands and they rubbed off on me a bit.
  12. It's very possible that the analytics people were doing valuable work and were just being ignored. Don't necessarily have to clean house.
  13. Maybe he resigned a position at Starbucks so he could re-sign with the Sox.
  14. I've never heard of the position before. Seems like it was made up to create a promotion for Tosar instead of a lateral move.
  15. Bringing him on for Seargant today instead of using Wright would have been good as well.
  16. This is 100% hindsight, because I don't think anybody lobbied for Jose to get a QO, but this contract suggests that he likely would have declined it.
  17. I was looking at the table again and if Wales beats England, then Iran needs a win to advance, so they may not be parking the bus unless England gets out to an early lead.
  18. Have we heard anything definitive about whether there is an option? I don't like a straight 1/12 without the possibility of keeping him around if he does indeed bounce back.
  19. If Eloy is going to be playing more DH and less LF, that should help his health.
  20. There have been 5,142 regular season Sox games since 8/2/90. Frank Thomas, Paul Konerko or Jose Abreu played 1B in a 3,915 of them (76%).
  21. Unless someone was willing to trade for Eloy or Vaughn and massively overpay, we would have regretted bringing him back, so I think it's one of those things that was really a lose/lose proposition.
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