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  1. Well, Hahn isn't leaving. As for Abreu, if they kept all three of Eloy, Vaughn and Abreu, I'd be more upset than if they let Abreu go, though there had better be a significant acquisition of at least one lefty 2B/OF bat in any case or I'm unlikely to buy tickets next year.
  2. That's the new penalty for an illegal shift. First offense is a warning. Second offense is a one run penalty.
  3. 1) Must have 100 PA/30 IP to receive a grade 2) Not holding time missed due to injuries against them A Dylan Cease A- Eloy Jimenez, Johnny Cueto, Reynaldo Lopez B+ Jose Abreu, Elvis Andrus, Michael Kopech B Andrew Vaughn, Tim Anderson, Jake Burger, Danny Mendick, Lance Lynn, Liam Hendriks B- Luis Robert, Seby Zavala, Kendall Graveman, Tanner Banks, Jimmy Lambert C+ Josh Harrison, Gavin Sheets C Lucas Giolito, Davis Martin C- AJ Pollock, Yoan Moncada, Romy Gonzalez, Vince Velasquez D+ Matt Foster D Jose Ruiz, Yasmani Grandal D- Adam Engel, Reese McGuire, Joe Kelly F(uck off) Leury Garcia, Dallas Keuchel
  4. Adam Engel's Sox career ends painfully.
  5. So Super Joe has cost the Sox at least a dozen runs by sending runners too aggressively, and on the last day of the season the fans are booing him for not sending someone when down 10?
  6. Hey, if you count in binary, the Sox are only down two runs.
  7. JR only "owes" fans to the extent that they will reduce/stop their consumption if he doesn't provide it.
  8. You can't trade Abreu for players who can improve the team. You can do that with Eloy or Vaughn. That said, it needs to be a pretty sweet deal to go that route, and it would have to come together before Abreu has signed somewhere else, but those options at least need to be explored.
  9. Current team is very righty-heavy plus lefties should see a boost from the shift ban, so I think you have to take a chance on a guy like Chisholm despite the issues.
  10. See, to me that's dumb. Either retire the number or don't. Don't have these numbers like 6 and 13 which aren't retired but nobody can have. As an aside, Ozzie was the only manager in Sox history to lead the team to two division titles until TLR got a second chance, and while neither his managing nor playing career alone warrants retiring the #13, the combination does. So retire #13 and put #6 back into circulation. Find some other way to honor a coach who died almost 30 years ago.
  11. Unlike the HOF, I'm fine with number retirement decisions involving emotion.
  12. I wonder if someone (Harrison, Leury) is going to play nine positions today.
  13. Rays in 3 Jays in 3 Cards in 3 Mets in 2
  14. If Jose Abreu has played his last game in a Sox uniform, should his number be retired? Arguments for: 3rd all-time in HR, ahead of Baines and Fisk 6th all-time in 2B, ahead of Collins 5th all-time in RBI, ahead of Minoso, Collins, Fisk and Fox Better OPS than Collins, Konerko, Baines, Fisk Argument against: Fewer seasons and fewer games (compared to position players) than any player whose number is retired. Personally I think they should retire it, but I'm curious to see if anybody is opposed.
  15. There are three ways this can go. Well, I guess there's four but I'm choosing to believe that they aren't going to have Abreu, Vaughn, and Eloy all on the roster next year. Option A is to just not re-sign Abreu. This is the best option payroll wise. Provides some money to sign or trade for a real corner OF or 2B. Also Vaughn and Eloy are under team control for longer than Abreu could be expected to stick around. Option B is to re-sign Abreu and trade Vaughn. This is the best option talent wise, as Abreu figures to be about as good as Vaughn next year, but you get to acquire more talent for Vaughn. This is also best for team morale and fan interest as Jose is very popular with teammates and fans. Option C is to re-sign Abreu and trade Eloy. Not as good for talent as trading Vaughn and not as good for payroll as letting Abreu walk. I think the optimal path is to explore what kind of returns you can get for Vaughn or Eloy. If you find a really good deal, you pull the trigger and then re-sign Abreu. If not, then you have to let Abreu move on.
  16. Judge just got 62. Third pitch in the first inning of the second game of the DH.
  17. Can't evaluate a QB with such a lousy OL and WR. Should have just kept Trubisky around, spent two years going all in on OL/DL in the draft/free agency, then started over with a new QB.
  18. He clearly had a big hand in roster construction though. Signing Kelly and giving Leury 3 years guaranteed aren't Hahn-esque moves.
  19. "Jerry, Kenny and I sat down to discuss . . . " Why does the owner have to be a part of that discussion? That discussion should only be Kenny and Rick.
  20. "Recent experience in the dugout" = "Ozzie is not under consideration"
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