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  1. 2024: Moncada $24M Benintendi, $16.5M Jimenez, $13M Robert $12.5M Bummer $5.5M Hendriks $15M option Anderson $14M option Clevinger $12M option Cease Arb 2 Kopech Arb 2 Vaughn Arb1 Crochet Arb1 Toussaint Arb1
  2. Gonna need to call up more guys now.
  3. Everybody except Luis Robert being worse is distracting people from how bad he actually is.
  4. You can argue about whether or not this trade will pan out, but on paper this was a very good haul for 2 months each of a SP and RP.
  5. They have to at least tell other teams he'll pitch tonight if they don't give up the goods by 6:30.
  6. Bummer has two more years of team control. Not giving him up cheaply.
  7. With this offense, it's the difference between losing 4-2 or 14-2. Doesn't really matter.
  8. If Kelly, Lopez and MIddleton all get moved, Ruiz is as warm a body as anybody else to eat some innings.
  9. I think last night was my last straw with TA. Lazy throw on a routine grounder that sparked a big inning. I keep hearing about how much better he's hitting but it's almost entirely singles with a double thrown in once in a while. He's not producing, I think he's quit on the team, and I think his teammates know it and it's affecting them. I don't care what his trade value is right now, ship him out before Tuesday.
  10. The Sox have 3 SP that contending teams want to trade for and yet the Sox are 19 games under .500 and that encapsulates the Sox offense better than anything else could.
  11. Zach Martin unhappy in Dallas. Bears have the cap space to pay him and the draft picks to make a trade. Get it done.
  12. Remillard has a .769 OPS and Sosa still has some promise, so there's really no point in getting India when the same asset can get you a pitcher or catcher.
  13. Of all the things the Sox need to acquire in this selloff, a righty hitting 2B is dead last on the list.
  14. The QO is still a thing, right? If so, that should increase the asking price since the Sox can always keep him and get a draft pick for him.
  15. I watch very little scripted TV but I do miss the late night shows.
  16. Central defense the weakest spot on the roster right now.
  17. This could be the Twins year. They should empty the farm to get Ohtani.
  18. Will definitely be traded: Giolito, Lopez, Middleton Very likely will be traded: Anderson, Lynn, Kelly 50/50: Grandal Very unlikely to be traded but not impossible: Graveman, Kopech, Andrus, Jimenez, Bummer
  19. No thanks to Qatar for fucking up the calendar and forcing the NL final so close to the Gold Cup. Would have been nice to see everybody's best.
  20. The US better have its best players healthy in 2026 because their 2nd string is weak. Took PKs to beat Canada and then lost to Panama in PKs, which honestly saved them from a beatdown by Mexico in the final.
  21. The economics of baseball was different back then. It was easier to build a winning team without taking risks on the kinds of big contracts that Jerry will never approve of. As bad as I think Hahn is, I think the Sox with Hahn but a new owner are better off than the Sox with Jerry but a new GM, but of course the best option is if both are gone.
  22. I will repeat - there is no point in replacing Hahn until there is someone different picking his replacement.
  23. I wouldn't release Grandal if he can't be traded. It's not like he's blocking some super catching prospect.
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