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  1. Advertising during the Super Bowl cost companies $233,333 per second. Aaron Rodgers at quarterback cost the Jets $391,489 per second.
  2. Building an shopping/dining complex at GRF was never going to work. Nobody is going to go there on days other than home games.
  3. 100%. Sox definitely aren't in any payroll crunch, and if nothing else Cease might bring a bit of an attendance bump when he pitches given that none of the other starters are names many people know. Can still trade him in July, or at the end of the season.
  4. I have an account, but I never post, and I only follow Sox/Bears/Notre dame writers, so I don't see much else.
  5. Thread title could describe Boyer's entire tenure.
  6. I've been told the same thing by several people with a firm grasp on the obvious.
  7. Boeing Field. Looks really nice but random parts fall off.
  8. Can you name a QB that played on 4 teams in 3 years who was?
  9. I was thinking about what might happen with that site but hadn't considered this. It could work.
  10. Roosevelt to Cermak is one mile, despite the address numbers. Its a little over 2.5 miles. Madison to Roosevelt is 12 blocks to the mile. Roosevelt to Cermak is 10 blocks to a mile. Cermak to 31st is 9 blocks to a mile. Everywhere else, both north and south is 8 blocks to a mile.
  11. I would tell him: if it's publicly funded, then it's owned by the city of Chicago, it's going to have a retractable roof, and the city will use it however it wants for the 284 days a year that the Sox aren't at home, and keep all revenues from that usage. If you want anything other than that, pay for it yourself.
  12. My uncle once bought season tickets to watch this dufus play basketball.
  13. I think it works. They could even keep some of the GRF parking and run a shuttle.
  14. Pitcher Sox traded gets injured. Water is wet. Sky is blue.
  15. I haven't seen a mock draft that has either of the top two LT available at #9.
  16. My issue is that there are no quality free agent left tackles, teams don't trade quality left tackles, and the two franchise guys in the draft will be off the board by the time the Bears pick at 9. If they aren't going to use their first pick on a LT, they'd better be trading up with that #9 pick. Otherwise, we have Caleb Williams without a quality LT and this offense looks just like it did under Fields. You get Alt or Fashanu somehow, you can sell me on Williams at QB, Fields at QB, or even Cousins at QB. On the bright side, seeing how easily the Packers and Lions moved the ball against playoff teams makes me feel really good about the Bears defense.
  17. Ugh, please no more of the Cover 2. It was fine 20 years ago but the modern offense carves it up way too easily, unless you have an elite defensive front 4 who can get pressure regularly.
  18. I'm partial to Alt, but I'd be very happy with Fashanu. They're both generational LT. Both will be gone by the 9th pick.
  19. I watched all of their game last night and parts of some other games. Their OL is pretty solid. Getting rid of the ball quicker is also easier when you have receivers who can get open. Again, not saying Fields is ever going to be an MVP, but Brock Purdy, Joe Flacco and Mason Rudolph are quarterbacking playoff teams. Fix the OL and WR positions and if Fields doesn't get it done with the improved team, then move on after next year. Keeping Fields could be a 1 year mistake. Drafting a new QB could be a 4-5 year mistake.
  20. The gap between Stroud and Fields is not as big as the gap between the Texans OL and the Bears OL. I'm not saying Fields is ever going to be an MVP, but he's good enough to win if surrounded with the right talent and coaching. I don't see any QB in this draft who's any better than 50/50 to be better than Fields, and drafting a QB at #1 means not getting a LT, so I say give Fields one more year. Trade the #1 pick to the Patriots. They'll probably be the worst team next year and you get the #1 pick a 3rd year in a row. Then if Fields hasn't gotten it done with the better OL, you pull the trigger then.
  21. This. There's absolutely no point in drafting a quarterback right now. Peak Tom Brady would suck and/or get injured behind this line. There are two generational LT in this draft and if the Bears don't get one of them, it doesn't matter a damn bit who their quarterback is. Also need a G and C but probably going to have to get at least one of those in free agency. Also, why the hell did the Bears keep running Cover 2 when Love was carving it up left and right? Blitz and play man and if you get burned at least it's a quick death rather than a slow one.
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